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Private wedding venue Marbella | Spanish villa with sea and mountain views


If your wedding day dream involves exchanging vows in a stunning Spanish villa with sea and mountain views, right in the heart of vibrant Marbella, then keep reading to discover more about Hannah and Rob’s special day. At the end of last May, they celebrated their love at a captivating private event space set in an ancient wheat farm along a valley river with waterfalls.

Rustic decor and views at the outdoor ceremony area, bathed in sunshine.
Rustic decor and views at the outdoor ceremony area, bathed in sunshine.

This dream location offers breathtaking views of both the sea and mountains, blending contemporary elegance with Andalusian charm to create a variety of beautiful spaces for your wedding day. Once an esteemed family-owned restaurant in Marbella’s heart, this venue has been transformed into a magnificent wedding space. Its seclusion offers a sense of privacy while being just a stone’s throw away from the vibrant city life of Marbella.

Located in a picturesque valley, the venue’s historic roots as an ancient wheat farm add to its enchantment. The property accommodates up to eight guests for pre-wedding bonding, providing an intimate retreat before the big day. On the wedding day itself, the venue can host up to 400 guests, making it ideal for medium to large celebrations under the warm Spanish sun.

Hannah and Rob’s wedding showcased the unique blend of history and modernity that this venue offers. From the tranquil natural surroundings to the elegant interiors, every aspect of their special day was perfectly complemented by this stunning location. Today’s bridal story will highlight the key moments of Hannah and Rob’s wedding day and offer a glimpse into what a wedding at this unique venue can be like.

The bridal couple exchanging vows, surrounded by guests and beautiful flower decor.
The bridal couple exchanging vows, surrounded by guests and beautiful flower decor.

Early Morning Bridal Buzz

The serene morning quickly transformed into a hive of activity as preparations began for Hannah and Rob’s special day. Rob, the groom, woke up in a villa in Marbella Town, while Hannah and her bridal party began their day in the picturesque setting of the private wedding venue. By mid-morning, the bridal party’s hair and makeup sessions were well underway, with excitement and anticipation bubbling as the ceremony time neared.

By early afternoon, local florist Karen delivered the bridal bouquets—medium-sized arrangements with Perla roses and white gyp—to the bridal suite, while the buttonholes for the groomsmen were taken to Rob. Shortly after, Racheal from Balance Photography arrived to start capturing the day’s magical moments. Her presence marked the beginning of documenting the memories that would last a lifetime.

As the final touches were applied to hair and makeup, the ceremony area came together beautifully. The ceremony arch, adorned with blush flowers and greenery in shades of nude, pink, beige, and gyp, set the perfect romantic backdrop. Petal flowers in baskets were placed by the ceremony seating area for guests to throw, alongside hand parasols and fans in a rustic white wicker basket for guests to use as they pleased.

The preparations were complete, and the stage was set for Hannah and Rob’s unforgettable wedding celebration.

Overhead view of the ceremony, with rustic countryside and distant olive trees.
Overhead view of the ceremony, with rustic countryside and distant olive trees.

Welcome Refreshments – Sangria, Soft Drinks, Water, or Beer

As guests began to arrive, they were warmly greeted by groomsmen Richard, Tom, and Sam at the cortijo entrance. Each guest was offered a welcome drink of sangria, soft drinks, water, or beer, setting a relaxed and festive tone for the day. A carefully selected playlist by the bridal couple filled the air, enhancing the ambiance.

Amid the stunning 360-degree mountain views, guests mingled, filling the space with lively conversation and laughter. The picturesque setting was an ideal backdrop for these pre-ceremony moments. As the arrival time passed, guests were invited to the ceremony area, a semicircular open-air theatre nestled into the mountainside—the venue’s amphitheatre. There, everyone found their seats, ready for the formalities to begin and for Hannah and Rob’s wedding ceremony to unfold.

The Ceremony – At a Rustic Wedding Villa in Marbella

Hannah, looking stunning in a mermaid-fitted, heart-shaped bridal gown with a long white veil, made her way to the ceremony area, accompanied by her bridal party as they walked down an outdoor aisle flanked by towering palm trees. They approached a beautifully decorated wedding area adorned with stands of delicate pink roses, white carnations, baby’s breath, and lush green leaves, where Rob, looking handsome in an elegant dark green suit, awaited her.

The ceremony area, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, created a serene and breathtaking scene. In this idyllic setting, Hannah and Rob exchanged their vows, with local English-speaking wedding minister Lucy officiating the heartfelt ceremony, surrounded by 70 of their closest friends and family.

Racheal from Balance Photography, the bridal couple’s chosen wedding photographer, expertly captured each special moment, ensuring these memories would be preserved for a lifetime.

The happy newlyweds' recessional, showered with petals.
The happy newlyweds’ recessional, showered with petals.

Celebratory Drink – Under a Large Plant-covered Pergola

After the exchange of rings and heartfelt vows, Hannah and Rob joined their guests at the stone gateway near the venue entrance. Under a large plant-covered pergola with shaded seating and standing options, the newlyweds had a photo session with photographer, Racheal, meanwhile guests enjoyed a variety of hot and cold canapés, including chicken satay pinchitos with peanut sauce, mini beef steak on a garlic croûte with hollandaise sauce or salsa verde, tangy Thai prawn skewers with sweet chilli dipping sauce, herb chicken wrapped in prosciutto and served with aioli, smoked salmon, asparagus & horseradish wraps, and tiny parmesan & rosemary shortbreads with oven-dried cherry tomatoes & feta. The lively beat of a bongo player added to the festive atmosphere, making the celebratory drink session enjoyable for everyone.

