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Sandra’s Top Tips for Perfect Bridal Snaps…

In today’s featured article, we are whisking you away to the beautiful and breathtaking Balearic island of Mallorca. Sunshine Weddings have long worked on the island to help co-create some amazing wedding days with a whole variety of suppliers – from florists through to musicians. We have our very own team based on the island too, ensuring everything runs smoothly on – and in the run-up to – our bridal couples’ celebrations.

One of those key areas is definitely photography, and we are delighted to talk to Sandra, one of Mallorca’s best-loved wedding photographers. Sandra made a complete career change to fully embrace the world of photography, leaving her background in Finance and Investment Banking in the City for the slightly mellower pace of Mallorca, and she has never looked back.

Sandra Manas photography

It’s clear you love your job as a destination wedding photographer. Your portfolio is full of whimsical and romantic images. What do you love the most about shooting weddings in Mallorca?

Mallorca is a place where the landscape and the light are magical. You can get here vibrant golden colors, with blue sea and skies and terracotta tones on the rocks.

On the other hand, I love how many different wedding venues there are, I am always discovering new places. You can get married by the sea or on top of a hill in the middle of the countryside. I love the rustic charm of villages such as Dei or Fornalutx, the elegance of the boutique hotels in the Old Town of Palma, and the chill out vibes of the beach clubs.

Sandra Manas Photography

You mention on your website how amazing the light in Mallorca is. What do you think makes the perfect image?

Good light, an artistic eye and emotions that move you. I would have to add that most of the times you need cooperation from the bride and groom. Spontaneous perfect images are hard to get.

Sandra Manas Photography

With so many destination photographers available nowadays, what are the three things bridal couples should consider when choosing their wedding photographer’in Mallorca?
Number one is experience. Most photographers coming from Europe cannot handle the strong harsh sunlight and even end up burning the images! I have to say I have developed a good experience in that sense and have a few tricks up my sleeve in order to deal with strong sunlight. Apart from finding a photographer who is skilled at working with the bright light, you should also choose a photographer who is very experienced and is able to improvise under any circumstances with ease and professionalism.

Secondly, choose a photographer that you click with. He or she is going to spend all day with you and you must enjoy your day to the full while getting all the images you want at the same time.

Finally, make sure you have viewed the photographer’s portfolio in full and you know exactly what to expect. Make sure that their style is what you are looking for. You should aim for a photographer whose style you love no matter what they are photographing.

Sandra Manas Photography

You must be busy balancing your time between family, weddings and portrait photography. What does a typical day in the life of a Spanish wedding photographer look like?

This is always a challenge for any working mum or dad. I have the best job ever because I am free to choose my schedule and volume of work. Balancing work and family life is easier for me than for other mums working in an office, for example. My typical day when I am not shooting weddings is getting the kids ready for school, then working in my home office or going to client meetings, working out, having a healthy lunch, and then in the afternoons I try to be with my children.

Sandra Manas Photography

Anyone looking at your portfolio will be blown away by the magic and romance of your photography. What makes Mallorca such a unique wedding destination for couples?

Apart from the beautiful landscape and magical light, Mallorca has many more things to offer. The wedding industry is very mature here and you have countless high quality options to choose from for wedding venues and suppliers such as make-up artists, musicians, celebrants, light and sound technicians, florists, etc. Not to mention that the quality of the food in Mallorca is top notch…

Sandra Manas Photography

A huge gracias to Sandra. We look forward to working with her on many magical Mallorcan weddings.