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Spain wedding photographer | Boutique photography Costa del Sol


Capturing beautiful wedding stories with boutique photography…

Spain wedding photographer | Boutique photography Costa del Sol
Romantic sunset photo on a beach in Spain. Credit: Evergreen Malaga.
Wedding photography is important because it will capture your special day, your memories, making it a day you will never forget.

If you’re looking for a full-service photographer for your wedding day, Evergreen Malaga, is a highly-professional team who offer a personalised experience and stunning high definition photos and videos to capture your memories in a unique way, as we find out in today’s feature article where we chat with award winning photographer Salvador Blanco, founder of Evergreen Malaga.

Spain wedding photographer | Boutique photography Costa del Sol
Boutique photography Costa del Sol.

A few weeks ago Salvador gave us a behind the scenes angle on being a wedding videographer, today we explore a bit more on Evergreen Malaga’s photography service and how a broken bridal gown train brought to light some of Salvador’s hidden talents…

Wedding ceremony in the sunshine in Spain.
Welcome back Salvador, thanks for chatting with us again today. We know that you and your team specialise in paying attention to all the little details that make each wedding authentic and unique, but tell us, do you have any tips for those camera shy bridal couples?

My advice is to just be yourselves. All you need to do is have fun and enjoy your big day, and let the professional photography and video team worry about doing all the work. There’s no need to rehearse or pose anything as we work very discreetly in the background, so we’re able to capture all those wonderful moments, smiles and shared glances which flow spontaneously and naturally.

A professional team who work in the background capturing wonderful wedding moments.
How many photos do you deliver? And how long does it take to edit and deliver the final images?

We deliver an average of 800 photographs that are perfectly edited and ready to be used in a wedding album. Delivery time depends on the time of year. This means that early-season weddings are always delivered faster, but as we get closer to the end of the season, we have more weddings to do and that’s when delivery can take a little longer.

We completely understand that you’re excited to see your photos! However, editing is the creative part where the magic happens, so we just ask for a little patience. First, we need to select the best photos. Then, we do a custom edit on them, one by one. Each photograph represents a memory for a lifetime – and you deserve our best work. So while it can be hard to wait, it’s definitely worth it.

Soft sunset light to capture dream images.
Any special or humorous anecdotes from a wedding that you can share with us?

There was one unforgettable occasion when just before leaving for church, the mother of the bride accidentally stepped on the bride’s dress and the train broke. Emotions were running high because it was not easy to fix. I had put down the camera to reassure the bride as she was understandably upset. Then we found some needle and thread and I actually ended up sewing the train back onto her dress!

Just Married in Spain.
What do you like doing in your spare time? (Apart from sewing…😊)

Nature and gardening are my thing. I live in the countryside with my dogs and cats. There’s a lot of space around there so I love going for long walks with my animals.

I still have a black and white film developing lab. So I like to shut myself in the darkroom and do my own prints the good old way using photographic paper and chemicals. It’s so amazing to see the development process and the images appearing as if by magic. While I’m doing that, I usually have the radio on in the background. Time flies in there because I love it so much.

A classic black and white wedding photo.

Last but not least, I also collaborate on short films and video clips as Director of Photography. I have a professional studio in Fuengirola ( and we do a lot of work there. It might sound funny, but doing audiovisual work is almost like therapy for me because I always find new challenges and get to share experiences with my friends in the field.

Thank you once again for such a fascinating interview Salvador, and for the use of these stunning photos, we look forward to seeing you and your team very soon in the upcoming wedding season.