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Professional cellist based in Marbella | Wedding music Spain


Romantic string music is perfect for wedding ceremonies and a solo cellist can add an extra touch of elegance to your special day…

Professional cellist based in Marbella | Wedding music Spain
Blagovesta Gadjalova, professional cellist based in Marbella.

A cello player often performs as part of a string quartet at weddings or at private parties, however, if you’re looking for a smaller ensemble but equally singular, a solo cello is actually all that is needed to provide tasteful and memorable music for your wedding and provides an exceptional alternative to a string quartet or a wedding singer.

So if you’re looking for a professional cellist for your magical day, read on to find out more about one of the most popular cellists on the Costa del Sol, Blagovesta Gadjalova.

Popular cellist based in Spain’s Costa del Sol.
Thanks for coming along today Blagovesta, tell us a bit more about your passion for music, specifically as a cellist player. How did your journey to become a professional cellist begin?

I actually started playing piano at the age of 7, but later on I realised that my passion was to play on strings. Cello was my first choice for a string instrument. It was definitely love at first sight, or rather first “listen” and “touch” as I was instantly attracted by the timbre of the instrument.

How did you end up in Marbella?

Music brought me to Marbella. I actually received an invitation to perform at a wedding that was being celebrated in the area and when I arrived I was caught by the energy of the place. The good vibes and the incredible atmosphere were things that really captivated me and I decided to move to the area right after that first visit.

Black & White of cellist Blagovesta Gadjalova.
What best describes your music style and who is your greatest musical influence?

I could describe my music style as a great symbiosis between classical, pop and modern sounds. I can cover everything that fits into the bridal vision. In regards to my greatest musical influence, it’s too hard to name just one particular artist. I think all have something to offer and all are inspirational.

How did you get into performing at weddings, and what makes a cellist player special / unique for weddings?

I believe that nothing happens by accident, even though my professional path as a cellist for weddings was something that happened by accident. Now I could say that I am absolutely addicted to performing at weddings.

A solo cellist can add an extra added touch of elegance to your special day.

In my experience playing at weddings, I find that all the joy and happiness that is in the air makes me even more motivated and excited about my job and how I perform. I truly believe that the soft sound of the cello adds to and compliments the atmosphere of love and romance experienced at weddings.

Do you play solo, or also as a duo/ trio? Which do you prefer?

I have experience playing in an orchestra, as well as part of a duo and trio (in the US). Here in Marbella, I currently perform as a solo artist which I enjoy very much. It’s an intimate moment I share with the wedding guests, my instrument and myself.

Cellist Blagovesta Gadjalova.
What’s the best part of performing at a wedding?

For me personally, the best part of performing at weddings is the moment when the bride makes her entrance and walks up the aisle. And I see the groom crying with tears of happiness. It really melts my heart. In these moments I usually play Canon in D. The Canon in D major (full German title: Kanon und Gigue in D-Dur für drei Violinen und Basso Continuo) is the composer Johann Pachelbel’s most famous piece.

Cellist Blagovesta Gadjalova started playing the cello at a very young age.
Can you name the ten most popular songs that are almost always highlighted for you to play at weddings.

The most popular songs that I play at weddings are songs by Ed Sheeran (“Thinking out loud” “Perfect” “Photograph”) , Robbie Williams (“Eternity”, “Angel”) and of course Canon in D – Pachelbel.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I really enjoy spending time with my family. We love the beaches of Marbella, combined with some ice cream.

Romantic, emotional and beautiful wedding music in Spain.
Thank you Blagovesta, for taking the time to talk with us and for sharing an insight into your musical world and for providing these lovely photos, we look forward to hearing you perform your romantic, emotional and beautiful music at Costa del Sol wedding celebrations.