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Violin and cello duo for your wedding in Spain | Classical music duo


Exquisite classical music for weddings…

Regina Laza, talented musician and part of a violin and cello duo on the Costa del Sol.


Today we are delighted to be joined by Regina Laza, one of the members of a sensational sounding Violin and cello duo based on the Costa del Sol, the perfect combination to serenade your wedding guests with class and charm.

Gifted cello player, Alvaro, who forms part of the sensational sounding violin and cello duo.
Thanks for joining us, Regina, tell us a bit more about yourself and your musical background. At what age did you first pick up the violin?

I’m originally from Algeciras (Cádiz) and I started playing violin at the age of four, with several teachers around Andalucia until I decided to pursue my bachelor degree at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid and my Master’s at CIM in USA (Cleveland Institute of Music) afterwards.

After COVID hit, I had finished my degree and decided to return to Spain where I’ve been working with the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra and Candlelight and its tributaries since.

Regina Laza started playing violin at the age of four.
I believe you often play as a duo with a cello player, how would you describe your musical style when performing as a duo?

I play with a very talented cello player, Alvaro, whom I’ve known for many years. We first met 13 years ago when we both played together in an orchestra in Andalucía. We connected straight away as our style matches the classical aesthetics of a classically trained musician. However, over the years, specifically more recently, we have developed the mastery of performing pop and rock music as well. Both our instruments blend together harmoniously with a transparency and precision which regularly earn compliments from our audiences.

Violin and cello duo for your wedding in Spain.
How did you both get into playing at weddings?

For years, basically since we can remember, playing at venues such as weddings has been part of our journey as classical musicians. Despite all the many duos, groups and bands that do this, I believe we’ve developed a much more professional and special way of giving the happy couple a moment they’ll remember forever, which is precisely what matters the most to us. As I’ve already said, we’ve been playing at weddings for more than a decade now and we intend to keep continuing doing so for as long as we can.

Regina Laza has played for many years with the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra.
What makes what you do, this magical duo, different from what other live musicians can offer?

From our extended experience and because we have played with many other chamber music ensembles, we became aware that, unfortunately, some approaches weren’t as polished and neat as we liked them to be, so being highly perfectionist, we decided to focus on what we did as a duo, and that’s how we started in the business with our musical partnership.

What we offer is elegant and professional and it gives the soon-to-be-married couple the certainty of a job well done, so they can focus on enjoying their unique day. A way where the bride and the groom can be a part of the music itself by personally choosing their special song (or songs) as well as other features. We also offer music during both the ceremony and the cocktail, where we are delighted to play all sorts of music styles: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Modern, Salsa…

Classical music for your wedding day in Spain.
Do you have a planned playlist or are you happy to accommodate a bridal couple’s song requests?

As we mentioned before, we can perform a large variety of music and styles which literally includes hundreds of songs that we have already listed from which they can choose whichever many they want for their event. There’s no need to mention that we are more than happy to play any kind of suggestions or to even arrange the music ourselves if that particular song is not among the ones in our list.

Regina Laza, lounging on classical furniture.
What are the top 5 most requested songs?

-Pachelbel, Canon in D

-Mendelssohn, Wedding March

-Albinoni, Adagio

-Bach, Air

-Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah

Alvaro on cello.


What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love animals (I have a beautiful dog called Pekas), nature, meditating and reading but I also enjoy sports a lot. I also love a bit of relaxing sofa-Netflix time on rainy (and not so rainy) days.

On the other hand, our cellist Álvaro loves painting, playing with his dog Megan, a gorgeous Border Collie, and cooking (primarily pasta and vegetarian dishes for me while I do all the office work).

A huge thank you to Regina and Alvaro for today’s fascinating interview, it’s clear that there are many, many hours (and years!) behind your talent on the violin and cello respectively. It’s also nice to see how great teamwork can be applied in all spheres of life.

We appreciate the time taken to share your story and these wonderful photos with us. We look forward to hearing you both play as a duo very, very soon.

Regina Laza playing at a live concert in Spain.