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Wedding Hair and Makeup Mallorca


Wedding Hair and Makeup Mallorca: How Vesta Creates the WOW Factor for Brides to be…

We are honoured to talk to one of Mallorca’s super-talented bridal hair and makeup experts today. Without further ado, Sunshine Weddings is excited to feature the lovely Vesta:

Have you always had an interest in hair-styling and make-up? What sparked that passion?
I used to draw for hours on end when I was a kid, and at school my favourite lesson was Art. Then, after relocating to UK, I also became really interested in the makeup world, and I would follow famous makeup artists on social media to keep up-to-date with the current trends and techniques. All of this coincided with my job in a bank and becoming a mother to my adorable son. Still, I  never once stopped thinking about my dream of becoming a makeup artist. I remember one day I found a website for an amazing sounding beauty school back in Lithuania. I used to look at this website for hours… and I affirmed to myself that one day I would study there.
A beautiful bride whose hair and makeup have been perfected by Vesta
A beautiful bride whose hair and make up have been perfected by Vesta
And guess what?
A couple years later, that’s exactly what happened when I became a student of that very school! That was the day my career in beauty began, and it’s become a very important part of my life.
Where did you train?

I have trained in quite a few places and countries, including Lithuania and the United Kingdom. During these years I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the very best makeup artists and hair stylists from Los Angeles (USA), the UK, and even Russia. Everything I’ve learnt from them is absolutely priceless, because each country or region has their very unique trends and techniques.

How long have you been working in Mallorca and for the wedding industry?
2015 marked the start of my journey in the professional makeup world. I was still living in UK and I had a passion to help women feel amazing; to be proud of the way they look. So I began to do their makeup and style their hair for the most important days of their lives, such as weddings, birthdays, parties and photo shoots. I relocated to Mallorca and started my new adventure in May 2019 and I truly couldn’t be happier! The number of brides who have chosen to work with me for their special day has exceeded my expectations. It’s been an absolute dream come true for me, both living and working in Mallorca.
Vesta applying bridal makeup to a bride
Vesta applying bridal make up to a bride in Spain.
What bridal hair and make-up trends do you predict for 2020?
Well, Bridal Fashion Week predicts the end of heavy contour, Instagram brows, and solid matte lips. Instead, brides are opting for makeup and hair that enhances, rather than conceals their natural beauty on their big day. Of course Mallorca has its own makeup and hair trends, and brides here tend to opt for bronzed glowing makeup looks, with loose messy hair up-dos, all of which works perfectly with Mallorca’s scenery and vibe.
What’s your favourite bridal style for hair, and bridesmaids’ hair?
A wedding day is one of the most important days for every women on the earth, and each of them wants to look and feel amazing on this day. There are so many different hairstyles, the possibilities are endless; the sky the limit! However, my favourite looks have to be beach waves and loose textured low buns. Every bride and bridesmaid has their own personal preferences though, and I’m here to advise and fulfil their wishes. Talking to each other, making changes and decisions on styles, and of course, good team work between me and my clients, is always my priority!
A beautiful bride whose hair and makeup have been perfected by Vesta
A beautiful Spanish bride whose hair and make up have been perfected by Vesta
Most challenging bridal hair and make-up style you have ever undertaken?
The biggest challenge is the climate of Mallorca. Heat and humidity really affects loose curls or Hollywood waves, when it comes to hair. That’s why thorough hair preparation and building in extra time is important to ensure these particular hair styles last throughout the day. With makeup it’s a bit easier; I carry a big stash of waterproof products in my makeup kit, but don’t get me wrong – it’s still a challenge to make it last all day long!
A beautiful bride whose hair and makeup have been perfected by Vesta
Bridal perparations in Spain.

How do you deal with working in the extreme heat of the summer? It must be quite a challenge, particularly with foundations and eye make-up.

Absolutely. When it comes to the heat, it’s very important to mention that a lot depends on my place of work. But one huge plus point is that all the hotels and villas where my brides are getting ready tend to have air conditioning… which is a life saver in these weather conditions.

Would you recommend that brides book to have a ‘dress’ rehearsal with you before their big day, even if they live overseas?

Definitely, yes. If a bride has the time to visit for a trial run, then it bring peace of mind – to both the bride and her chosen stylist. It also gives them the opportunity to try out and experiment with different looks, so they can choose the best one. When there isn’t enough time to factor a practice run in, then I always highly recommend that the bride sends me an email with as many pictures of makeup examples, dress and hairstyles, as possible. This helps me to choose and recommend the best style for her wedding day.
A beautiful bride whose hair and make up have been perfected by Vesta
The newly weds at their destination wedding in Spain.
What was your favourite wedding to work on in 2019?

All the weddings that I was blessed to be a part of were special and amazing, and also different in so many ways. It’s really hard to choose! But one that will definitely live on in my memories, was set at this beautiful little hotel near Deya. It had such incredible and breathtaking views.
A beautiful bride whose hair and makeup have been perfected by Vesta
Just Married in Spain.
That’s what we love so much about wedding on Mallorca; the fabulous landscapes, and the chance to work with such fabulous wedding suppliers, such as Vesta! We thank her so much for her time and the fascinating insights into her work, and look forward to working with her many more times on this beautiful island.