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Early wedding season bridal story in Marbella | Marbella wedding planner


Today, we are delighted to feature one of the first weddings of the 2024 season. On the first Sunday of May, the lovely bridal couple, Laura and Ash, celebrated their beautiful wedding in a rustic, rural setting in southern Spain.

With mountain views on one side and a panoramic sea vista on the other, their chosen venue perfectly captured the Spanish country charm they had been seeking. Set among rolling hills and farmland, this venue is a nature-lover’s paradise with its own unique charm and beautiful spots. For over forty years, it has been a sought-after rustic wedding venue in Marbella, providing a romantic backdrop for countless celebrations.

Today, we invite you to relive the magic of Laura and Ash’s special day, which took place just a few weeks ago at this picturesque location…

The beautiful bride walks down the outdoor aisle towards the ceremony area on the arm of her mother.
The beautiful bride walks down the outdoor aisle towards the ceremony area on the arm of her mother.

Bridal Preparations – A Buzz of Excitement

On the wedding morning, the bridal suite buzzed with excitement as hair and makeup artists worked on the bride and her party. Flowers arrived for final touches, buttonholes were pinned, and the room was filled with laughter and emotional exchanges. As the ceremony time approached, anticipation grew. With a few final hugs and adjustments, the radiant bride was ready for her big day.

Welcome – A Refreshing Start

As Laura and Ash’s wedding guests arrived at this rustic Spanish venue surrounded by rolling hills and farmland, they were greeted with lemon and orange-infused water which provided a refreshing start to the festivities. To break the ice, guests enjoyed garden games such as Giant Connect 4, Cornhole, Noughts & Crosses, Giant Dominoes, and Jenga.

Once everyone had gathered and mingled, the groomsmen guided them to the ceremony area, seamlessly transitioning to the wedding formalities.

Young family members join in the readings during the ceremony.
Young family members join in the readings during the ceremony.

Ceremony – Surrounded by Lush Greenery

In an enchanting outdoor setting, guests gathered in the villa’s gardens as local pianist Lucy played ambient music, while the bridal couple exchanged vows in a relaxed ceremony led by Costa del Sol-based Minister Gareth, with a simple, elegant canopy draped in soft peach fabric serving as a picturesque backdrop, enhancing the charm of the moment.

The petal-strewn aisle and lush greenery created a chic setting for memorable photographs, as the couple, surrounded by 50 guests, basked in the sunshine and the shade of overhanging trees, while the photographer captured their first kiss from behind the minister, ensuring guests were visible in the background.

Amid applause and a rose petal shower, the newlyweds exited, framed by mountains and sea, marking the start of their married life.

Cocktail Hour Bliss – Drinks and Canapés

After the touching ceremony, guests enjoyed drinks and canapés on the villa’s lawn. The warm Spanish evening set the stage for a relaxed drinks reception, featuring unlimited cava, beer, sangria, wine, and soft drinks. There, Lucy played an uplifting set, creating a lively atmosphere as guests sipped cocktails and savoured delicious canapés. The self-serve beer corner and a variety of canapés, including marinated tuna with soy, lime, and ginger, sushi rolls, chicken pita kebabs, payoyo cheese quiche, barbecue chicken skewers, Iberian ham croquettes, Thai chicken fingers, and cheddar cheese balls with jalapeños, were a hit with everyone.

Laughter and chatter filled the air as guests mingled and celebrated the newlyweds. Meanwhile, the photographer, Racheal from Balance Photography, captured moments of happiness and love as she whisked the newlyweds away for more photos in the picturesque villa grounds.

The newlyweds enjoy a petal shower as they exit.
The newlyweds enjoy a petal shower as they exit.

Al Fresco Wedding Breakfast with Mediterranean-Inspired Dishes

The wedding breakfast took place outdoors in a garden area with distant sea views. There, tables were set among lush greenery, creating a relaxed atmosphere enhanced by a gentle sea breeze. Guests enjoyed a BBQ buffet featuring Iberian presa, chicken churrasco, chicken wings, homemade sausages, beef entrecote, and a vegan BBQ option.

