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An Interview with Wedding Cake Expert, Kathi…

Cake plays an important, traditional, and beautiful focal point in most wedding day celebrations, so it was wonderful to talk to one of Mallorca’s most sought-after wedding cake makers recently. Kathi’s culinary journey, talent, and dedication to the wedding business are a true inspiration:

Kathi's Cakes
Colourful fruit wedding cake in Spain.

I started baking when I was 6 years old. My mum always reminds me that I once brought in a Swiss roll to my favorite teacher at school!  When I was 15 years old I started my apprenticeship in very traditional pastry in Vienna. Since then I have been baking in many different places. I love to travel and I wanted to learn many different pastry styles in different countries. I also worked in Michelin-starred restaurants, where I learnt to combine avant-garde flavours and give my products the final touches that would elevate them to perfection. Almost 4 years ago I started my own business in Mallorca. That’s when Kathi’s Cakes was born. It took us a year to get the business established, but in our second wedding season we baked an impressive 62 wedding cakes! 

Kathi's Cakes
Chocolate covered wedding cake.

The most popular wedding cakes in Mallorca right now are definitely the semi-naked wedding cakes decorated with fresh flowers. For me they are very special, because they are elegant, but not too traditional – like some of the slightly more old-fashioned style cakes that are covered in fondant.

The flavour of the cake is VERY important. Often a cake will look stunning… but as soon as you take a bite, you discover it’s all style and no substance. Some of my favourite flavour combinations are Chocolate Sponge with Vanilla Filling and Fresh Raspberries, Vanilla Sponge with Maracuya Filling and Fresh Raspberries, and Red Velvet with Lime Filling and Fresh Raspberries.

Now, perhaps you wonder why I want to put fresh raspberries in all of my cakes…?

Well, it gives them a very special touch; a nice freshness – and when you cut into the cake you will see this delicious juicy raspberry in your slice. Of course we also work with couples who prefer not to have fruit in their cake: they choose our delicious Salted Caramel Filling, or plain White and Dark Chocolate.

Kathi's Cakes
Classic wedding cake in Spain.

We give our cakes a special flavour with our homemade passionfruit jam, we also put fresh lime and lemon zest in the filling, and we soak all our sponges… but not with sugar syrup: we use orange juce because sugar syrup tends to be too sweet. You see how emotional I get when I write about the flavours!

We also get many requests for vegan wedding cakes and gluten-free wedding-cakes. We love to be different and special 🙂

Kathi's Cakes
Kathi’s wedding cakes.

My favorite style of  wedding cake has to be the semi-naked cakes. You can give them a special touch with some gold leaf, and we also combine flowers with berries in the decoration.

I’m not surprised that bridal couples choose to get married in Mallorca. It’s absolutely beautiful; the weather, the sea, and all of the stunning locacions to choose from. There is also a very professional wedding industry business here: very good wedding planers, fantastic caterers, photographers, and florists who can make your dreams come true. Not to forget the cake makers and their stunning wedding cakes, which make for the perfect pictures…

Kathi's Cakes
Stunning wedding cake in Spain.

When I see the bride’s face as she looks at her dream cake, and she runs over to me and gives me a BIG hug (I’m getting goosebumps just talking about it!), this is the most memorable moment for me. All our cakes are a project. We love to know our couples. We do the cake-tasting together, and get to know each other. I love to take care of all the details to make a couple’s perfect wedding cake.

When I deliver a cake and it is fully decorated and ready to serve, I love to take a moment to just look at it and enjoy it. Every cake is unique, and it doesn’t matter if it is a 2-tier cake for 20 people or a 6-tier cake for 150 people. They are all made with love and a lot of detail!

Kathi's Cakes
Divine wedding cake in Spain’s Mallorca.

We overcome the issue of hot Summer temperatures in Mallorca by using a delicious Swiss buttercream recipe for our wedding cakes. We always deliver the cakes refrigerated, then, after 30 minutes outside at room temperature at the venue, the filling gets really nice and soft and it is perfect to eat. Typically, this half an hour gives the bride and groom enough time for the speeches, and to have their photographs taken.

Our pastry kitchen is also air conditioned, and we transport our cakes in our van with air conditioning too. Once at the wedding location, we always check with the wedding planner to find the perfect place for the cake – or we arrange delivery just half an hour before the guests will eat the cake.

Kathi's Cakes
Beautifully decorated rose pink wedding cake.

Of course in England (and other Northern Hemisphere countries) it is very popular to cover wedding cakes in fondant. In Mallorca it is possible to make that kind of cake, too… alas it is a bit tricky.  As fondant tends to sweat very quickly, and we have such a high humidity in Mallorca, we try to find an alternative solution – unless the venue is in a hotel or a place where they have an air conditioned room to make sure that the fondant doesn’t suffer!

We are fortunate to be busy and we do get booked up quite quickly: we work with many wedding planners and caterers; equally many couples find us on Instagram or Facebook… but I am very lucky, and able to keep up with that demand since I have 3 pastry chefs working with me, and a nice, big walk-in fridge. Which is why we are able to bake approximately 7 wedding cakes a day.

Kathi's Cakes
Kathi’s wedding cakes in Spain’s Mallorca.

We have a lot of exciting wedding cakes to look forward to baking in 2021, as we had to postpone so many weddings this year due to the pandemic. I am so excited to create them all for our couples. For me it’s like waiting for Christmas 🙂 The first cake that comes to my mind is a spectacular 5-tier wedding cake with five different flavours, and a waterfall of white and blue sugar flowers for a same sex wedding: I can’t wait to bake it.

Kathi, it’s been an absolute pleasure, and talking to you has left our tummies seriously rumbling! A huge thank you from the Sunshine Weddings Team for your time in sharing a little about what you do, and why you do it. We can’t wait to work with you!