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Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist In Marbella


An Interview With Liza Mayne

Today we met with Liza Mayne so we could get an update on her life in the world of bridal hair and makeup in Marbella.

Liza Mayne

Why did you decide to¬’introduce hair services into your bridal package?

I started with hair before I decided to become a makeup artist – I have always had a love for hair. My passion is makeup, though, so that is what I focused on¬’primarily. In all my fashion and beauty shoots, I have done hair and makeup. So after doing a bridal hair course, I decided to add in makeup. I had done a few hair and makeups for brides, who¬’didn’t want a hair stylist and when I¬’received great feedback, I decided to offer both.

Front & Back

Do you prefer one over the other?

I love doing makeup. I get lost in a sea of¬’creativity when I am doing it, but I can say the same for hair. When you create something that makes someone so happy, it is the most¬’magical feeling, knowing you did that.

Why do you specialise in bridal?

I started to specialise in bridal makeup due to the demand for it. I started in fashion, and after a few years doing that, I actually found the bridal world a special place to be. I love meeting all my brides and their families, being a part of the laughs, the emotion and celebration of the day. Seeing your bride feel like the most beautiful woman in the world is so rewarding.


What do you love about your job?

Everything! ¬’I love that I get to make someone feel beautiful. I love meeting new people. I love going to new places. I love creating different looks for different faces. I love all the tools and products. I just love knowing I have made someone smile. Honestly, it’s the most rewarding job in the world.


What inspires you?

The world around me. Inspiration is everywhere. Photography and travel are a huge part of my inspiration;¬’from colours to textures, to different skin tones. Other makeup artists inspire me, too – seeing what they can create and how they achieve certain looks. It prompts me to try new approaches and products. I’m a creature of comfort, so when I love a product, that stays in my kit.


Is it important to have a trial before the wedding?

I think so, for both parties. I think it’s important for the bride, to put her mind at ease. She can then feel confident that her chosen makeup artist can create the look she has imagined in her head. It’s also important for the bride to get to know who her makeup artist is and know she will be happy sharing that energy in the room on her special day. For the makeup artist it is helpful to know she is delivering the required look that meets the bride’s expectations and that there are no unknowns.


¬’Which venues do you like to work in and why?

Oh, I have a handful of favourites! Every venue is unique in its own way and I can see how it appeals to each bride. It shows a piece of their personality. I love Villa Padierna. Their grounds are picture-perfect. And I have a handful of quaint cortijos that I think have so much soul. I love working in those, too.


What tips do you have for keeping hair and makeup in place all day in the Spanish heat?

There aren’t too many, I always tell my brides. The only thing you will need is a¬’lippy to top up throughout the day. If you suffer from heat and “glow” more – then blotting paper will be your best friend. But keeping the makeup on all day in the heat is down to the application of the makeup by your makeup artist. If it’s done professionally it should last until the early hours of the morning. I love it when a bride sends me a selfie late into the night or the next morning, saying “makeup still on!”


What makeup and hair products do you use?

For makeup, I mostly use MAC Cosmetics, NARs, Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit and Urban Decay. I always like to try new things from HUDA, Tarte and Becca.¬’For hair I opt for L√≥real, Redken and GHD.


What advice would you have for someone who never wears makeup but wants to on her wedding day?¬’

I always explain to my brides why certain makeup is essential for their big day and inform them of the benefits from a photographic angle. I think when you have worked in fashion and beauty shoots, you know how images benefit from a great makeup application. This doesn’t have to mean a full face of makeup. I prefer to enhances one’s natural features, rather than conceal them.


What trends did you notice in 2019?

For my 2019 brides, I would say I had a lot of requests for statement eyes and beautiful bronzed dewy skin. Not heavily contoured. For hair it was¬’windswept, brushed-through curls – soft,¬’romantic and elegant.


What will we be seeing in 2020?

Natural makeup¬’is quickly becoming one of the most beloved beauty looks for¬’2020,¬’as seen during the bridal fashion week.


What is next for you?

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