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Beach Club Wedding In Marbella


Beach Club Wedding In Marbella…

Wedding-rings Spain
Wedding rings in Spain.


When we organise a wedding that is full of romance we suddenly realise how lucky we are to be involved in planning weddings, and in Spain, which seems to be the perfect location for so many of our international bridal couples.

This wonderful love story began when Maryna, who is originally from the Ukraine, but at the time was living in Germany where her family had moved to, met Teddy at a mutual friends wedding in America. Maryna spoke very little English but she would always remember Teddy from the moment they had first met.

Wedding cake decor in Spain.


To improve her English Maryna decided to move to New York and during her stay reunited with Teddy and their romance began. The couple soon engaged and began to think about where they could have their wedding; with so many different countries to consider as Teddy’s family, although living in New York were originally from Barcelona, so they wanted to choose a destination that would appeal to all their relations.

Wedding ceremony in Spain.


Spain became apparent as a wedding destination, and when they found Sunshine Weddings Spain during their web searches, and fell in love with the golden beaches and stunning Mediterranean coast line that southern Spain is blessed with, they felt relieved to have some help in their search for the ideal wedding venue.

They had managed to find their wedding destination but now they needed assistance in discovering the perfect wedding venue in Spain and were concerned about how they would managed the task without being able to fly themselves and take a look at the venues and decide on each element of their wedding.

Skype calls were arranged and although Teddy and Maryna had pin pointed a beach venue in Benalmadena, ‘Scott, who manages the team in southern Spain, listened to their requirements and also came up with another beach club venue in Marbella, which would suit the 200 guests who were going to be flying in from around the globe to be at their wedding.

Beach club wedding in Spain.


To help with the venue decision Scott went to both locations, the beach club in Marbella and also the beach venue in Benalmadena, and took video footage of the venues and areas where the different parts of their wedding would be held; ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner and party.

Maryna and Teddy both viewed the details and after another Skype call decided the beach club venue in Marbella was the one they were most interested in. Luckily Teddy’s Aunt was visiting the Costa Del Sol and went to look at the beach club and met the staff so she could provide her feedback to the bride and groom. It was a huge thumbs up and they were reassured they had chosen their perfect wedding venue in Marbella, Spain.

Night shot of a Marbella beach club wedding venue.


The wedding date had been set for Sunday 15th June and so the planning of Maryna and Teddy’s wedding in Spain began!!!

Romantic wedding in Spain’s Marbella.

To be continued…….