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Catholic wedding Malaga | Getting married in a Sacred Heart Church Spain


A Catholic wedding is so much more than a social event, it’s the joining of man and woman as husband and wife in the presence of God…

Malaga also has some stunning churches
Malaga is home to some stunning churches.

Congratulations and blessings as you plan your wedding within the Catholic Church. This is a very special time in your life and Sunshine Weddings Spain is excited and happy to help you prepare and plan your marriage.

Matrimony is a Sacrament in the Catholic Church and fortunately, as well as lots of museums and monuments, Malaga also has some stunning churches.

The beautiful bride outside this pretty church in Malaga.
The beautiful bride outside this quaint church in Malaga.
Today we take a sneak peek into one of the most traditional churches in downtown Malaga.

Malaga itself is the capital of the Costa del Sol and often referred to as “the new Barcelona”, due to its large cultural variety. In fact, it is considered the most cosmopolitan city in the south of Spain.

Due to its 305 days of sunshine a year and its average temperature of 18.4 degrees, you can actually get married in this beautiful city at any time of the year! And to marry in Malaga means to marry surrounded by centuries of history, famed monuments, diverse museums and extensive beaches. Into the bargain the area has a wide variety of leisure activities for all tastes and Malaga is a wonderful place to taste some of Spain’s best tapas—what more could you ask for?

The bride about to make her grand entrance in this stunning Catholic Church.
The bride about to make her grand entrance in this stunning Catholic Church.
So now that you have the basic go on this cosmopolitan city, let’s take a look at one of the city’s most beautiful churches.

This church of the Sacred Heart, located in the historic centre of Malaga, has been recently restored to its former splendour. This neo-Gothic work was built in 1920 according to the project drawn up in January 1907 by the renowned architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan and commissioned by the Jesuits.

It is believed that Fernando Guerrero Strachan found his inspiration in the cathedrals in Toledo and Burgos. The religious building has a basilica floor plan, divided into three naves and a ribbed vault roof. The fairytale façade and airy interior make this church a popular spot for locals and non-locals to get married.

A stunning Sacred Heart Church with a Gothic structure in the heart of Malaga city.

Inside is a myriad of stained glass windows, pictorial work of Apolo Párkinson Molinari, distinguished painter of the Gothic-style stained glass windows of the era—with the rose window a singularly striking feature.

Imagine walking down the aisle of this stunning Sacred Heart Church, a Gothic structure with towering, pointed and lobe arches, with an octagonal floor plan and star-shaped vault, perfect for any bride to make her entrance.

The glamorous bridesmaids outside this neo-Gothic church in Spain’s Malaga.

Additional trivia about this hidden gem in Malaga old town is that the church was the seat of the Archconfraternity of the Dolores de San Juan, during the time that its original location, the Church of San Juan, was being restored. The tomb of Blessed Tiburcio Arnaiz is also located here.

Furthermore, the square where it sits, to the west of Calle Compañía, near the Palacio de Villalón building, is also home to the Carmen Thyssen Museum, one of the best art museums in Malaga.

In fact, Malaga has a total of 36 museums, the majority of which can be found in the historic centre, making it impossible to visit more than just one museum when in the area, the most noteworthy are the Malaga Museum, the Picasso Museum, Jorge Rando Museum and the Pompidou Museum.

Take advantage of your wedding stay and discover Malaga in depth, explore the historic city centre, its charming villages and sun kissed beaches.

Best of all, to marry in one of Malaga’s prettiest churches means that you will have lifetime memories in a day.
Catholic wedding Malaga | Getting married in a Sacred Heart Church Spain
Getting married in a Sacred Heart Church, Spain.