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Partying the Mallorcan Wedding Night Away with Island DJ Erik…

Mallorca is indisputably one of the top dream destination wedding venues for bridal couples seeking to get married overseas in the sunshine. With its diverse landscape, miles of unspoiled golden sands, stunning aquamarine sea, fabulous quality of light, and plethora of idyllic venues, it’s hardly surprising that more and more couples choose to celebrate their special day in this island paradise.
But when the sun sets on all of those wonderful things, your wedding guests will be expecting to let their hair down with a bit of a party… and this is where Erik’s experience and skill set comes into its own. We are excited to talk to the island’s talented wedding DJ today to learn more about what he can (quite literally) bring to said party!
Erik, Wedding DJ, Mallorca
Erik, Wedding DJ, Mallorca.
I have been DJing for more than 15 years. I started out as a DJ with vinyl in a discotheque in an international tourist complex in Ibiza. I don’t have specific artists that inspire me because most of them only have a few great songs. But if you ask me which music styles inspire me I will tell you: Motown, Funky, the 80s, R&B, and House music.
After a while it started to get boring only playing in discos and clubs, and then one day, somebody called me from a Yacht Club because they needed a DJ for a special wedding. That was the moment everything changed. Since then I have absolutely loved my job!
DJ Turntable.
DJ Turntable.
I have a typical set of songs that normally works well at weddings, but each wedding is unique so my real work is to ‘read the crowd’, and after that I press the right button for the song that best fits the wedding guests’ mood. It is also very easy for the bridal couple to create and share a playlist with me listing all their favourite songs via Spotify and iTunes. And, of course, the couple, their family and friends are always welcome to request songs during the party.
All weddings are memorable – and all of them have many amazing details and memorable moments.
For an older crowd, Motown and Pop Rock of the 80s works perfectly. For a younger crowd, normally the most recent charts of R&B and House are a hit. Since I always request a playlist, I quickly get to know a couple’s preferred musical tastes, so I then have a real feel for what else they could like.
Most couples tend to book me up in the first and last months of the year. After meeting with me, they normally confirm the booking within a week.
Erik, Wedding DJ, Mallorca
Erik, Wedding DJ, with his deck.
I am perfectly used to working in the hot temperatures of the summer season: in fact the only challenge I have is to find an electricity plug! 
The pandemic has been very hard for many of us. In the beginning, with learning to cultivate patience and trying to stay positive. But then you accept the situation, knowing it won’t last forever, and you start to enjoy the time with your family. We will probably only get another “free” summer like this when we retire…
What I love most about my job is definitely the positive feeling a wedding party creates: All of the newlyweds’ family members and friends coming together to enjoy a wedding under the sun on a beautiful island.
The Sunshine Weddings Spain team wholeheartedly agrees with that! Here’s to many more magical Mallorcan weddings and many more hours of celebrating the story that is LOVE on the dance floor with family and friends. A huge thank you to Erik, who we look forward to working with in the upcoming wedding season.