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Estepona wedding venue | Getting married on a beach in Spain


Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of Malaga, Spain, lies an enchanting beach wedding venue that offers unparalleled romance and luxury…

The blushing bride arriving on the arm of her father.
The blushing bride arriving on the arm of her father.

Today we are delighted to feature an exquisite wedding venue in Estepona; a haven of elegance and grace, a place where dreams take flight and cherished memories are woven.

The venue itself boasts sweeping views that stretch far and wide, showcasing the majestic presence of Gibraltar and the timeless allure of Africa in the horizon. What’s more, this luxury beach venue, nestled just 45 minutes away from both Malaga and Gibraltar airports, fuses convenience and beauty, as not only is it easily accessed, but sits with an abundance of luxurious 4 and 5-star hotels nearby, beckoning bridal parties to immerse themselves in a world of comfort and indulgence.

A beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in Spain sealed with a kiss.
The Wedding – A testament to the beauty of love and the power of unity. 

On a dreamlike day last May, as the sun dipped towards the horizon, the stage was set for Monica and Sam’s wedding tale to unfold at this very venue in Estepona. Guests were welcomed onto the side terrace for a refreshing drink of Moét Spritz or beer as the mellifluous tunes of Nano, a Spanish guitarist, wrapped everyone in an embrace of tranquillity.

Amidst the anticipation and excitement, the ceremony began, graced by the presence of three delightful furry companions, all labradors. Two of them were the cherished pets of Sam’s parents, Megan and Martha, while the third, Poppy, belonged to Monica and Sam, a symbol of their growing family.

As Nano’s fingers caressed the strings of his guitar, a soft and romantic Spanish melody filled the air, inviting the blushing bride to make her entrance. Monica, breathtaking in her v-neck lace dress, was a vision of elegance and grace as she glided towards the outdoor ceremony frame—adorned with flowing white linen and an exquisite display of flowers creating a symphony of colours and scents—to stand aside her beloved Sam, who looked dashing in his beige suit.

Three delightful furry companions, all labradors, participated in the wedding ceremony.
Three delightful furry companions, all labradors, participated in the wedding ceremony.

Amidst this natural splendour, Gareth, the wedding minister, conducted the ceremony with heartfelt words, sealing Monica and Sam’s bond with a touch of divine magic.

With vows exchanged and rings placed upon fingers, the couple sealed their love with a tender kiss. From there, the celebration seamlessly flowed to the drinks reception on the side terrace, where cava, wines, beer, and soft drinks awaited, raising toasts to the newlyweds.

As the sun gently dipped towards the horizon, casting a golden glow over the festivities, family photos were taken by the talented photographer, Nora, who snapped timeless memories of love and laughter. Sam’s Best man, ever helpful, guided the guests, ensuring that every moment was captured with joy.

With the day gracefully easing into evening, the call for dinner was made, and guests gathered around the table plan in the rear patio. A tantalising menu awaited them, with a Cesar salad and crispy chicken as a delightful starter, followed by a choice of roasted lamb with fresh herbs juice or Sea Bass with chicken broth, parsnip, and spinach as the main course. Desserts, a divine indulgence, were placed at the centre of each table, inviting guests to share heavenly delights like baked cheesecake and chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream.

An elegant black and white photo of the lovely bridal couple during their wedding breakfast.
An elegant black and white photo of the lovely bridal couple during their wedding breakfast.

As twilight descended, the soft glow of candles and shimmering stars set the stage for heartwarming speeches. The second glass of cava was served, adding an effervescent touch to the heartfelt words that flowed, filling the air with love and appreciation.

As the moon took its place in the night sky, the wedding transformed into an enchanted after-party, with DJ Dave James orchestrating an upbeat vibe and in the midst of laughter and jubilation, a fun photo booth was unveiled, inviting guests to capture their joy and silliness, etching each moment into memory.

The DJ set continued to weave its magic, and as midnight approached, the day drew to a close, leaving behind a trail of cherished memories.

The newlyweds enjoy their first dance.
The newlyweds enjoy their first dance.

Monica and Sam’s wedding was a tapestry of love, woven with the threads of romance, joy, and togetherness. A heartfelt thanks to this beautiful bridal couple for sharing their magical day with us and trusting us with the planning.

Thanks also to Nora, for these heartwarming photos and to all our supplies for their unwavering professionalism and hard work.