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Wedding Celebrant In Mallorca


Wedding Celebrant In Mallorca: Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies On The Beautiful Island…

Nathalie Korcz is a wedding celebrant in Mallorca who creates bespoke ceremonies for couples getting married on this beautiful island.

Nathalie Korcz Wedding Celebrant
Nathalie Korcz Wedding Celebrant.

I moved to Mallorca 20 years ago after deciding at the age of 30 that I wanted focus on the quality of my life rather than let it just be about making money. I now live in the Campos in a mansion from 1789, and I love my life here. As well as being a celebrant, I run a little countryside hotel and I also host my own YouTube channel.

I used to work in the music industry and event business mainly as a translator. I decided to became a celebrant because I am comfortable speaking in public and enjoy being surrounded by friendly, happy people. I take great pleasure in learning about the different couples’ love stories.

I think Mallorca is such a beautiful place to get married. You are surrounded by beautiful nature – the mountains and the ocean. You are sure to enjoy good food in the sunshine and experience the wonderful Spanish way of life.


My favourite part of the ceremony is when I ask the wedding guests to share their thoughts with the bridal couple. The amount of loving energy in the room is usually overwhelming. I also appreciate the moment when the couple make their promises to each other to live their life together. Couples should think about what they like about each other but also how they will deal with any hardships that may happen during their life together. It is about saying yes to the good and bad times.

The most beautiful wedding I ever celebrated was an American-German wedding in the mountains close to Soller. Every guest wore traditional clothing – they were all from the UN in New York. Arabs, Jews, Catholics, Protestants and Muslims: we were all together celebrating a multicultural marriage. This is how the world should be.

Wedding In The Mountains
Wedding In The Mountains.

I would have liked to have officiated the marriage of Frederic Chopin and George Sand. She loved to walk around in trousers and he was constantly sick and still composing. Both creative, taking care of each other without trying to change the personality. At that time this was simply incredible.

When a choosing their celebrant the couple should be guided by the experience the person brings to the day. They need to balance the serious aspects of the ceremony and at the same time embrace the joy that a wedding brings. Being a celebrant is more than a job. A wedding is not only a show; for me it is so much more.

Nathalie Hosting A Wedding Celebration
Nathalie Hosting A Wedding Celebration.

Once a couple contacts me, I like to send them a photo of myself and I ask them to send me a picture of themselves. I then send a questionnaire separately to each of them and ask them to answer as honestly as they can. We arrange a meeting in person and I use my impressions from this plus their written answers to start writing my speech for them.

A typical wedding day for me begins slightly differently from others as I focus solely on the wedding and not on running my agroturismo hotel. The speech is done, the car filled with gas, I have my location instructions and off I go. I usually arrive one hour before the ceremony and greet the other wedding vendors. I say hello to the couple, check the microphone and then sit down to take in the ambience. I feel the mood.

The wedding celebrations.

I wait until everyone is seated, making sure the cell phones are off, and then the music starts and it’s showtime. After the ceremony, I will go over to the couple, congratulate them and then leave. Sometimes I have to drive to another wedding and other times I simply go home. When I have two weddings, I always have a driver. Celebrating, hosting and presenting requires a lot of concentration and sometimes my energy is completely given to the couple, so I need a moment to recuperate between the two weddings. For that 30 to 40 minutes one has to deliver well, because for the couple it is a once in a lifetime event.

Nathalie Korcz, wedding celebrant in Mallorca, with the newlyweds.