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Getting Married In Mallorca?


Getting Married In Mallorca: Wedding Photography By Sofia Winghamre…

Getting married in Mallorca is always guaranteed to be an unforgettable day. Although memories don’t last forever, photographs do. At Sunshine Weddings Spain we work with some of the best wedding photographers in the south of Spain and Mallorca. Our photographers , based in Spain or Mallorca, will ensure that your special day is captured in all its poignant beauty, documenting those precious moments that will stay in your heart forever.

As part of our Shine The Spotlight project, we will be focusing on our best wedding suppliers. We’ll be shining a light on why they love working with our bridal couples, along with asking them tips and advice for all of you planning your destination wedding in Mallorca or Spain. We will also be getting to know our favourite photographers, beauty experts, entertainers and ministers better – so you can see the people who help us make your big day absolutely perfect.

Today we are shining the spotlight on Sofia Winghamre. Not only is she a talented photographer, responsible for some truly breath-taking pictures of some of our past bridal couples, but she is also a woman of the sea. An avid sailor, she spends her time travelling the world capturing its beauty – from landscape and portraits, to stunning weddings in Mallorca. Originally from Sweden, she married an Irishman and settled on the Iberian island of Mallorca, which she now calls home.

Spanish Bride Sofia

We spoke to Sofia about what it’s like to be a creative nomad with a love for weddings and the sea.

Hi Sofia. You look like you have the perfect life – travelling, sailing and capturing some of Mallorca’s most stunning weddings. Is life as a photographer in Mallorca as idyllic as it looks?

Funny that, since perfection lies in imperfection. The camera is a great tool to focus on the beauty that surrounds us. It’s a constant and positive reminder of how lucky we are to be living such a beautiful life.

That’s really interesting. It makes total sense that you would use your skills as a photographer to document the beautiful and memorable. No wonder your website is full of such stunning and enviable images! Your portfolio of weddings in Mallorca is a gorgeous mix of quirky and bohemian weddings mixed with some very grand affairs. What are your favourite weddings to shoot and why?

Bridal Couple

I love the fact that they are so different. Mallorca attracts all kinds of people from a lot of different countries and cultures, the mix and the diversity is what keeps it interesting. Every day is different with a new adventure to discover. I love them all!

We, at Sunshine Weddings Spain, also love how diverse and unique our wedding couples and their big days are. You’re very well-travelled. Originally from Sweden with an Irish husband, what made you settle in Mallorca? Why do you feel it’s the perfect destination wedding location?

Mallorca was a happy accident for me. I ended up on the island because the boat I was working on sailed here, but luckily it didn’t take long to feel like home. My husband and I also got married here on the island, it’s a fantastic location for a couple’s special day. There are so many great venues to choose from and you’re almost guaranteed great weather any time of year.

You clearly love to see the world and experience new and exciting things. How does your love for travel and adventure influence your photography?

I guess I am a bit of a hippy at heart. I adore anyone who has the courage to be themselves. If I can encourage my clients to be themselves in front of my lens, to show their true selves and act natural, that’s when the magic happens. The adventure starts within us all. The traveling is just the cherry on top.

It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you better and look at your stunning work. One last question, what three tips would you give a bridal couple choosing their wedding photographer in Mallorca?

1. Find a photographer whose style you like. That is so important.

  1. Have a chat with them before you book – you need to have a connection.
  2. Smile for the camera!! That’s the number one rule for a happy picture.

As Sofia told us, the most important thing you can do when choosing your wedding photographer for your nuptials in Mallorca is to find the right one for you. Having a connection to one another, and to their work, is vital. Our team are only too happy to put you in touch with our wonderful array of photographers such as Sofia, so you can be confident that your special day remains unforgettable, forever.