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Marbella’s Top Wedding DJs


A Q&A With DJ Pedro one of Marbella’s Top Wedding DJs…

DJ Pedro combines his amazing technical and musical gifts with an infectious, energetic and passionate personality. Today we find out a little more about one of Marbella‘s top wedding DJs.

DJ Pedro

What made you decide to become a DJ?

I was invited to a wedding many years ago and when the DJ started to play, my blood began to boil. I noticed that they weren’t creating a festive atmosphere. It felt as if something was really missing from the wedding day. I sat and thought about all the things I would do to make a wedding more fun and memorable and decided at that moment to become a DJ.

Why did you decide to specialise in weddings?

Because at weddings you can focus 100% on the clients, and also, they can tell you everything they want from the first point of contact.


What is your favorite music period?

80’s and 90’s

What kind of music do you play?

I play varied music, depending on the client.

What kind of packages do you offer for weddings?

I offer the full package, for ceremonies, background music for the cocktail hour and the meal, during the speeches, and of course, the disco.

Love Lights

Describe your style

My style is open-minded, and I adapt according to the people who are staying on the dance floor. You can’t keep using the same set. You need to be quick to change it up, depending on the type or mood of the crowd.

What inspires you?

When the wedding is finished and I see the bride and groom with big smiles on their faces, this is what inspires me. Even after time passes and they forget the little details, they will always remember how much they enjoyed their big day with their family.

Why should clients use a DJ for their weddings?

Because it is the best +option to fit with your music styles and cover every moment of the day. Plus of course, we can take requests, which you can’t easily do with a band.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of booking live music over a DJ?


  • more expensive
  • bands sometimes have their own style and is not easy to take requests from guests
  • reduced playlist

Advantages: the music sounds much better with instruments

Advantages of a DJ:

  • cheaper
  • can play all styles
  • bigger playlist
  • can cover every moment of the event.

What advice do you give couples when they are choosing a playlist for their wedding?

They need to think about the majority of their guests, not just the type of music they personally enjoy.

How do you find the right balance between old songs and new songs?

We have maybe 4 hours to play music and, depending on the ages and people on the dance floor, we have to balance the music style. Sometimes new styles are too funky or the lyrics aren’t suitable. An older crowd may struggle to dance to songs they don’t know.


What’s the most recent song you’ve added to your standard set?

Ed Sheeran /Justin Bieber – I don’t care

No songs are weird to me if you play them at the correct tempo.

Are there any songs you think people should avoid having played at their wedding?

No! Any song can be played. It’s a question only of the moment.

What songs gets requested the most?

Oldies, 80s and 90s. Abba. Jackson 5.

What’s the best song to get people dancing?

Michael Jackson, Don’t stop till you get enough.

What’s the song you’re most sick of playing?

Abba -Mamma Mia.

If a couple is struggling to find a first dance song what advice do you give them?

I advise them not to worry much, and try to find something that moves them. If they still can’t come up with a song, then maybe the best thing is not to do it and start to party with something really funny or moving.

What’s the best song to wind the party down at the end of the night?

There are a few:

Hey Jude, New York New York, All you need is love, Don’t stop believin’, Journey.

Tell us a moving story that happened at a wedding

Two brothers getting married with two sisters at the same time. It was so emotional.


Tell us a funny story that happened a wedding?.

In a ceremony the officiant ask if anyone knew of a reason why the couple should not marry. A man raised his hand and everyone looked at him in shock. He then said, “Can I have some water? it’s too hot,” Everyone burst out laughing. He had fallen asleep in his chair and hadn’t heard the very important question that was asked