As speeches were delivered and the sun began to set, the bridal couple and their guests were captured in golden-hour photos expertly taken by the Balance Photography team. The meal concluded with freshly brewed coffee and a dessert of white chocolate mousse with brownie and vanilla ice cream. This exquisite end to the feast signalled that it was time for the celebration to be taken to the next level.

Party – Dynamic Sax and DJ Duo

As the evening progressed, the wedding breakfast seamlessly transitioned into a lively party. KMISS kicked off the music with a 4-hour DJ set, including the couple’s first dance song performed live. Local saxophonist Demian added to the vibrant atmosphere with a 2-hour performance, interspersing the music with the couple’s favourite tunes.

The first dance, set to Ella Henderson and Tom Grennan’s “Let’s Go Home Together,” marked the couple’s spotlight moment and was followed by the DJ and saxophonist duo who kept the energetic atmosphere alive, ensuring the dance floor was constantly bustling. To add to the fun, a caricaturist entertained guests for 2 hours, capturing amusing moments throughout the celebration.

The partying lasted until the early hours, concluding a day filled with love, laughter, and the delightful charm of a rustic Marbella gathering.

Sealed with a kiss, framed by a garden backdrop and wedding guests in the background.
Sealed with a kiss, framed by a garden backdrop and wedding guests in the background.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Laura and Ash for choosing us to be part of their special day. It was a pleasure working with such a delightful couple, and we wish them all the happiness in their next chapter together.

A heartfelt thank you to Racheal from Balance Photography for capturing the magic of the day and sharing these wonderful snapshots with us.

Marbella Garden Wedding Venue Overview

Nestled within 14,000 square metres of lush gardens, this venue provides endless possibilities for your wedding ceremony and outdoor dining. Explore hidden walkways, waterfalls, and scenic nooks overlooking breathtaking sea views, perfect for capturing timeless wedding portraits. As night falls, the secluded surroundings offer an uninterrupted view of the starry sky, creating a magical ambiance for your special night.

From rustic details to personalised touches, Sunshine Weddings has helped countless couples create their ideal fairytale wedding at this picturesque location. Situated just five minutes from Marbella’s city centre, this venue offers a serene retreat to reflect on your vows. Despite its peaceful mountain setting, it’s conveniently located only a 40-minute drive from Malaga Airport.

For couples seeking a traditional church ceremony followed by a mountain celebration, neighbouring Marbella town, Estepona, and Mijas offer numerous charming Spanish churches, all within a 10-minute drive. This rustic wedding venue in Marbella provides a spacious setting amid tranquil nature, offering easy access to the vibrant Costa del Sol while maintaining the peaceful charm of the mountains. Celebrate your special day in this exceptional venue, where every detail is tailored to create unforgettable memories for up to 300 guests.

The bridal couple and their guests enjoy al fresco dining together.
The bridal couple and their guests enjoy al fresco dining together.

Reasons for the Popularity of Garden Weddings in Spain

A garden wedding in Spain holds significant appeal for several reasons. Firstly, Spain’s favourable climate with its sunny weather and mild temperatures makes outdoor weddings practical and enjoyable for most of the year. This allows couples to take advantage of beautiful natural settings without worrying about inclement weather. The mild climate ensures that even during the warmer months, the temperatures remain comfortable, making it ideal for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Additionally, the long days of sunshine provide ample natural light, which is perfect for capturing stunning wedding photographs.

Secondly, Spain’s diverse landscapes offer a wide range of stunning garden venues, from lush greenery to seaside vistas and mountain backdrops. These picturesque settings provide an idyllic backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions, creating a romantic atmosphere that enhances the overall experience. Whether a couple prefers the serene ambiance of a coastal garden overlooking the Mediterranean Sea or the rustic charm of a countryside estate surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards, Spain offers a variety of options to suit different tastes and styles.

