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Talia Giraudo – The Talented Wedding Photographer…

Talia Giraudo, the talented wedding photographer at Thoroughly Gorgeous, takes time out of her super busy schedule to give us an insight into her life behind the lens.

I got involved – in photography because I come from a family full of artists, so colours, shapes and light have always interested me. I found photography was the perfect medium for me.

Bride and groom exchanging vows
Bride and groom exchanging vows.

I enjoy – all photography that has to do with people, weddings, journalistic and commercial. I found weddings were a great way of applying people photography and I was very good at keeping calm in stressful situations, so weddings became a staple of my working life. ‘I love interesting faces, expressions and emotions and you get plenty of those at weddings.

I love – colour and natural, spontaneous photos. I very rarely use filters, in order to achieve an unaffected look and I try to adapt to what couples need. After working for many years, you discover that different cultures approach weddings in different ways and have different needs, so my challenge has been to adapt whilst keeping my photography personal

Bride an bridesmaids at a villa wedding
Bride an bridesmaids at a villa wedding.

I am great at – camouflage. It comes naturally, so many couples don’t remember seeing me at ceremonies or during speeches. Later on, when they get the photos they are always amazed at all the moments I’ve been able to capture

My job allows me to – meet new people all the time, which is one of my favourite things about it.

My style is – Natural. Unfiltered. Spontaneous. Emotional. Multicultural. Timeless.

I want to – do the best job I can every time I hold my camera.

I enjoy shooting -‘ confetti moments, and a very happy image of Anne and Aiden at Tikitano is a particularly great explosion of colours, smiles and petals which I love

Talia Giraudo Wedding photographer
Talia Giraudo Wedding photographer.

I work with – the nicest people I could ever wish for, from organisers to florists, magazines, other clients. Every person in my phone contacts list, I love and appreciate. I also have been able to help out in our local animal shelter doing their annual calendar which is one of the most fulfilling jobs ever! Thanks to that I’m a happy person. And then in Spain there’s the weather, of course!

Bride and groom on a stunning LED dance floor
Bride and groom on a stunning LED dance floor.

My advice to future brides and grooms is -‘ ask questions, have meetings, send emails, communicate. After that, then trust 100%! It will be a whirlwind, make sure all is planned so you can enjoy yourself on the day

Whatever happens I believe that – the weather’is’always ideal; you just have to see the event from a different angle. If it’s raining the venue might have a really cool indoor area where we can use artificial lighting. Some of the best photos have been taken when we have had to push our creativity

Stunning table setting
Stunning table setting.

I will cherish – the wedding I did recently in Abu Dhabi. Everything about that week touched me. I learnt so much.

I have the privilege of – photographing same sex weddings every year. It’s so strange that they were not allowed to do this only a few years ago. The amount of love and respect these couples have for each other and the strength they’ve needed to get to their wedding day makes the whole event extra special to me.

I will never forget – the wedding I did in 2017 for Sunshine Weddings where the couple had most of their wedding items stolen from their car a day before the marriage. The Sunshine Weddings team, their friends and even another couple who’d just got married rallied round to make it the most fantastic and special day.

Newly Married Couple
Newly Married Couple.