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Thinking of Beautiful Bridal hair? | Advice from wedding hair stylist expert in Spain


Are you dreaming of the perfect hairstyle for your big day, but feeling a bit overwhelmed with the endless wedding hair options?

Beautiful Bridal hair for a destination wedding in Spain.
Beautiful Bridal hair for a destination wedding in Spain.

Not to worry, Sunshine Weddings Spain has it covered in todayís featured interview with the lovely Georgie Pitts, experienced bridal hair stylist based in Costa del Solís Calahonda.

Thanks for coming along today Georgie, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into doing bridal hair?

Iíve work as a hairdresser for years and Iíve known Scott for even longer and one day, after thinking for a while about expanding and getting into bridal hair, I decided to approach Scott and ask him to give me a chance at doing bridal hair and become part of his team, so I went for a few trials and got really good feedback and things just picked up from there. In fact, pre-covid I was doing 3 to 4 weddings a week.

Georgie Pitts, wedding hair stylist expert in Spain
Georgie Pitts, wedding hair stylist expert in Spain.

I believe you are based in Calahonda (Mijas), which areas do you cover?

I mainly do Costa del Sol up to Nerja, which is about a 90 minute drive away, but I donít mind travelling even further if needed.

When a bride-to-be contacts you, do you find it helpful if they use pinterest or a similar platform to collect hairstyles they like?

Yes, definitely, most brides search Instagram or Google and send me pictures which is fundamental for me to get a gist of the look they are hoping to achieve on their special day. That said, sometimes they send images so different, one from the next, that the opposite happens and it becomes very hard to know exactly what the bride has in mind.

When this happens I then request images of the brideís own hair to see what I have to work with and can then make suggestions. Thatís why I always recommend a trial, though I do understand that sometimes this is not possible, especially with destination weddings.

Bridal preparations in Spain.
Bridal preparations in Spain.

What about bridal hair accessories, do you provide any and which is your favourite?

If they need a hair piece, I suggest they bring their own, that way they get the right colour match. I bring other accessories and hair products like hair netting or buns, but not the hair piece as such.

Sometimes brides want to work with hair extensions, however I find a hair piece better, it just pins in and is much less fuss.

And my favourite bridal hair accessory right now has to be the effortlessly ethereal babyís breath flowers which are super versatile because depending on how you decide to use the buds, the look can be either bohemian, rustic, or romantic. They also have a much more affordable price tag than many in-demand wedding flowers, such as peonies.

babyís breath flowers
Babyís breath flowers the perfect bridal hair accessory.

How can brides achieve healthy hair for their wedding day?

I highly recommend Biotin, itís just as effective as many top-rated supplements, but for half the price, some Biotin supplements are even as little as 3Ä.

Biotin is basically a water-soluble vitamin thatís a part of the vitamin B family and plays an important role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails and increased biotin intake can help promote hair growth.

Then for brides with wavy, frizzy or curly hair, I always suggest to leave off the heat products if possible on the run up to the big day. Additionally, I encourage brides to send me photos of their hair so that I can suggest treatments.

Elegant hair up bridal look.
Elegant hair up bridal look.

Hair up, Hair down or half-up half-down, how to decide and do you give your opinion to the bride even if not asked?

When a bride is deciding which bridal hair to have done, she really needs to think about where the wedding is taking place, what the dress is like and what the weather will be like.

Firstly, a brideís hair should balance out the overall look and not compete with the details in the dress, for example if the dress has an intricate neckline, an updo will show it off!

Also, if the wedding is taking place in a hot, humid climate, like youíll find in southern Spain, updo styles are much more resilient to hold in the heat and humidity than cascading curls that risk frizzing out and sticking to your back because of the humidity.

Beautiful bridal hair in Spain.
Beautiful bridal hair in Spain.

But I understand that some brides donít want their hair up, they arenít used to having it up or seeing themselves with their hair up, some donít like their ears for example, and feel more comfortable with it down, but there are plenty of ways to do an updo without it looking stiff or severe and I would definitely suggest a different style if what the bride wants really isnít doable.

That said, bridal hair should be unique to each and every bride and I always strive to make sure that the bride gets her picture-perfect look on her special day.

Bridal preparations in Spain.
Bridal preparations for a destination wedding in Spain.

How many people can you do hair for on a wedding morning?

I can do 8 people on a wedding morning, I could probably do more, but I never take more than 8 as I donít want the bridal party to feel rushed. I want everyone to enjoy the moment and make it as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Iíll allocate about an hour for the bride, although sometimes half an hour is enough or sometimes I may need longer, but on average I do the bridal hair in about 45 minutes.

Iíll do the bride second to last, so her hair is fresh, but not last so she doesnít feel sheís running out of time.

It is crucial that the mornings are spent nice and relaxed, it gives the bride a special time with her bridesmaids before the big day really kicks off.

Hair down
Elegant yet simple hair down style.

Have you ever been asked to re-do the bridal hair on the very same morning of the wedding?

Thankfully this doesnít tend to happen, however on one occasion the bride turned the shower on by accident and got her hair soaking wet and we had to repeat the whole do from scratch.

But in general, most brides have already had a trial, and are actually very relaxed during the bridal preparations.

Original French plait
Original French plait for a wedding in Spain.

What bridal hair trends can we expect for the coming season, including popular dos for the mothers of the bride?

To be honest, everyone has their own style regardless of trends, and most trends are marked by catwalk events/ shows and really, nobody has their hair like that in real life. Boho will always be popular, with loose cascading curls. And Mothers of the brides usually tend to opt for a french twist or beehive.

What about the grooms?? Any requests from them, or is the focus always on the bride?

No, the grooms are done and dusted straight away and just get on with enjoying the day. Most get a cut a couple of weeks before the big day, and thatís it. Or they think they will have a cut once in Spain, but sometimes with so much going on, itís forgotten about, like one groom who asked for a cut the very morning of the wedding. Unfortunately his spontaneous request caught me off guard and without my clippers, so I couldnít, I donít usually take clippers when Iím doing bridal hair.

Babyís breath flowers the perfect bridal hair accessory.
Babyís breath flowers, an easy and affordable bridal hair accessory.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Iíd love to say that I have hobbies, but to be honest itís either hair or spending time with my friends and family.

On behalf of Sunshine Weddings Spain, a huge thanks for sharing your insight and the photos of what goes on behind the scenes on a wedding morning and we hope to see you very soon in the upcoming wedding season.