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Rustic Marbella Wedding Venue | Southern Spain Nuptials


In search of the perfect rustic wedding setting, Sarah and Richard found their dream venue at a charming finca in Marbella, located in the heart of Southern Spain. For more than forty years, this venue has enchanted bridal couples with its stunning combination of mountain views and panoramic sea vistas.

The expansive 14,000-square-metre garden offered an ideal location for their ceremony and outdoor dining, complete with hidden walkways and picturesque nooks that provide breathtaking sea views, making it a haven for photographers. Just five minutes from Marbella’s city centre, this tranquil retreat offers both seclusion and easy access.

This enchanting finca became the backdrop for Sarah and Richard’s magical day, which we will revisit in today’s special bridal story.

A breathtaking garden ceremony with rustic white decor.
A breathtaking garden ceremony with rustic white decor.

Bridal Preparations

On the wedding morning, excitement filled the bridal suite. Hair and makeup artists worked on the bride and her party, including a special moment where Sarah’s sister did her makeup. Flowers arrived for final arrangements: a medium-sized bridal bouquet of baby’s breath, white flowers, and greenery in a round shape, along with buttonholes of white lisianthus and baby’s breath. Laughter and emotional exchanges filled the room, and as the time drew nearer, the excitement built. With a few last hugs and adjustments, the curtain was raised, revealing the radiant bride ready for her big day.

The bride approaches the ceremony area, escorted by her father.
The bride approaches the ceremony area, escorted by her father.


Guests arrived in the mid-afternoon at the rustic finca and were directed to the upper pergola area. A water and cava station offered a refreshing pause amidst the tranquil surroundings, allowing guests to gather and mingle in the lush garden spaces, meanwhile, final preparations were underway in the bridal suite. Once everyone had gathered and enjoyed a moment of relaxed mingling, groomsmen Matthew and Alex escorted them to the ceremony area, smoothly transitioning to the wedding formalities.

The first kiss, beautifully framed by a rustic wooden arbor draped with loose fabric and white blooms.
The first kiss, beautifully framed by a rustic wooden arbor draped with loose fabric and white blooms.


In the villa’s gardens, the bridal couple, surrounded by 72 of their loved ones, exchanged vows in a touching ceremony led by Costa del Sol-based Minister Kevin. A simple yet elegant square arch adorned with draped fabric, baby’s breath, white roses, and greenery provided a picturesque backdrop. Music played softly in the background, courtesy of local violinist Quike, adding to the charm of the moment. With four seats on either side of the aisle, two chairs at the front of the ceremony area, and a small table for hats and fans at the beginning of the aisle, the chic setting created an elegant backdrop for the photographs captured by Racheal from Balance Photography.

The happy newlyweds with their bridal party.
The happy newlyweds with their bridal party.

Cocktail Hour Bliss

Following the touching ceremony, guests enjoyed drinks and canapés on the villa’s lawn. A beer corner allowed guests to help themselves, while a buffet offered an assortment of breads, local oils, mango jam, quince jelly, olives, and pâté. Additional treats included chicken pitta kebabs, salmon skewers with fine herbs, a selection of sushi rolls, payoyo cheese quiche, chicken barbecue skewers, croquettes of Iberian ham, and mushrooms in garlic mini cans, providing a variety of flavours for everyone to enjoy. As they mingled and celebrated the newlyweds, laughter and chatter filled the air, serenaded by a local saxophonist. Meanwhile, the photographer, Racheal, whisked the newlyweds away for some more photos in the villa grounds, followed by family snapshots.

Elegant white rustic decor in a garden space with distant views of the sea.
Elegant white rustic decor in a garden space with distant views of the sea.

Al Fresco Wedding Breakfast

The wedding breakfast took place outdoors in a garden area with distant sea views, providing guests with a picturesque setting. Lanterns were placed on every second step leading up to the outdoor dining area, enhancing the charming atmosphere. Tables were arranged amid the lush greenery, with the top table adorned with a garland of baby’s breath and white roses. Round tables featured gold candelabras with three small glass jars of baby’s breath and white roses, complemented by small white candles around each centrepiece, four per table.

