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Ronda wedding villa | Picture-perfect celebration of love


Discover an extraordinary wedding venue that encapsulates the spirit of romance. Today, we revisit Cynthia and Dan’s wedding day celebrated last September in the serene foothills of the Serranía de Ronda—a tranquil oasis that set the stage for their dream wedding.

Ceremony by the Villa's Aqua-Blue Infinity Pool
Ceremony by the villa’s aqua-blue infinity pool.
Early Morning Preparations

As the sky, cloudy at times, was touched by intermittent moments of sunlight, casting hues of gold on Sunday, September 3rd, 2023, Cynthia and Dan woke up together, ready to embark on the most memorable day of their lives. Hair and makeup kicked off early with a strict schedule in place to ensure Cynthia was radiant by mid-afternoon, ready to say “I do.”

Decorator Carol added final touches to the ceremony area, making sure it matched the couple’s style. Florist Janne delivered bouquets to the bridal suite, and caterers joined in to prepare for the post-ceremony meal. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as everything came together for their special day.

outdoor wedding ceremony beneath a willow tree
Romantic outdoor wedding ceremony in the shade of a willow tree.
Welcome Drinks with a View

The Ronda wedding villa, tucked away in the Serranía de Ronda, provided a stunning backdrop for the day. Guests enjoyed a welcome drink amidst the villa’s lush greenery, including sangria, beer, cava, wine, and soft drinks that set the tone for the upcoming ceremony. Meanwhile, in the bridal suite, excitement buzzed as skilled photographer Rebecca Davidson arrived, prepared to capture and immortalise the magic of the day.

Petal Shower: Newlyweds Exiting the Ceremony Area
Petal Shower: Newlyweds exiting the ceremony area.
The Ceremony in Secluded Serenity

The ceremony took place by the villa’s aqua-blue infinity pool, where an arbour adorned with flowers stood beneath a Willow tree, creating a picturesque setting. Cynthia, accompanied by loved ones, walked down the aisle to meet Dan, who looked sharp in his formal suit. There, Minister Gareth led a heartfelt ceremony, witnessed by friends and family who shared the moment with joy and happy tears.

Exiting the outdoor aisle under a shower of petals, the couple and their guests moved to the drinks reception. This kicked off the festivities and set the stage for an evening of eating and partying.

Rustic Wedding Breakfast: Marquee, Fairy Lights, and Rustic Table Decor
Marquee, fairy lights, and rustic table decor for chic al fresco dining.
Cocktail Hour, Canapés and Conversations

As the sun set behind the hills, the cocktail hour began, featuring an array of cold and hot canapés served to the guests. Family photos were taken amidst the lively atmosphere and the playlist continued, creating an energetic vibe that intensified all the more as the dancefloor was set up near the dinner area—a prelude to the upcoming evening of festivities.

Poolside Elegance Sets the Stage for an Evening of Wedding Reception and Celebration
Poolside elegance sets the stage for an evening of wedding reception and celebration.
Wedding Breakfast & Party

The threat of rain prompted a last-minute marquee setup, seamlessly blending with the villa’s charm. The dinner area, adorned with lights, hosted an intimate feast featuring paellas cooked live. Speeches, dessert, and a 4-hour open bar unfolded. Kmiss’s live set and DJ session carried the party into the early hours, ending with late-night snacks before minibuses whisked guests away at 2am.

In the rustic charm of inland Spain, Cynthia and Dan’s wedding was a day filled with love and laughter. The last-minute marquee brought a touch of spontaneity, showcasing the flexibility and adaptability that made the day uniquely theirs.

"Guests Under the Marquee, Delighting in the Wedding Feast
Guests under the marquee, delighting in the wedding feast.

We extend our gratitude to Cynthia and Dan for entrusting the Sunshine team with their special day and wish them all the best in this new chapter of life together. A special thanks to Rebecca Davidson for sharing these stunning images, and of course, a huge gracias to all our suppliers, whose utmost professionalism contributed to the success of this magical day.