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Wedding décor Spain | Exclusive interview with Carol Green from Millie Green Style


Ready to bring your wedding vision to life? Once you’ve chosen the destination wedding venue of your dreams, set your date, fallen in love with your bridal dress and set your colour theme and style, you can start focusing on the smaller details.

Wedding welcome sign
Wedding welcome sign.

From décor details such welcome sign, seating signs, table decor and all the creative elements in between, we’ve got you covered, or rather Carol Green from millie greenstyle has, and today it’s a pleasure to catch up with her and discuss this fun and creative side of the wedding day, fundamental for setting the ambiance of the party. Additionally, along with your attire, your wedding decor is one of the best ways to let your personality truly shine on your big day.

Hi Carol, thanks for joining us today, tell us a bit about your journey into the creative world of wedding decorations, how did it all start?

10 years ago we decided to make a life change and move to Spain. In the following year after moving abroad, my daughter also came to live here too. We both are very creative and have always enjoyed styling & making things. We started to create handmade signs & pictures. I found this to be really fulfilling and soon began to use those skills at weddings and events. This progressed very quickly into designing/styling for weddings, a job that I find such a pleasure, helping couples to realise their visions for their special day.

wedding table decor
Wedding table decor by Carol Green.
What can you offer bridal couples looking to add that special touch to their wedding day décor?

For me, the special touch that I add is the sense of style that I bring to the day. Couples can expect me to provide a stylish yet effortless setting that brings out the best of the location, allowing them to get the most of their Spanish experience and make them feel reassured that their day will look beautiful.

How far in advance should a bridal couple place an order with you?

Ideally a couple should start to book and discuss their ideas at least 8 months in advance, however, we always try to accommodate various timescales when possible.

What sparks your creativity?

I find my creativity & inspirations in many places. I like to draw upon nature and my surroundings, such as the Spanish culture & countryside, olive trees, orange blossom & terracotta. I also take inspiration from current trends in fashion and of course all the new styles in decor each year. Most importantly, I like to feel inspired by the bride/couples and helping them to take their ideas forward.

Sofisticated white flower seating decor.
What is the most popular wedding décor request?

The most popular table decor request we had last year was cylinders with candles and greenery. Although we did this many times, it was a very pretty and classic centrepiece. Welcome signs and guest plans are always a popular request.

Upcoming trends for the 2023 season?

Greens are always up there with all the brides and you have so many shades to choose from. Emerald green is very popular this year along with a variety of colour pallets. Blush pinks, pale blues and golds are great colour combinations to consider pairing with emerald green. Earth tones are also popular for 2023 weddings especially for weddings in the months of September, October Earth tones consist of versatile colours ranging from terracotta oranges, to earthy greens, to tans.

Chic and simple seating chart.
Favourite job to date?

I can’t pick a favourite as all the weddings I’ve decorated are personal to each couple which makes them all special to me.

What’s the strangest thing you have been asked to create?

I have rattled my brain on this question and I really can’t think of anything strange or weird that I’ve been asked for but I’m up for the challenge!

One hidden talent?

I love cooking especially Indian cuisine.

Elegant tablescape.
What’s at the top of your bucket list?

To visit India and experience all the rich opulent colours and textures, saffrons, golds, oranges & rich reds which will inspire me in my creation, and of course to eat all the delicious foods.

Thank you, Carol, for sharing your story and these stunning photos with us. We look forward to seeing your beautiful styling and décor in future weddings.

Romantic outdoor wedding styling by by Carol Green.