The best man introduced the couple into dinner, followed by the all-important speeches, starting with the father-of-the-bride. Meanwhile, babysitter Shelly arrived to entertain the younger members of the wedding party, allowing the adults to fully enjoy the meal and speeches in a relaxed atmosphere, complemented by a gentle breeze carrying hints of the Mediterranean Sea.

Guests were treated to starters, choosing between a salmon and avocado tower with salmorejo cream or a vegetarian option of tomato and mozzarella salad with red pesto and honey and truffle vinaigrette. The main courses included sea bass fillet over artichoke hearts and wild asparagus with romesco drop, and Pularda chicken with nuts, glazed onions, and apple purée. For dessert, guests enjoyed white chocolate, yuzu, and cinnamon cream.

The celebration continued with the cake cutting, an Irish dance by the couple’s niece, and a group photo, signalling that it was time for the festivities to be taken to the next level.

Cheers, toasts, and speeches to the newlyweds.
Cheers, toasts, and speeches to the newlyweds.


The party transitioned to the outdoor pergola area, starting with a group photo on the dance floor. DJ Fuller then kicked off the festivities with “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, inviting everyone to join in the dancing.

With the DJ accompanied by saxophone, violin, and bongo players, the party vibes were electric. An open bar serving premium spirits kept the energy high, complemented by late-night snacks such as ham and cheese brioche, Spanish omelette dices, and an assortment of mini sponge cakes, extending the celebration into the early hours.

Post Wedding Celebrations

The following day, the newlyweds and their guests gathered at a beach club to wind down a weekend of wedding celebrations. The relaxed setting provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to reminisce about the fun-filled events of the past days while enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery.

A huge thank you to Sarah and Richard for sharing their special day with us. Here’s to a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Thanks also to Racheal, whose stunning photography ensured every precious moment of the day was captured.

Newlyweds pose under blue skies and palm trees.
Newlyweds pose under blue skies and palm trees.

Venue Details – Rustic Charm

Tucked away in Marbella’s countryside, this rustic finca exudes charm and natural beauty, making it a picturesque backdrop for weddings. Offering breathtaking mountain and sea views, the venue’s lush gardens and secluded enclaves are perfect for intimate moments and stunning portraits.

Conveniently located just minutes from Marbella’s city centre, this wedding venue combines tranquillity with accessibility. It is an ideal choice for couples seeking a romantic destination wedding in Southern Spain. The expansive 14,000-square-metre garden space provides endless possibilities for customization, allowing couples to tailor their special day to their unique vision.

For over forty years, this venue has been a top choice for weddings, thanks to its serene ambiance and stunning vistas. Additionally, its close proximity to a nearby church, just a short 10-minute drive away, offers the convenience of multiple options for a religious ceremony. Couples can choose between an onsite ceremony at the rustic finca or a traditional church wedding, depending on their preferences and beliefs.

Travelling guests will appreciate the venue’s accessibility, with the airport only 30 minutes away and the nearest beach just a 10-minute drive, perfect for relaxation and leisure activities.

For more information about this venue, contact a member of the Sunshine Weddings Team today. With over two decades of experience, we specialise in finding the ideal wedding venue and meticulously organising every aspect of our couples’ special day. Our dedicated planners are available to offer guidance, advice, and support, ensuring your wedding day is truly unforgettable.

Golden hour, lush foliage, wedding album magic.
Golden hour, lush foliage, wedding album magic.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Mediterranean Wedding Celebration

Outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. The natural beauty, flexibility, and unique ambiance of outdoor settings offer advantages that indoor venues cannot match. This trend is especially prominent in the Mediterranean region, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, favourable weather, and rich cultural heritage—a perfect setting for unforgettable wedding celebrations. Read on to discover why outdoor weddings are so popular, especially in this stunning area.

