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Fiona & Kevin – Saturday, 26th September 2015



Saturday, 26th September 2015


Hello and welcome to the wedding base.

It is a compete honor that you will be joining us at our wedding, we thank you very much in advance!

The aim of this page is to supply you all with all the relevant information of both the wedding and time you will be spending in Spain.
Please do not feel this is everyone’s holiday “must do itinerary” this is just an over view of our plans so far.
All we ask is for you to spend the Saturday with us to celebrate our marriage.

*-* ‘UPDATED 21/7/15 ‘*-*

Hi Everyone

It is now only 9 weeks until the big day!!!!
Time is flying in but luckily we do not have much left to do.

If you haven’t already heard or noticed the euro is currently at an all time high, some guests have asked if this means our room rates will increase. NO the hotel will still be the prices which were agreed It just means it works out better for us as the price was agreed in Euros.

We will try and keep this page as updated as possible as we get closer, but I feel we are on track and not much will change now.

The Bride and Groom’s itinerary can be found below the updates…

Here is a quick update of what is arranged:
TRANSFERSBooked – Arrival and Departure.
Private direct transfers, to and from the airport have now all been booked.
These have been paid by myself, I think I have collected in almost everyone’s money for this… I will try and round up the last over the next few weeks.
On arrival -‘ Look our for a sign in the airport saying:
“Kevin and Fiona’s Wedding”
I you want I can send you a list of who is on your transfer, just drop me an email.

HOTELPayment on arrival.
The hotel has advised that the remainder amount of monies for your room can be made on arrival, instead of the 25 days prior.
I have a list of who has still to pay what, drop me a text with your email if you want a copy.

Getting to and from the wedding – Just be ready for 2pm.
A pre paid coach has been laid on to take all guests to and from the wedding venue on the day of the wedding. (The venue is only 10minutes from the hotel)
The bus will collect guests from the hotel reception at 2-2.15pm.
Please be aware the bus will be leaving at 2.15pm and will not wait for any guests, so make sure you are ready and on the bus.
Mandy and Ross – are in charge of the bus leaving the hotel

Hairdresser – For anyone that requires a blow-dry or hair up, I have booked out the salon next door to the hotel in the morning/early afternoon.
I got my hair done in this salon when visiting and they were very good and extremely reasonable in price. They are charging 30 Euro for a hair up or blow dry.
I have some photos of what I got done if anyone wants to see the work.
Please let me know if you want your hair done so I can call them with rough numbers in advance.
Payment for this will be direct with the hairdresser on the day.

The Wedding– Without going into too much detail here is an over view of the day:
Champagne arrival at 2.30pm
Canape Hour
After dinner fun, including a pre paid bar for all guests J
Late night pizza buffet
Return to Hotel – Bus booked

Bridesmaid Colour ‘- Turquoise/Aqua
I do not mind at all what colour guests want to wear, so please do not avoid any colours.


  • Tuesday 22nd September – We fly to Malaga along with 23 guests from Prestwick and 7 from London. We plan to try out the hotel bar for all guests.
  • Wednesday 23rd Day of relaxing by the pool, more guests arrive (PM)
  • Thursday 24th23 guests arrive in the morning and 3 in the evening.
    Girls – I invite you all to spend the afternoon with me down in Puerto Banus at the parked ship to drink some extremely tasty cocktails. I promise you it is worth the visit. (Under 18s are allowed on the boat in the afternoon)
    – Kev will be happy to entertain you all with some drinks, although the location has yet to be decided.
  • Friday 25thA relaxing day by the pool, it would be good if we could set a time in the hotel restaurant for dinner for us all. I will arrange this with the hotel on arrival.
    After dinner I will depart the hotel with my mum and bridesmaids to prep for the wedding.
  • Saturday 26th – THE WEDDING DAY!!
  • Sunday 27th No Details Required …
  • Monday 28thEnjoy the holiday, no set plans – 19 guests depart
  • Tuesday 29th’ – Enjoy the holiday, no set plans15 guest depart
  • Wednesday 30th -” Make the most of our last day
  • Thursday 1st October – All remaining guests depart


The hotel is 3km outside of Puerto Banús, less that 5 min taxi ride or a half hour walk. A free shuttle bus runs 3x a day to Puerto Banus, if you miss this the local bus is 1.20euro from the hotel front door.

If you haven’t been it is well worth a visit to simply have a walk along the marina and see the boats and amazing cars. The town is full of things to do and has nightlife going on until the small hours.

Marbella town is 8km away, again a bus runs to Marbella from just outside the hotel.
Or you c jump in a taxi for 10mins.

Going the opposite way you have Estepona, this is full of swing parks beaches and affordable place to eat.
It also haas a marina but nothing just like the one in Puerto Banús.

I hope we have covered it all!
For any other info, drop me a text or email.

Much Love