The Wedding Breakfast – Charming Garden Reception

Guests were then invited to the main terrace for the wedding breakfast. Each table featured personalised flower arrangements crafted by the skilled local florist, Karen. As they settled in for the next part of the celebrations, Hannah and Rob made a grand entrance holding smoke bombs, adding a splash of colour and excitement to the reception.

In this idyllic space, guests enjoyed a generous spread. The starters included a selection of tapas such as patatas bravas, prawn and bacon croquettes, Russian salad with crystal red crostini, and stuffed piquillo peppers filled with rice, sultanas, and a red pepper cream sauce. For the main course, there were two paella options: chorizo and chicken, and seafood. The paella was served table by table from a dedicated station. As the main course concluded, glasses were filled with cava, and the speeches began, starting with the father-of-the-bride. Following the all-important speeches, dessert was served seeing guests treated to a trio of delicious options: chocolate cake, mojito fruit salad, and raspberry cheesecake.

As the meal wound down and the sun set below the horizon, the festivities began in earnest. Pre-sunset photos were taken, capturing the beautiful moments in the fading light. Then guests gathered in the courtyard, amid minimalist lighting, creating an intimate ambiance for the evening. There, the wedding guests witnessed the first dance as the DJ played “All My Life” by K-Ci & JoJo under the starlit sky, officially kicking off the party.

Outdoor dining area with rustic charm and a chic touch.
Outdoor dining area with rustic charm and a chic touch.

The Party – Dancing Until Sunrise

Following the meal, an incredible party unfolded, led by a local DJ and sax duo. Their catchy playlist kept everyone grooving until sunrise. As the clock neared midnight, guests transitioned indoors to an enclosed late-night dance lounge. There, they danced to the final tunes of the night, bringing a fitting close to an unforgettable fairy tale wedding celebration.

The Day After – Relaxed Villa Party

The following day, Hannah and Rob enjoyed a pizza party with close family at a nearby villa. This gathering provided a chance for everyone to reminisce about the unforgettable celebration and soak in the beautiful memories of the previous day’s festivities.

Our thanks to Hannah and Rob for letting us help arrange their big day. We wish them many years of happiness ahead. Gracias also to Racheal from Balance Photography for sharing these wonderful images to showcase this beautiful bridal story.

The newlyweds make their grand entrance to the reception area with smoke bombs.
The newlyweds make their grand entrance to the reception area with smoke bombs.

Rustic Wedding Venue Overview

This exquisite Spanish cortijo offers ample space for your wedding celebration, accommodating up to 400 guests. Nestled within 40 hectares of natural beauty and originally established in 1987, it provides both tranquillity and proximity to the Mediterranean coastline, just a brief 15-minute drive away. Guests arriving by air will find the nearest airport approximately 60 minutes away, ensuring convenient travel for out-of-town attendees.

Situated on a secluded hilltop, the cortijo boasts breathtaking coastal views and picturesque mountain scenery. Combining traditional charm with modern amenities, it features various unique spaces including a spacious double room, informal dining area, well-equipped kitchen with breakfast nook, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and an independent house. This ensures a comfortable and convenient stay with stunning sea views as you prepare for your special day.

Surrounded by swaying palm trees and complemented by a large outdoor swimming pool, the cortijo offers two spacious interior patios. The first patio is ideal for cocktail hours, while the second transforms into a magical dinner setting complete with an open bar and chill-out area.

Located on the outskirts of Casares village and just five minutes from Estepona, the cortijo’s secluded location allows for unrestricted celebrations late into the night. Guests can enjoy dancing until dawn, with fireworks and aerial photography permitted to capture memorable moments against the scenic mountain backdrop.

Whether you envision an onsite ceremony or prefer the nearby church, the venue’s flexibility and charm make it an ideal choice. This beautiful cortijo seamlessly blends traditional Andalusian style with modern comforts, ensuring an unforgettable wedding experience for you and your guests. If you dream of exchanging vows in a semi-circular, open-air theatre nestled into the mountainside amidst awe-inspiring natural beauty, this venue promises to fulfil your wedding dreams.

The newlyweds' first dance as guests look on with sparklers.
The newlyweds’ first dance as guests look on with sparklers.

Here are some tips to stay comfortable at a warm climate destination wedding location:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Keep a water bottle handy and drink regularly throughout the day to stay hydrated in the warm weather.
  2. Dress Light and Breathable: Choose lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen for your attire. Opt for light colours to stay cool under the sun.
  3. Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen with a high SPF, wear sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.
  4. Time Outdoor Activities: Schedule outdoor activities during the cooler parts of the day, such as early mornings or late afternoons. Seek shade during midday.
  5. Cooling Accessories: Consider bringing a handheld fan, cooling towel, or personal misting spray to keep cool during outdoor explorations.
  6. Comfortable Footwear: Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking on hot surfaces, especially when exploring the area or attending outdoor events.
  7. Light Meals and Hydration: Enjoy light, refreshing meals and drink plenty of water to stay energised and hydrated throughout the day.
  8. Seek Shade: Look for shaded areas when outdoors to take breaks and cool down, especially during peak sun hours.
  9. Indoor Retreats: Retreat indoors or to air-conditioned spaces during the hottest parts of the day to relax and cool off.
  10. Embrace the Experience: Embrace the Mediterranean atmosphere and warm weather by adapting your schedule and attire. Enjoy exploring Marbella and celebrating the wedding festivities comfortably.

Following these tips will help you make the most of your time in Marbella during the wedding celebrations and while exploring the area pre and post-event.

Party vibes at dusk.
Party vibes at dusk.