Natural Beauty and Scenic Backdrops

One of the most compelling reasons couples choose outdoor weddings is the unparalleled natural beauty. The Mediterranean region, with its diverse landscapes, provides a variety of stunning settings, from sun-kissed beaches and olive groves to lush vineyards and historic ruins. These natural elements serve as a breathtaking backdrop, enhancing the visual appeal of the wedding and providing countless opportunities for stunning photographs. The natural scenery eliminates the need for elaborate decorations, allowing the couple to save on décor costs while still achieving a picturesque setting.

Favourable Weather

The Mediterranean climate is another significant draw for outdoor weddings. The region is known for its mild, sunny weather, especially during the spring, summer, and early fall. This predictable climate reduces the risk of weather-related disruptions, offering couples peace of mind when planning their big day. The warmth and sunshine also create a pleasant environment for guests, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the celebration comfortably. Evening weddings benefit from cooler temperatures and breathtaking sunsets, adding to the romantic atmosphere.

Versatility and Customization

Outdoor venues offer unparalleled versatility and customization options. Unlike traditional indoor venues, outdoor spaces can be easily adapted to fit the couple’s vision. Whether they dream of a beachside ceremony with barefoot guests, a rustic celebration in a vineyard, or a glamorous event in a garden, the possibilities are endless. The open space allows for creative layouts and unique setups, such as tented receptions, al fresco dining, and dance floors under the stars. This flexibility ensures that each wedding is a unique reflection of the couple’s style and preferences.

Connection to Nature

Many couples are drawn to outdoor weddings because of the deep connection to nature they provide. Exchanging vows surrounded by natural beauty can create a sense of peace and tranquillity, enhancing the emotional significance of the ceremony. The fresh air, natural light, and open spaces contribute to a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, making the celebration more memorable for everyone involved. Additionally, being outdoors can reduce stress and promote well-being, helping the couple and their guests feel more at ease throughout the event.

Cultural and Historical Significance

The Mediterranean region is rich in cultural and historical significance, offering unique and meaningful venues for outdoor weddings. Many couples are attracted to the idea of tying the knot in a location steeped in history and tradition, such as an ancient ruin, a historic villa, or a centuries-old church courtyard. These venues provide a sense of timelessness and romance that enhances the overall experience. The Mediterranean’s diverse cultural heritage also allows for the incorporation of local customs and traditions, adding depth and authenticity to the celebration.

Local Cuisine and Wine

One of the highlights of any wedding is the food and drink, and the Mediterranean region is renowned for its exceptional cuisine and wine. Outdoor weddings in this area often feature locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, resulting in fresh and flavorful dishes that delight guests. From a traditional feast to a sophisticated dinner, the culinary options are vast and varied. Many outdoor venues, such as vineyards and farms, offer the added benefit of on-site catering, ensuring that the food is as memorable as the setting. Additionally, the region’s world-class wines can be paired with the meal, providing a true taste of the Mediterranean.

Unique Guest Experience

An outdoor wedding in the Mediterranean offers a unique and memorable experience for guests. The combination of beautiful scenery, pleasant weather, and cultural richness creates an unforgettable celebration that stands out from more conventional weddings. Guests can enjoy the natural surroundings, take part in outdoor activities, and immerse themselves in the local culture. For those travelling from afar, an outdoor wedding in the Mediterranean can also double as a vacation, allowing them to explore and enjoy the region before and after the event.

Eco-Friendly Options

Finally, outdoor weddings can be more environmentally friendly than their indoor counterparts. Couples can reduce their carbon footprint by choosing venues that prioritise sustainability and conservation. Many outdoor venues in the Mediterranean use eco-friendly practices, such as sourcing local food, minimising waste, and using renewable energy. By hosting a wedding outdoors, couples can celebrate their love while also showing respect for the environment.

In short, whether it’s the stunning backdrops, the connection to nature, or the exceptional local cuisine, an outdoor wedding in the Mediterranean offers countless benefits that make them an ideal choice for couples looking to create an unforgettable celebration.

Wedding party gathers for late-night celebration.
Wedding party gathers for late-night celebration.