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Finca Wedding in Sotogrande


Finca Wedding in Sotogrande: A Stunning Wedding Venue…

Rachel and Richard’s beautiful, joy-filled summer wedding at the intimate and luxurious Finca, located just inside the southern Spanish province of Cadiz, was a celebration we will never forget at Sunshine Weddings.

We are delighted to feature their special day in two parts over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for the couple’s story and feedback on this absolute fairy-tale of a Finca.

The bride and her father - Talia Giraudo, Thoroughly Gorgeous
The bride and her father. Photo credit: Talia Giraudo, Thoroughly Gorgeous.

“We first met 8 years ago and shared a passion for travelling, something which we immersed ourselves in greatly, visiting many countries, but extensively throughout Europe.

Our shared love of the sun and a desire to find a suitable place to retire which would not be too far away from our families led us to explore the many advantages that Spain has to offer.

Wedding ceremony set up on the lawns of the Finca - Talia Giraudo, Thoroughly Gorgeous
Wedding ceremony set up on the lawns of the Finca.

We found our dream home in Estepona and have spent up to 10 months of the year travelling back and forth from the UK. When the marriage proposal was accepted, we did not hesitate in deciding that Spain would be an ideal backdrop to our special event.

We did undertake a lot of research in selecting a Wedding Planner and, in addition to being won over by the excellent Reviews about Sunshine Weddings, we were impressed with the enthusiasm displayed by Scott on our first meeting. We had pretty much already decided who we wanted to act as our Planners, but the initial meeting with Scott pretty much ‘sealed the deal’.

The ceremony set up in the luscious Finca gardens - Talia Giraudo, Thoroughly Gorgeous
The ceremony set up in the luscious Finca gardens.

One of the qualities that we were searching for in the selected planner was honesty and bringing a sense of realism to what was achievable. At that stage, we had no budget in mind, which undoubtedly made it more difficult for Sunshine Weddings to make ‘recommendations’, but we shared our thoughts on our likes and dislikes and Scott took all of these on board.

The bride and groom - Talia Giraudo, Thoroughly Gorgeous
The wedding ceremony in the sunshine.

It was refreshing to have someone listen to what we had as an idea and to enhance those visions.

We had looked at a number of venues before settling on the Finca. We deliberately chose a variety of venues from beachside villas to luxury hotels, and actually visited approximately 10 venues – both with Sunshine Weddings and independently – before deciding on the selected venue.

It was a venue which Sunshine Weddings felt might suit our requirements for an intimate event. We first saw the venue on a relatively cold and (unusually!) rainy morning in mid-February, with the venue only having recently been purchased by the current owner.

We could see the potential from the very first visit, but what won us over was the ideas that the owner had and the level of passion that he displayed, together with his vision of the potential of the venue. We completely bought into this vision and it was the joint best decision we made throughout the planning process, alongside choosing Sunshine Weddings as planners.

Just Married in Spain.

It has to be said that the owner delivered on absolutely every single promise he made to have the venue looking spectacular on our special day.

The planning process commenced approximately 18 months before the wedding and we chose a July wedding due to the historically good weather during this month in Spain.

Having selected Sunshine Weddings as our planner, the process kicked off in earnest with Susie providing us with suggestions for suppliers, and she worked closely with us both to establish how we wished the day to go. The process was based upon listening to our views and then selecting a variety of suppliers who could deliver our requirements, from which we worked together to find what turned out to be a Dream Team of Suppliers!

Beautiful wedding decor in the Finca gardens - Talia Giraudo, Thoroughly Gorgeous
Beautiful wedding decor in the Finca’s gardens.

We elected to have the venue exclusively for 3 days and this worked spectacularly, as it allowed guests to get to know each other better before the big day, and to really relax into the weekend. It allowed everyone to take in the splendor of the venue over a prolonged period.

All our family and friends have’commented on what a wonderfully beautiful’location had been selected and this was enhanced by the excellent service of all the staff throughout the entire weekend.

Aerial view of the Finca - Talia Giraudo, Thoroughly Gorgeous
Aerial view of the Finca.

Our hope was to have a laid-back totally fun occasion, with everyone feeling comfortable and at ease. This was achieved and several guests commented on how relaxed the entire event was.

Mission accomplished!

And to find out how exactly the Dream Team of Suppliers delivered… don’t miss Part Two next Sunday!