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Wedding makeup artist Malaga | Perfect bridal look for your destination wedding in Spain


Congratulations, you’ve chosen to have a destination wedding in southern Spain, one of the most popular locations for destination weddings in Europe.

Perfect bridal look for your destination wedding in Spain.
Perfect bridal look for your destination wedding in Spain.

Not only does Andalucia have a vast array of stunning venues to choose from, breathtaking beaches and more than 320 days of sunshine per year, it is also home to many talented professionals who work in the wedding industry, from entertainers, to musicians to hair and makeup artists.

Today we are delighted to be able to chat with popular makeup artist for Malaga, Elektra Carrera.

Wedding makeup artist Malaga
Wedding makeup artist Malaga.
Tell us a bit about your journey in becoming a wedding makeup expert, how did it all start?

For me makeup has always been my passion. I knew since I was a little girl I wanted to be a professional makeup artist. I practised everyday as a young girl, created lots of looks and watched a lot of videos until I was finally able to do a course to become a pro makeup artist (MUA). Once I completed my course I started offering my services online and began meeting people in the industry which helped me to start my career as a makeup artist specialising in the wedding industry!

Makeup by Elektra Carrera.
What sparks your creativity more, hair or makeup? Do you have a preference?

For me personally, makeup definitely sparks my creativity more than hair. With makeup there are just endless possibilities. There are so many products on the market to try, so many colours to work with and so many different techniques that change everyday. With makeup it’s never the same. I love creating new looks and experimenting!

Bridal preparations.
How do you respond to a wedding lead or enquiry about your services?

Clients usually contact me through email or my social media. They will give me the date for their wedding day and I’ll firstly check if I’m free. Once I have checked that I am available I let them know and send through my terms and conditions so that the client is fully aware of my services. Once they’ve agreed to this, I then ask for a deposit via revolut, cash or bank transfer and once I’ve received the deposit, the date is locked into my diary and a booking confirmation sent with all the info about the day.

Professional makeup for a glamorous look.
If a bride is unable to do a makeup trial before the wedding day, what do you suggest?

If a bride is unable to attend a trial I would firstly suggest looking at pictures or ideas of what they would like their makeup to be like on the wedding day, just to have somewhere to start. On the wedding day I would give myself extra  time with the bride to ensure she’s happy with every step of the makeup routine. I would show them each step as I did it to make sure they are happy the whole way through and if there’s anything she needed to change we could do that without hesitation.

How many people can you fit in on a wedding day?

On a typical wedding day I can fit between 5-10 clients in. It all depends on timing and what the bride would like to do on the day. If it’s a very early start with a large group of girls I would suggest bringing an assistant MUA to assist so we are able to get everyone ready in time without having any problems!

A stunning bride with her bridesmaids.
A stunning bride with her bridesmaids.
Any special moments that you can share with us about your experience working behind the scenes on a wedding morning?

For me wedding mornings are magical. For most people their wedding  is one of the most important days of their lives and for me to be such a big part of it means the world. The most special moments for me are seeing the brides look at themselves for the first time with their hair and makeup done and dress on. They are always so happy and so thankful and it’s just an incredible experience to witness.

Chic look created by popular makeup artist for Malaga, Elektra Carrera.
Chic look created by popular makeup artist for Malaga, Elektra Carrera.
What do you like doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I am usually creating makeup looks on myself, trying new products and making social media content or replying to enquiries and sorting out my diary and clients. I also love walking, reading books and cooking.

On behalf of Sunshine Weddings Spain, a huge thank you for sharing your insight of what goes on behind the scenes on a wedding morning and also for all the beautiful photos, we hope to see you very soon in this wedding season and beyond.
Preparations on the wedding morning.