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Talented electric violinist Costa del Sol | Violin player for your wedding in Spain


Enhance the romance at your wedding ceremony in Spain with the natural sound and atmospheric sonority of a solo violinist playing background music on your special day…

Talented electric violinist Costa del Sol | Violin player for your wedding in Spain
Krzysztof Spychała; Talented electric violinist Costa del Sol.

The solo violin works beautifully for ceremony and reception music, or as ambient music to welcome your guests as they arrive at your dream wedding venue location in the Spanish sunshine, where they can enjoy a chilled glass of cava to the melodic sound of romantic string music.

So, if you’re looking for a talented violinist for your magical day, read on to find out more about one of the most in-demand electric violinists on the Costa del Sol, Krzysztof Spychała.

Violin player for your wedding in Spain
Violin player for your wedding in Spain.
Thanks for coming along today Krzysztof, tell us a bit more about yourself and your musical background. At what age did you first pick up the violin?

I was born in Poland, into a family of musicians. I have always wanted to play the violin, so at the age of six I started music school. During my 12 years of education I became interested in music production and composition, which became the perfect combination of my passions. There is no genre of music that I have not tried to perform (or compose), so I reach for a variety of inspirations in my performances and original songs/tracks.

I came to the Costa del Sol to fall in love with violin playing all over again. The musicality and openness of Spain allows me to expand my musical horizons and understand my sensibility.

Krzysztof Spychała was born in Poland, into a family of musicians.
Who is your greatest musical inspiration and why?

My biggest musical inspiration is my mother. She is also a violinist. Her playing the violin opened my eyes to what true passion is, heart, but also- truth.

Besides her, it’s hard to pick my next biggest inspiration because the spectrum of my musical taste is quite wide. A list which includes Mozart, Frank Sinatra, Qunicy Jones, Hans Zimmer, but also Mark Ronson, TroyBoi, Calvin Harris, The Flashbulb and many others. Everything- from classical music to hip-hop, drum & bass etc.

Krzysztof first played at a wedding at the age of 16.
How did you get into playing the violin at weddings?

I played at my first ceremony at the age of 16, when my sister got married. It was an extremely important and touching moment for our whole family. It was then that I understood the importance of the sounds that accompany us at such a special moment.

In my adult life I have played at many weddings, but also at wedding parties- combining my passion for the violin and popular music.

Krzysztof is also a composer and music producer.
How would you describe your music style?

For me, playing the violin is an opportunity to express myself sincerely and give positive emotions to my listeners. When I perform jazz standards or ballads I try to tell a story with their melodies. When I improvise to music played by a DJ, I fall into a trance and use one hundred percent of my energy. Dancing with the audience can be proof of this 😉

Do you have a planned playlist or are you happy to accommodate a bridal couple’s song requests?

Of course, I have a list of favourite songs that I perform. However, I believe that if the bridal couple wants to hear their favourite songs during the ceremony, I am there to make that dream come true.

Talented wedding musician on the Costa del Sol.
What are the top 5 most requested songs?

Over the years I have played in orchestras, string quartets and live bands, so the list of requested songs is large. However, most people want to listen to “Fly me to the moon”, “Somewhere over the rainbow”, “Ave Maria” (Schubert’s or Bach-Gounod’s), and themes from the movie “Titanic” and “The Swan” (Saint-Saens).

Do you prefer to play solo, or do you like to collaborate with other musicians and singers?

I most enjoy improvising to club/pop music accompanied by a DJ. I also enjoy playing calm versions of popular hits. The company of other musicians is just an extra delight.

As I mentioned- I compose and produce music. I love combining the sounds of live instruments with electronics, vocals, creative samples and original lyrics.

Krzysztof playing at an in vogue club on the Costa del Sol.
More about Krzysztof

Krzysztof plays the electric violin in well-known Costa del Sol clubs, such as La Habana De Hemingway, Max Beach, Joys etc. Mixing well-known melodies and improvisation with electronic music, house, deep house, EDM, tropical etc

Krzysztof also plays concerts based on calm, chillout pop-hits covers and jazz standards.

A huge Dzięki (thanks) to Krzysztof for sharing with us his insight into the musical world of an electric violinist based on the Costa del Sol, and for providing these fabulous photos. We look forward to hearing you play in upcoming weddings.
talented violinist
Talented and passionate violinist, Krzysztof Spychała.