Furthermore, many garden venues in Spain offer a combination of convenience and flexibility, with onsite ceremony spaces, reception areas, and accommodation options. This simplifies the planning process for couples and allows them to personalise their wedding to reflect their style and preferences. The availability of onsite accommodation ensures that guests can stay close to the venue, reducing the need for transportation and allowing them to fully enjoy the festivities.

Overall, the combination of Spain’s beautiful landscapes, favourable climate, cultural richness, and convenient amenities makes garden weddings a popular choice for couples seeking a romantic and memorable destination celebration. The ability to celebrate in such picturesque settings, combined with the rich cultural experiences and practical conveniences offered by Spanish garden venues, ensures that a wedding in Spain is both enchanting and stress-free.

The wedding venue offers breathtaking panoramic sea views.
The wedding venue offers breathtaking panoramic sea views.

Other Stunning Wedding Photo Locations in Marbella

For those dreaming of a destination wedding in Marbella, you’ll be delighted to know that the town and surrounding areas are filled with photogenic spots perfect for capturing special moments. Whether you’re looking to take bridal couple snaps before or after the wedding day, or during the ceremony and wedding breakfast window, here is a list of some stunning photo-worthy locations.

1. Old Town (Casco Antiguo)

Marbella’s Old Town, or Casco Antiguo, is a picturesque area with narrow, winding streets, white-washed buildings, and vibrant flower pots. The charming Plaza de los Naranjos (Orange Square) with its historic buildings and orange trees provides a romantic and timeless backdrop for wedding photos.

2. Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús is a famous marina known for its luxury yachts, upscale boutiques, and lively atmosphere. The waterfront, with its sparkling blue waters and stylish surroundings, offers a glamorous setting for wedding photography.

3. La Concha Mountain

For breathtaking panoramic views, La Concha Mountain is an excellent choice. A hike to the viewpoint offers a stunning backdrop of Marbella’s coastline and the Mediterranean Sea, perfect for dramatic and scenic wedding photos.

4. Marbella Beach Promenade (Paseo Marítimo)

The Marbella Beach Promenade stretches along the coastline, providing beautiful sea views, sandy beaches, and palm-lined pathways. The gentle waves and sunset views make it an ideal spot for romantic beachside photos.

Golden hour magic: newlyweds' photos captured in a lush green garden.
Golden hour magic: newlyweds’ photos captured in a lush green garden.

5. Parque de la Alameda

Parque de la Alameda is a lush, green park in the heart of Marbella, featuring beautiful fountains, sculptures, and a variety of plant life. Its tranquil atmosphere and charming features make it a lovely location for wedding photos.

6. Ronda

Although not in Marbella, Ronda is a short drive away and worth considering for its dramatic landscapes and historic architecture. The Puente Nuevo bridge over the El Tajo gorge offers a unique and striking setting for wedding photographs.

7. Bonsai Museum

The Bonsai Museum in Marbella houses a stunning collection of bonsai trees in a serene setting. The peaceful garden and meticulously maintained trees offer a unique and tranquil backdrop for wedding photography.

8. Los Monteros Beach

Los Monteros Beach is known for its pristine sands and clear waters. The peaceful environment and natural beauty of this beach make it an excellent spot for capturing intimate and relaxed wedding moments.

9. Nagüeles Park

Nagüeles Park, located in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca mountains, offers a lush, wooded area with picnic spots and trails. The natural setting and panoramic views of the coast make it a picturesque location for wedding photos.

10. Avenida del Mar

Avenida del Mar is a scenic walkway in Marbella that connects the Old Town to the beach. This promenade is lined with impressive bronze sculptures by Salvador Dalí, creating a unique blend of art and nature. The avenue’s elegant design, combined with views of the Mediterranean Sea and beautifully landscaped gardens, offers a distinctive and visually appealing setting for wedding photos. The artistic atmosphere and coastal backdrop make Avenida del Mar an excellent location for capturing memorable and stylish wedding images.

These locations, with their diverse and beautiful scenery, provide endless opportunities for capturing stunning wedding photos in and around Marbella.

First dance under the moonlight, with guests looking on.
First dance under the moonlight, with guests looking on.