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Wedding Cakes In Marbella


Wedding Cakes In Marbella: A Top Class Cake Designer In Spain…

As this year draws to a close, wedding cake designer Louise Crumplin gives us a run-down of some of the key trends for 2020, for wedding cakes in Marbella.

Louise found her love for cake design after moving to Spain. Originally from the UK, she has been helping couples create their dream wedding cake for over five years, and her passion for her craft continues to grow. “I get set new challenges every year,” she explains. “I am blessed to meet so many wonderful couples, who all have their own ideas about how they would like their dream wedding cake to look. It’s always amazing to see the final cake come to life.”

Here are selections of the show-stopping cakes we can expect to see next year.

Semi-naked cakes

The semi-naked cake, even though it’s been around for a few years, will be everywhere next season, as it’s so versatile. This style of cake can be made to look so different just by changing the flowers to match a colour scheme. This style of cake really suits so many of the venues in Spain as it has that elegant but also rustic, boho, or laid-back style. The semi-naked cake is a great and cost-effective way to stick to a budget.

Pastel pink and white with rose design wedding cake.

Hand-painted cakes

I love this trend – it allows you to add subtle touches of colour to a traditional wedding cake, paired with fresh or sugar flower to finish the look. It works well on buttercream or fondant finished cakes.

Super-hero, hand-painted wedding cake.

Botanical themed

A large number of couples are opting for botanical themed wedding cakes, with the elegant crisp green of foliage and ferns. This a beautiful look for rustic weddings, taking you back to nature.

Botanical themed wedding cakes.

Metallic wedding cakes

Metallics are still a trend for next year, whether with a hint of gold/silver leaf or a full tier. Couples still love the metallic look, as it can give any style of cake the wow factor.

Metallic wedding cake.

Palette painted

These buttercream cakes are coluorful and beautiful! Featuring palette-painted buttercream flowers in a bas-relief (a sculpture term meaning a pattern that is raised up from the surface) style. No two cake are ever the same. I can’t wait to start work on these for 2020.

Palette-painted wedding cake.

Tiled and mosaic cakes

These seem to be a very popular choice for 2020, with so much influence from the blue Spanish tile theme. This can be paired with fresh lemons and a hint of green or even the vibrant fuchsia of Bougainvillea. Wow! I love this theme.

Tile-themed wedding cake.

Geometric structures and details

This trend just adds the wow factor. It adds a modern, elegant feel to any wedding cake. Whether you opt for a geometric-shaped cut cake, geometric lines or even a geometric object, these cakes look remarkable. Finished with sugar flowers, this cake will definitely be a talking point.

Geometric-shaped cut cake.

Single tier wedding cakes

Single tier wedding cakes are an impressive way to still have your wedding cake for small, intimate wedding parties. There are so many design options. As I like to say, it’s the perfect way to have your cake and eat it.

Three-tier wedding cake.

Cake Towers

Cupcake towers have been around for a long time now, but they are still a popular choice with couples. I love it when my couples decide to change this by swapping the cupcakes for doughnuts, chocolate brownies, mini-desserts or even cinnamon buns. Macaron towers are also a popular choice.

Cupcake towers.
Cupcake towers.

Wedding Favors

These make a sweet treat for your guests. We can offer individual wrapped cookies, macaroons, or cake pops to match any colour scheme. It’s a lovely way to say thank you.