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Natural wedding photography Spain | Creative wedding storytelling


Natural documentary wedding photography; the art of capturing natural and unique wedding moments…

Garden Wedding Venue Spain | Getting married in Marbella
The fabulously-fun bride at a wedding in Spain.

Creative wedding storytelling is often a case of less is more as we find out in today’s exclusive interview with the talented Anna Miel, a natural documentary wedding photographer based on the Costa del Sol.

Hi Anna, thanks for joining us today, tell us a bit more about yourself, and how from working in human resources, you made a 360º career change to a much more artistic profession.

Hi, I’m originally from Poland, but have been living in Spain for 11 years. I have two kids. They are now seven and nine years old and it is actually thanks to them that my photography career took off.

Beach wedding photo
Natural beach wedding photo by Anna Miel.

I have always been very interested in photography, ever since I was quite young, however I had never learnt the technicalities, that was until my daughter was born.

When she was just two months old I realised that most of the photos I took of her weren’t very good, in fact I seemed unable to take any good photos of her, so I started searching on the internet for tips and advice on how to take a good photo. That’s when I came across an online course for “family photographers.” I didn’t think twice before signing up, and that’s how it all started. I was hooked from the getgo and it was very encouraging to see my progress and that finally I had beautiful photos of my daughter. About a month later, when my daughter was about four months old, I said to my husband that I was going to be a photographer.

Natural wedding photography Spain.
Natural wedding photography Spain.

He was so surprised that his first words were something on the lines of “Oh my God, please reconsider this!” because, at the time I had a different career, I used to be a human resources advisor, and of course, it was a much more secure profession.

But I believed in myself and my newly found passion. So I simply said “Let me try, let’s see how it goes.”

And here I am, nine years later, and it’s gone very well. I still do a lot of family photography and I would say wedding photography just happens naturally. I also do studio photos, portfolios, women’s portrait work etc.

Creative wedding storytelling.
I believe your style is “Natural Photography,” can you tell us a bit more about this photographic style?

Throughout the wedding day itself there are so many moments to capture and as a wedding photographer, I believe it’s very important to know when to capture just natural moments, moments that are not influenced by me as a photographer or forced. Which I would say is about 90% of the wedding day.

So basically, throughout the day, I’m around the couple and I will photograph everything interesting that I see, constantly watching for unique moments. I just follow the couple around with my camera, a bit like a paparazzi, but less annoying! : )

Natural Photography, capturing natural, unique moments like this fun one of the newlyweds.

Only about 10% of the day will be dedicated to photos that are posed or directed. Such as group and couple shots.

I love nature too so if I see some beautiful greenery I will always use it for portraits.

What advice would you give bridal couples looking for a wedding photographer?

Hire the photographer that you like as a person and who has a really good portfolio. Make sure you are the one that loves the photographer’s style. Don’t listen to your family or friends. This is your special day, choose yourself : )

It’s also important to make sure you chat with your photographer before your big day so you know what he or she is like and that they’re someone you’ll get along with!

In my case, I have a strong presence in Gibraltar as well. A lot of the weddings I photograph there are for couples who have eloped. On these occasions, I usually spend a couple of hours going around Gibraltar with the couple, taking amazing shots of them at unique spots on the rock. This is something I do quite often, as well as proper, full-day weddings.

Natural lighting & natural elements make for a simple, yet stunning wedding photo.
What do you most love about being a wedding photographer?

I love to dance 😂 joking

I love the feeling of the wedding, like the thrill before the bride goes, and the ceremony starts, the nerves, the preparations and then the crazy party. I like the unexpected. As a photographer you always need to be on your toes, as, although we know the basic flow of the day, every wedding is different. So there is this continual creative element and unexpected shots, and that’s what I like. I also really like to reflect in my photography the love and connection of the bridal couple.

The elegant bridal couple, beautifully captured by Anna Miel.
How many cameras do you use on a wedding day?

I usually have two with me, though I don’t think it matters to be honest.

Any future plans or projects that you can share with us?

I am opening a studio very soon and I will be doing portrait photography! I’m very excited about this new project and cannot wait to start!

Magical wedding moments by Anna Miel.
What do you like doing in your spare time?

I read loads and I love reading motivational books / business / mindset. Also I read novels for fun.

Other than that I go to CrossFit a lot to feel strong and fit.

On behalf of Sunshine Weddings Spain, a huge thank you for sharing your insight of what goes on behind the lens on a wedding day and also for all the stunning photos, we hope to see you very soon in future weddings.