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Marbella Wedding DJ & Singer


Marbella Wedding DJ & Singer…

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Kmiss DJ and singer in Spain.


Today we are interviewing the gorgeous and talented Marbella Wedding DJ and singer, Kmiss.
Kmiss is one of our very popular entertainers for bridal couples wanting a mix of traditional mellow live singing on their wedding day, and cool DJing with the latest dance tracks at the end of the night.

1. How did you get into the music industry?

I’ve always had a love for music and since I was a kid I’ve been pursuing it in every way possible. Through passion and a lot of drive it has thankfully led me to success and where I am today.

DJ gear at a wedding in Spain.

2. What do bridal couples get from you that they don’t get from anyone else?

I provide a wide variety of music and can cater for all different kinds of audiences. I also sing, so there’s always the option of singing their first dance for the bridal couple…which is always a special touch.

3. If you could only ever play one song again, which one would it be?

That’s a very difficult question. It would have to be Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody. That song is a masterpiece!

Wedding Cheers
Wedding Cheers

4. Who would be your dream celebrity wedding to DJ/sing at?

I’d love to do a crazy wedding such Russell Brands! I bet that day would be full of surprises…

5. What advice would you give bridal couples about choosing their music for their big day?

I would advise them to choose from their heart. Whatever music makes them smile. One song can be so powerful and can trigger a feeling/memory in a split second. I try to play music that suits the audience, at the moment, and at that particular time. I also provide the bridal couple with as many trigger songs as possible, that I know in the future will take them right back to their special day.

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6. What has been the best wedding you have played at and why?

I sang and DJ’d at an Indian wedding once and had the best experience.
I sang a very mellow set just after their ceremony and then went on to DJ. I played a wide range of Bollywood and Funk/Soul music. I got fantastic feedback and a warm response from everyone, they made me feel like part of the family. Not one person sat down all night! It was a great wedding.

7. What are the three mistakes bridal couples choose when it comes to their evening entertainment?

I wouldn’t say there are any mistakes, everyone and every wedding is different. As long as the bridal couple are happy and everyone is having fun, that is all that matters.

8. In your opinion, what makes the perfect party?

Oh that’s easy… Laughter, family and great music!

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Kmiss at a wedding in Spain.