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Dream destination wedding in Spain’s Mallorca | Marriages are made in heaven

Marriages are made in heaven
Rustic wedding venue in Spain’s Mallorca. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

Marriages are made in heaven and the magical island of Mallorca with its heavenly coves, sun-kissed beaches and majestic mountains could well be heaven on earth as we find out in today’s feature article, starring the beautiful bridal couple Holly and Matthew as protagonists.

What better way to preserve precious wedding memories than in a special bridal story told through the eyes of the bride.

In today’s special feature article we will learn about the whole wedding experience told by the lovely bride Holly, who has relived the excitement and magic of her wedding day in an entertaining account that starts with her whirlwind romance with hubby-to-be, Matthew.

If you are thinking of a destination wedding, this detailed account will help you visualise the excitement, joy and magic of saying “I do” on the enchanted island of Mallorca.

Dream destination wedding in Spain's Mallorca
Dream destination wedding, Mallorca. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

Holly & Matthew’s Love Story Part I…

Matt and I actually met on a dating site. We met in July 2019 and were engaged the following January, so it was quite a whirlwind romance.

Matt proposed to me during a romantic weekend getaway to Budapest, in January 2020. I remember it being absolutely freezing, but the bridge was all lit and everything looked so magical, it was the perfect place to pop the question and Matt really couldn’t have chosen a more romantic setup.

The groomsmen. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

I remember feeling surprised, but equally not, simply because we had fallen in love straight away. I never expected to fall head over heels so quickly, especially when I first signed up to the dating site, but then I met Matt and I just couldn’t believe my luck!

We were both set on getting married abroad, either at the start or end of the wedding season, so it wouldn’t be too hot. However, we felt it would be too rushed to have got married that same year, and thankfully, for obvious reasons, we didn’t plan on a 2020 wedding, and from our engagement in January we went straight into lockdown two months later.

Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
So we planned for a summer wedding for June 2021. With that date in mind it was time to choose our ideal wedding location.

Of all the places in the world, there is one that holds a special place in my heart and I always knew that it would be the perfect place to say “I do.” The magical island of Mallorca.

Mallorca has been like a second home to me for the last ten years. My home far from home, as I like to call it.

Marriages are made in heaven. Credit: Lumiere Photographic
Marriages are made in heaven. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

My mum and dad fell in love with the island about 11 years ago. They originally had a place in Marbella, but went on holiday to Mallorca. The moment they arrived, they didn’t want to leave. In fact, they sold up in Marbella and soon had a new home in Camp de Mar, near Andratx, where they spend half of the year relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

So with the idea of a destination wedding in mind, Mallorca just felt like the right choice. Not only for the glorious weather and stunning scenery, but also because we had the ideal place to stay whilst we went about planning everything. It was perfect, especially as, after 10 years, I know the island like the palm of my hand.

The wedding guests. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.
So, we had the date, we had the location. Now we needed to find the venue.

I originally thought I’d be able to pop over to Mallorca on a semi-regular basis, visit venues, meet suppliers, but then we were hit by a global pandemic which really threw a spanner in the works, especially because of the travel restrictions.

So then I started looking on the internet, trying to find venues and though I’ve got a background in events myself, I knew I needed a little bit of support on the island in terms of getting recommended suppliers and things like that, and that’s when I came across Sunshine Weddings Spain.

Rustic yet elegant wedding styling. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

I didn’t know anyone who had used them before, but I made an appointment with them to go and see some venues and I could not have been more impressed with their service and the way everything was organised. Like I’ve said, I have a background in events and I know professionalism when I see it.

The first day we went to view venues, we met Maia, the person in charge of showing us around several pre-selected venues. Maia was super lovely, and we really hit it off with her straight away. She walked us through each venue, describing the flow of the day and the different areas that could be used. She was very descriptive of what could be done at each venue including important information such as cut off hour for music etc.

The tour of each venue was super helpful and she was super lovely. We stopped for lunch and had a good natter, as if we had been friends for years.

Of all the venues we visited, the one that had us from the get go was Son Mir. Don’t get me wrong, the other venues were super stunning too, but Son Mir ticked the most boxes, starting with it’s spectacular palm tree-lined private driveway leading up to the finca, the garden flowers were simply beautiful. The venue also has different areas to celebrate different parts of the wedding, adding an element of surprise for the wedding guests throughout the day.

Picturesque wedding venue with verdant lawns. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

Additionally, having the accommodation on-site meant we could also get ready there, which was a huge bonus, as well as the fact that the finca has a brilliant plan B option.

Funnily enough, the image I’ve always had in my head of my dream wedding venue wasn’t a rustic villa, like Son Mir, but the moment I saw it, I knew it was the right place for us.

So we had the date, we had the location, the perfect wedding planner and the venue. The invitations printed and at the ready, the excitement was building… and then… covid travel restrictions struck again!!

Find out next week to see what happens to our beautiful bridal couple. What magic trick was pulled out of the hat? And who was the magician?
Dream destination wedding in Spain’s Mallorca. Credit: Lumiere Photographic.

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