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Destination wedding in Nerja | Luxury boutique wedding venue


Today, we’re diving into the heart of a unique Andalusian farmhouse, a charming retreat surrounded by subtropical trees—an ideal setting for Sophie and Dan’s wedding day in the Spanish sunshine.

White decor sets the stage for a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony.
White decor sets the stage for a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony.

Despite its rustic facade, this farmhouse is a modern masterpiece designed to evoke the Old Andalusian charm. It stands as a grand boutique hotel, combining colonial elegance with contemporary comforts.

Located in the Malaga countryside, accommodating up to 250 guests, this venue offers more than space—it provides a timeless backdrop for wedding day celebrations.

Join us as we uncover the blend of Andalusian and colonial styles that makes this countryside retreat a destination where dreams come true, just as they did for Sophie and Dan, who exchanged their vows at this remarkable venue last September.

A rustic backdrop for an unforgettable wedding.
A rustic backdrop for an unforgettable wedding.
Welcome – A Breathtaking Prelude

The wedding festivities kicked off with a warm welcome below the ceremony area. Upon arrival, guests were greeted by a lemonade station, providing a refreshing welcome drink and a carefully curated playlist, thoughtfully put together by the bridal couple, set the mood.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of Nerja, the setting hinted at the romantic day that lay ahead.

A picturesque garden gazebo sets the stage for a beautiful wedding ceremony.
A picturesque garden gazebo sets the stage for a beautiful wedding ceremony.
The Ceremony – Saying Vows Surrounded by Natural Beauty

Following the warm welcome, Sophie and Dan’s wedding guests were invited to be seated in the ceremony area that had been set up in the subtropical garden of this charming country house. Under the expertise of florist Janne Valentin, the ceremony area, a picturesque garden gazebo, had been adorned with a tasteful arrangement of white flowers and greenery, creating an ideal floral backdrop for the intimate ceremony.

The bridal entrance unfolded to the melodic tunes of James Arthur’s “A Thousand Years” as Sophie, looking radiant in a lace v-neck A-line bridal dress with a mid-length veil, gracefully made her way down the outdoor aisle. There she joined Dan, who stood under the picturesque garden gazebo, looking sharp in a beige waistcoat and jacket suit paired with black trousers. Together they were joined as husband and wife by local English-speaking Minister Jeff, who officiated the ceremony.

After exchanging vows and rings, the newlyweds exited to the timeless hit “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire, marking the start of their journey as a married couple. The couple, along with their guests, then moved to the reception area for a celebratory drink.

 newlyweds exit the ceremony area amid petal shower
Newlyweds exit the ceremony area amid petal shower.
The Drinks Reception – Savouring Spanish Flavours

The front of the salon terrace hosted the lively drinks reception. Soft drinks, beer, wine, tinto de verano, and water flowed freely, accompanied by a delectable array of typical Spanish-styled canapes, from marinated sardines to fresh ricotta and mushroom pasta. Once again, a carefully selected playlist, with the couple’s chosen tunes, created a lively vibe.

The Wedding Breakfast – Under a Star-lit sky

The dinner, held outdoors, featured a variety of dishes starting with pineapple and mango mille feuille with avocado and crab tartar, wild prawn, and cocktail sauce. The main course included Iberian sirloin with black trumpet cream, potato gratin with parmesan and pepper skewer, and cherry tomatoes. The dessert, a white chocolate and passion fruit hemisphere, rounded off the meal.

As speeches were said, filled with genuine sentiments and moments of laughter, the atmosphere buzzed with joy and a few happy tears before the focus shifted to the dancefloor, it was time to put those dancing shoes on…

The Party – Dancing the night away

After dinner, DJ Dave James took charge, setting the stage for the night’s festivities. The evening kicked off with the couple’s first dance to James Bay’s “One Life,” signalling the start of a fun-filled celebration. With DJ Dave James behind the turntables, the happy couple, alongside friends and family, enjoyed a night of dancing; a fitting way to wrap up a beautiful day.

The all-important speeches bring a smile to the bride's face.
The all-important speeches bring a smile to the bride’s face.
Afterparty – Beachside fun in Nerja

The following day, Sophie and Dan and their guests gathered again for some beachside fun, extending the festivities to a more casual and scenic location. The newlyweds, alongside their close circle, continued the wedding celebration in a relaxed and scenic setting, capturing the essence of southern Spain’s coastal beauty.

More on the Venue and Nerja – A Perfect Blend of Elegance and seaside fun

The chosen venue, designed to mirror a 19th-century Andalusian finca, seamlessly fuses luxury with a rustic charm. Boasting 20 elegantly appointed bedrooms, an enticing wedding menu, and captivating views, the hotel offers a flawless blend of opulence and country allure. With a maximum capacity of 250, this boutique hotel provides an intimate setting for a destination wedding in Spain. Its colonial design, picturesque gardens, and breathtaking mountain vistas serve as an idyllic backdrop for wedding day celebrations.

Situated just a short distance from the venue, Nerja further enhances the appeal of this wedding location. This coastal town, with its beautiful beaches, town centre, and a golf course within a fifteen-minute drive, becomes the ideal setting for a rural Andalusian wedding. Beyond being a mere celebration, a wedding here transforms into a journey into the heart of southern Spain, offering a blend of elegance, charm, and the genuine warmth of Southern Spanish hospitality.

This fusion of Andalusian elegance, colonial allure, and the inviting Mediterranean ambiance ensures an unforgettable experience for couples seeking a destination wedding in the sunshine, as well as their guests. For more information, reach out to a member of the Sunshine Weddings team today.

A huge thank you to the lovely couple, Sophie and Dan, for sharing your special day with us, wishing you well as you embark on this next chapter of life. Thank you also to Talia from Thoroughly Gorgeous for these incredible images.

Sealed with a kiss.
Sealed with a kiss.