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Wedding opera Singer Costa del Sol | Spanish wedding entertainment


Make your wedding ceremony truly memorable with a classical opera singer performance…

tenor opera singer, Luis Pacetti
Costa del Sol opera singer, Luis Pacetti.

Opera singers are highly refined vocalists, and their unparalleled voice will enrapture your guests with their romantic and powerful voice.

With training in methodology that has remained consistent for centuries, imagine wowing your guests with a classical singer performing an array of contemporary pieces providing luxury music for a magical day.

Today we are delighted to chat with one of the golden boys of the singing world on the Costa del Sol, tenor opera singer, Luis Pacetti.

What was your first experience of opera and what did you think of it?

I played a small role in La Bohéme by G. Puccini (the toymaker Parpignol) in the Temporada Lírica del Teatro Cervantes de Málaga and loved it.

Malaga-born tenor, Luis Pacetti.
Malaga-born tenor, Luis Pacetti.
What is your favourite opera and why?

Tosca, by G. Puccini, a love and crime story with the best melodies and an impressive leading trio.

How did you start singing at weddings?

I started performing at weddings as a singing student when I was a member of a choir.

What do you enjoy most about performing at weddings?

Weddings are a joyful event and planning the music for a ceremony is very demanding, but also very exciting. The most beautiful thing is to see the faces of the bride, groom and guests when they are touched by the music you are dedicating to them.

Who is your greatest musical inspiration and why?

My greatest musical inspiration is my wife, Lourdes Martín, an opera soprano. But my reference as a tenor is a German tenor who died very young and who, for me, is the most beautiful voice of the 20th century.

Malaga-born tenor, Luis Pacetti.
Luis Pacetti, one of the golden boys of the singing world on the Costa del Sol.
What sets you apart from the competition or other musical genres?

With regard to wedding music, I always try to fulfil the wishes of the bride and groom with study, dedication and vocal quality. Compared to other musical genres, classical music lends distinction and majesty to ceremonies,

People may imagine that opera is a very serious affair, but do you have any funny anecdotes you can share with us?

I once tried on a waistcoat 2 months before an opera performance. During that time I put on a couple of kilos and when I sat on stage, a button on the waistcoat popped off and fell on the first cellist, who was in the pit. It was really hilarious.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Going out with my wife and friends, reading, watching series and, above all, doing nothing, hahahahahaha. But unfortunately, I have little free time.

A huge GRACIAS, for your time with this insightful interview and providing these images of you performing. We look forward to hearing your incredible voice this wedding season.

Luis Pacetti has a degree in Music, specialising in Singing. He was born in Malaga, where he began his studies of vocal technique and repertoire with Francisco Heredia, studies which he furthered with the maestro Carlos Hacar. He currently teaches singing at the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Málaga.

Additionally, in 2021, the Malaga-born tenor, Luis Pacetti, received the prize for the Best Musical Work of the Year awarded by Malaga City Council.

For black-tie affairs, gala receptions and wedding ceremonies or other formal occasions, an opera singer can be the perfect entertainment choice and with Luis Pacetti you can rest assured that your guests will always be enthralled by his magical singing.
Wedding opera Singer Costa del Sol.
Wedding opera Singer Costa del Sol.