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Aimee K’s 2019 highlights

Mallorca-based wedding photographer Aimee K took time out of her hectic schedule to run us through her 2019 highlights.

How did last year’s wedding season in Mallorca go?

Amazing! I’m so appreciative that I have the best clients ever who trust me fully to capture their day and allow me to enter their inner circle. I’ve had primarily finca style weddings that deeply reflect the underpinnings of Mallorca. The style of my weddings tends to be elegant with an upscale rustic vibe.

What were your 2019 highlights?

Looking back over 2019, I would say that the whole year was amazing and the highlights were the great venues, decor and especially the down-to-earth nature of our clients overall.

Which are your favourite venues and why?

My favourite venues are countryside fincas where the bride and groom can do everything, from getting ready,all the way through to their party. Spending the entire day in one venue affords the couple and guests more time to relax and enjoy their day, rather than moving from one place to another.

Did you do or try anything different this year?

1.This year I optimized the aperitivo time by covering the couple’s session first before the group shots. In this way the couple have some magical time to enjoy together right after the ceremony and before moving into the practicalities of group shot dynamics, which can be challenging.

2. Nearly all of my clients this year hired a second photographer to cover the guys, from getting ready through to the guests being seated. This way I can stay with the bride until she walks up the aisle. The second photographers cover the groom getting ready, guests arriving, decor and venue ambience, different ceremony angles and the aperitivo during the couple’s session and group shots.

Can you pick your top photos from 2019 and explain why?

Photo #1

I love how this photo shows their venue and wedding attire so well. When they look back on this photo in years to come it will conjure up memories of their day that bring them back to this space.

Photo #2

This is one of Europe’s top wedding destination venues. When they booked the venue I knew right away that I wanted to shoot this photo. The soft light and the trailing train give the photo a soft and romantic feel yet their stance is solid.

Photo #3

These solid walls are a military fortress turned into a 5-star venue and they are crossing a small bridge that connects the two sides. In the background is the Mediterranean, with the mountains of the Tramuntana behind. The photo tells the story of their environment on a very important day.

Photo #4

This shot I simply love for its beauty. The way that the sunset backlight makes her glow and her movement give a feeling of lightness and grace while showing off the wedding gown and beautiful hairpiece.

Photo #5

This shot is beautiful for their silhouette against the fairy-lights of the doorway. These big wooden doors reflect the yellow light that frames them and makes them the center of attention in the photo. Above, you see the Spanish-tiled rooftop and below them the cobblestones, both of which are unique to a Spanish experience.

Photo #6

This cozy image! She loved her veil and we decided to try something a little different and wrap it around her during the couple’s session. This tight hug and the cozy veil make for the perfect wrapped-up and loved photo.

What do you like about living in Mallorca?

I probably couldn’t count the reasons that I love living here. I moved here in 2010 from Hong Kong, which I also love but for different reasons. I’m originally American and grew up surrounded by nature in the Pacific Northwest. I love Mallorca’s ever-changing landscapes. Even though the island is small, it’s so varied. It’s a multi-cultural place full of events and activity while being aesthetically beautiful. For a photographer, it’s a dream!

Do you have a favourite moment from 2019?

This year I shot quite a few proposals and they were so beautiful. I integrate the proposals into a photo session so that the person being proposed to is dressed up for the occasion. I often bring a bottle of cava for afterwards, which my assistant surprises them with, while I shoot photos of them toasting and drinking and having quiet, joyful moments together.

What trends did you notice this year?

Gowns that are less fluffy and more down-to-earth elegance that is functional and appropriate for the summer heat of Mallorca. There have been fewer veils as well, which gives the bride more space for natural movement and feeling light on her feet.

What will you do differently next year?

Although my style is documentary and candid, I am going to suggest that the guys wear shirts during shots taken prior to getting ready.

I’ll be incorporating short individual portrait sessions of the bride and groom right after getting ready. In the past this has been done together during the couple’s session. There are several benefits to this change. The main one is that the bride and groom are freshly ready – their hair and make-up and their wedding attire.

What are you looking forward to this wedding season?’

This season of 2020 I’m looking forward to more amazing venues. If this season goes as well as the last two, I couldn’t ask for more. Client satisfaction is of course the pinnacle of everything. There is nothing more satisfying than happy clients and that is the best reflection of success. I definitely look forward to more of that!