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Costa Del Sol Wedding Hairstylist


Costa Del Sol Wedding Hairstylist Introducing Nora: Nerja’s Sensational Stylist…

One of the most important and creative aspects of any bride’s big day is wedding hair. Which is why Sunshine Weddings is delighted to shine the spotlight on the talents of Nora today; one of the region’s most popular and skilled wedding hairstylists:

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy summer schedule today, Nora. You are based just west of Malaga in Nerja, how long have you been working from there as a wedding hairstylist?

In March 2020 it will be 10 years since I opened my own salon!”Apart from the normal hairdressing I offer, I also specialise in bridal styling I have always loved doing up-styles and seem to have a special feel for them. In 2014 we also started offering bridal make-up so we can provide a full bridal service for clients.

Nora, wedding hairstylist
Nora, wedding hairstylist.

What are your favourite classic styles for brides?

It so depends on the bride’s features and the style of the dress. A classic style still has to be suitable for the bride in question, so I can’t say there is one style I like more than another! Luckily fashion and trends have become much more individual, and nobody is obliged to follow just one… I do have a penchant for high buns with soft curls. Equally, I love a low chignon with structure, or Hollywood waves.

Nora, wedding hairstylist
Pre-bridal preparations.

Can you tell us a little about your most memorable moments styling hair for Spanish weddings?

Our most memorable moments are probably when we get lovely feedback after the weddings: The fact that the brides are so happy and appreciate our work; that they take the time to write some lovely words of gratitude. These things are the most rewarding for us.

I also remember the little moments where we help out in situations that are not part of our work – helping a bride or a bridesmaid into their dress, calling a taxi. We want this day to be perfect so we help as much as we can.

It is also nice to see couples when they come back to Spain, or to see them following us on social media, particularly as most of them are not regular clients because they live abroad. Seeing pictures of their babies and new families growing brings us lots of happiness too!

What advice would you give to a bride who is unsure as to which style to go for?

Don’t ask for too many opinions, listen to yourself. What makes you feel comfortable? Because if you feel comfortable, you will be happy and you will radiate happiness. It doesn’t matter if others would or wouldn’t have chosen your styling, if you are happy, you will look perfect.

Of course you can find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and the Internet. And we are happy to help and give advice on all matters of hair types, personal styles, dress shapes etc.

Nora, wedding hairstylist
Beautiful bridal hair.

Are you noticing any wedding styling trends in 2019?

The current trend is definitely more relaxed and more natural. A lot softer, looser up-styles, perhaps in a low bun. And I have had a lot of requests for half-up-styles, or loose stylings with volume. So the fashion just now really leans towards a more Bohemian look.

How much of a challenge does the warmer weather in this part of the world present?

Quite a lot!”Apart from feeling the heat, there is a lot of humidity here. This means we always need to bear in mind what type of hair we are working with. Is it fine?’ If so, it will easily go flat and limp… whereas thick hair tends to go frizzy. So with preparation such as blow drying, we might have to style some brides the day before the wedding, whereas other brides will need that part of the styling process to take place on the wedding day. We also use different quality brands to prepare and protect the hair from the humidity.

I personally recommend an up-style between mid-June and the beginning of September. Coming from abroad most brides are not used to this hot weather and can’t imagine how it is. With their hair up they don’t have to worry about curls dropping or getting sweaty!’ It is out of their way and the hairstyle will last perfectly and beautifully all night.

Nora, wedding hairstylist
Bridal hair by Nora.

Would you recommend that brides meet with their stylist before the wedding day to trial a few different styles?

Yes, I think the bride definitely benefits from meeting the stylist beforehand. Especially as they are usually brand new clients coming to us from abroad, so we get to know them better this way, and we get a good idea of their style and personality.

The bride will feel more relaxed knowing us and liking the way we work, too. We can give them some tips they might not have thought of – from hairpiece ideas through to dress shapes etc.

What are your favourite styles for bridesmaids – the younger ones and the older ones?

Something with braids and flowers is always a sweet look for bridesmaids. Braids have been in demand for some time now, but there are so many ways of doing them that they are never boring! For smaller flower girls, something simple featuring loose braids is also nice. Grown up bridesmaids look great with an up-style that allows for a little movement, perhaps embellished with some flattering soft curls.

Nora, wedding hairstylist
Wedding braids with small white flowers.

What’s your hair-styling record in terms of the most number of bridesmaids you have had to make picture perfect for a wedding? And did you need additional help?

I think it was the bride, her mum and her mother-in-law, then 6 bridesmaids. So all together 9 people!

I have 2 employees working with me though and’they are both well trained to do wedding stylings, so if we need the extra help, there will always be the three of us.

Nora, wedding hairstylist
Beautiful bride and flowergirl.

A huge thank you to Nora, who we look forward to working with more and more in the future!