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Bridal henna artist Mallorca | Meet professional henna artist Lisa Tomanin


Lisa Tomanin is a professional henna artist, whose versatility and expertise can help bring to life your dream bridal henna designs!

Work by a talented bridal henna artist in Mallorca.

Today we are delighted to be chatting with the fabulous Lisa Tomanin, one of the most popular henna artists in Mallorca. Where, in this in-depth interview, we find out more about designing bridal mehndi, ingredients used and a bit more about the artist behind the business.

The Artist

My name is Lisa Tomanin, I’m originally from Milan, Italy, where I studied languages and where I got a degree in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation.

My studies allowed me to get closer to Hindi language and Indian culture and made it possible for me to live my daily life in a multicultural environment, to get closer to different cultures other than my own and to discover what for me were new realities.

Lisa Tomanin, henna artist in Mallorca.

It was during those years that I discovered the art of henna. In 2012, during my first educational trip to Uttarakhand, India, I approached this sacred and marvellous art for the first time, and since then henna has always accompanied me, first as a hobby, then as a subject of study, and now as a job.

In 2015, a job opportunity brought me to Mallorca, where I experienced the same kind of multicultural environment that made me feel at home, and it naturally turned out to become my home for real.

Over the years Mallorca gave me the opportunity to keep practising henna, taking part in festivals and local markets…and from 2018, I discovered the world of destination weddings, which I really hope to continue growing in.

100% Natural

I only use natural henna and plastic free hand-rolled henna cones.

The Mix and Ingredients

I mix my henna paste by myself using these following ingredients:  henna powder Baq – sugar – distilled water – essential oils (usually lavender, eucalyptus, cajeput/tea tree depending on client’s needs and preferences)

Bridal mehndi can sometimes take up to eight hours to complete.
Optimum Time

I consider bridal mehndi as a half day or full day job.

Working alone and not in a team (at least for now), I can take between three and eight hours for a full bridal mehndi, depending on the design’s complexity and the situation.

Bridal mehndi are usually applied TWO days before the wedding day, as the stain usually reaches its best at that time.

Lisa Tomanin, enjoying the crystal clear water in Mallorca.
Numbers & Designs

In a pre-wedding session I (alone) can do around 20/25 people, I usually have different designs to show to familiars/guests, which are easier and usually require from 5 to 15 minutes to be done.

Depending on the situation and time, I can manage to do more.

For now, I normally do customised designs, I first talk to the bride and ask her what she prefers. Based on that, I prepare examples to show her, so that I can determine the work to be done in advance.

I have no problem reproducing other designs, but I always prefer to prepare bridals myself.

Customised henna designs by Lisa Tomanin.

Aftercare instructions are easier than what it seems:

-Let henna paste dry and moisturise it often with a lemon juice & sugar’s sticky solution (I usually prepare it in advance and include it to the ‘Bridal Packs’)

-Keep henna dried paste on skin for at least 8 hours, more if possible. The longer the dried paste is kept on the skin, the better the stain will be!

-Avoid water, wax and thermal bath after henna application (at least for the first two-three days, time when the stain oxidises to turn darker).

-Keep skin always very well hydrated if you want it to last longer.

The longer the dried paste is kept on the skin, the better the stain will be.

More tips:

Use vegetable oil (almond,coconut,argán or olive oil…) to replace water and hydrate your skin.

If it ‘s not possible to replace it, apply the oil before and after any contact with water.

Most Special Moments

In case of a customised bridal work, I recognize two main moments that I enjoy in different ways.

First, the design creation: it allows me to improve my creativity, to experiment new patterns and elements and to keep my artistic side alive.

Second, the henna application: it requires a lot of concentration, but I love doing it as I enjoy this moment so deeply that I consider it like a sort of meditation.

At the same time I feel it as a very intimate moment, a moment of exchange when I usually create a nice bond with the bride and her family…and I usually live the henna ceremony with the same care as if it was my own wedding!

A huge thank you to Lisa for sharing with us your insight into the magical world of Henna Art.

Lisa, apart from her incredible artistic talent, can also speak English, Spanish, Italian and a bit of Hindi.
Lisa at work creating a unique henna design.