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Wedding Entertainer | Talented soul singer for your wedding day


The timeless glamour of a soul singer on your wedding day…

Wedding entertainer Keyilah on The Voice UK.

Nothing adds glamour, sophistication and a great time to be had by all at a wedding like live music.

And with a soulful voice and a bubbly personality, Keyilah—today’s special guest and a talented Motown vocalist—adds a little something to make your big day extra special.

Read on to find out more about this accomplished wedding entertainer from Essex.

Hi Keyilah, thanks for joining us today, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the music industry?

I’m 26 years old and from the UK, and since I can remember I’ve loved writing, singing and performing. All I’ve known is music and that’s where I’ve invested my time.

I thrive on energy, creativity and flair. But I especially love entertaining and making people happy with my music, allowing them to escape to another world and leave their worries behind. I guess you can say I’m small with a big voice and heart.

Live performance by the talented Keyilah.

Like I’ve said, music has been my life since forever, but my professional journey in the music industry began by performing at open mic nights and at different gigs referred by other industry professionals and artists which helped broaden my talent and enhance my skills.

I enjoy throwing myself into new projects, gigs and being creative while doing so. I also took part in the TV reality; The Voice Uk.

Who is your inspiration?

My inspirations are the legends: Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Tina turner, James Brown and Chaka Khan, to name a few.

I love to learn from the music greats, those who’ve had great impact in the music world and in life. From each legend I like to take something that I can incorporate in my own music, performance and style whether it be singing, dancing or performance influences.

Keyilah’s appearance on The Voice UK.
What is your style and what do bridal couples get from you that they don’t get from anyone else?

My style is RNB, Soul and Motown. I love bringing to life the music of those great legends that I mentioned before. My performance goes beyond just singing the written songs. I give an animated performance which draws people into living and enjoying the moment, allowing them to forget their worries and live in the now.

Who would be your dream celebrity wedding (past or present) to sing at?

My dream celebrity wedding to sing at would be Beyoncé, I would love to give her an animated, energetic but elegant performance to give something back to her as she’s always the one entertaining. I would give it my all to make it an enjoyable experience for her and all her guests.

RNB, Soul and Motown vocalist.
What advice would you give bridal couples about choosing their music for their big day?

Music can make or break the wedding, of course the ceremony and love is key but the music supports that energy. Creating that energy enables the atmosphere to blossom and to flourish among the bridal couple’s family, friends and loved ones.

The right music sends the right message and the right song for each part of the day from the time the guests arrive to the end of the day. Different music creates different feels and it’s so important to send the right message at the right time throughout the day.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is to ensure that all the guests are catered for. As much as it’s the bridal couple’s wedding, it’s important to ensure that all the guests have a good time, for that take into consideration: Genre, era, tempo (pace), style and the type of artists (male, female or bands) that best suits the wedding party.

What has been the most fun wedding you have played at and why?

The most fun wedding to perform at, and hopefully this doesn’t sound totally off the grid, was performing at my own wedding. You become so used to performing to strangers you forget what it’s like performing to your family and friends (which can sometimes be more daunting than  performing to thousands of people), but it was an incredible experience and one I really enjoyed because, despite being daunting, it allowed me to give back to my family and friends on my special day which made it even more magical. Incorporating my love for music and performing for my loved ones on my own wedding day was the icing on the cake.

Wedding entertainer, Spain.
In your opinion, what makes the perfect party?

A perfect party is where everyone is involved in some way shape or form, as we all know there is no one man party, having people get involved dancing, even doing a two step or bobbing their head it’s a nice way to embrace the music playing. It’s very important that the music resonates with the couple and party guests. Ensure all styles, genres and era’s of music are played to cater to all guests so everyone can have a chance to enjoy their style or preference of music and of course, include the great music legends!

But basically, people and a great atmosphere make a great party.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to sing and dance, spending time with my family and travelling.

Thank you, Keyilah, for today’s musical feature interview and for sharing your story and these stunning photos with us. We look forward to hearing you play at upcoming weddings.