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A most glamorous bridal gown | Mallorca wedding story


An most glamorous bridal gown for the most elegant bride. Holly & Matthew’s Love Story Part III…

Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
A most glamorous bridal gown. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

I bought my gown from a shop in Harrogate. I tried to get it in Mallorca, just for the ease of not having to travel with it, but there are some really lovely bridal shops in Harrogate, our hometown. I finally bought my dress from the Harrogate wedding lounge. The girls there were just lovely and offered a superb, professional service, especially Hayley who helped with my dress and made the whole wedding gown hunting experience super fun.

Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
Serrano bridal gown by Suzanne Neville. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

I had a made to measure dress and so ended up going on quite a few occasions, sometimes with my mum, other times with my bridesmaids and everytime we went we got a glass of fizz and we were always made to feel really special.

I wasn’t exactly sure what type of gown I wanted, though from a young age I’d always dreamt about my wedding dress and had always imagined something whimsical and boho. Then, when I knew that the wedding location was going to be Mallorca, a dreamy and effortless dress seemed the perfect choice, especially as I knew it would be hot.

Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
The elegant mother of the bride with the beautiful bride. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
I could really envision it, something lacey and chic and very Ibiza style. But how wrong I was!

Everytime I put on one of these boho-style dresses I felt like I was wearing one of my mother’s dresses (no offence mum!) and it just didn’t feel comfortable or feel right or look right at all. In fact I looked washed out and old, and I kept thinking I looked like I was wearing a nightie. Not quite the image of romance and freshness I had envisioned when daydreaming about my bridal gown.

Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
Dream bridal gown for a destination wedding in Spain. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

I was starting to feel quite disheartened when my mum and one of my best friends, Holly, picked out this other dress for me to try on, a completely different style to what I had been trying on until then. When I saw it I remember thinking “no, no, no! I really don’t want to wear that at all!” It was very crisp, with no sort of detail. In fact it looked super plain and ivory coloured that I didn’t like either.

Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
The stunning bridesmaids at a rustic wedding venue in Spain. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

But Mum and Holly kept insisting that I tried it on, and so reluctantly I did. And WOW!! Was I glad I did! It looked amazing and fit like a glove and I couldn’t have been more surprised.

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined myself wearing a classic A-line dress, but there I was, happier than a little girl on christmas day with my dress on. It felt like I was wearing a T-shirt. It was that comfortable!

So my dress is called Serrano, a Suzanne Neville dress in ivory. I got it with a silk organza wedding skirt and I always wanted a very long train, so it was made to measure. And it just fit so perfectly. And the best thing was, being an A-line wedding dress, characterised by a fitted waistline and flared skirt—one of the most flattering wedding dress silhouettes—meant I could eat whatever I wanted. Which was fantastic, because I’m a big foodie.

Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
A-line wedding dress, characterised by a fitted waistline and flared skirt. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

The dress was low cut, but with a mesh, so it was sexy but also conservative at the same time and perfect for the weather.

As a whole, the dress was super flattering, and I felt like a princess in it.
The bridal party. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

Once my dress was chosen, it was time to find the perfect dresses for my bridesmaids. I didn’t want to go the blush pink or the pastel colours, I definitely wanted something with a WOW factor for the girls because, you know, we’ve been best friends for years, and we are all so close and I really wanted something quite unique for them.

The stunning bride and her girls showing off their magnificent dresses. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

So I chose these stunning burnt orange, rusty coloured dresses for my bridesmaids and they looked absolutely stunning in them. In fact, one of my bridesmaids has very fiery, reddish coloured hair, she’s called Kathryn, and the moment I saw these dresses I thought, ‘Kathryn’s hair will look incredible matched with this dress.”

And then, without really planning it, that rusty, burnt orange colour became the underlying theme for the wedding. I didn’t want to go with a very rustic styling because the venue in itself is quite rural, what with it being outside in the country and with the windmill and everything, but I did want to add that touch of elegance to an already beautiful setting.

Elegant stationary by Jinny from Vine in the Wild. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

So I had some stationary made by a woman called Jinny who is in the UK, her company is called Vine in the Wild. Her décor ideas were very beautiful and just what I was looking for. Something simple and understated yet elegant at the same time.

Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
Rustic wedding venue with a windmill in Spain’s Mallorca. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

I had personalised menus made instead of place cards, which added a classy touch to the styling. The same went for the seating chart list, which was also in that lovely rust colour.

The handsome groom with his crew. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

I kept the floral design simple with white and cream flowers, as I didn’t want any other colours to clash with the lovely rusty colour, creating a rustic elegance, exactly what I wanted.

Then to finish off a truly magical weekend, we had a post-party BBQ at my parents villa on the Sunday.
Party time at a fabulously fun wedding in Spain. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

It was a very chilled day, with everyone lounging by the pool and reminiscing about the previous day. We actually enjoyed the wedding cake, a vanilla sponge with white chocolate icing and fresh raspberries, like a post Victoria sponge made by the baker from Fosh, at the BBQ. Everyone had been too full to eat it on the wedding day, so we took it home and there wasn’t a crumb left by the end of the day.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end a magical three days of celebrations, catching up with friends and making up for lost time because of Covid.

Party time at a fabulously fun wedding in Spain. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
Magical wedding moments. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
My perfect Happy Ever After…
Party time at a fabulously fun wedding in Spain. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
Love, laughter and happy ever after… Credit: Lumiere Photographic.


Thanks to for the use of the incredible imagery. And a huge thank you to Holly and Matthew for sharing their magical bridal story with us, we wish you both a long and happy marriage.