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Bridal Hair & Makeup Artists In Mallorca


Bridal Hair & Makeup Artists In Mallorca: For Weddings & All Occasions…

Katherine Eve is a Mallorca based hair and makeup artist catering for all occasions. It is her mission to make you feel your best and shine with confidence.

Beautiful Bride In The Street
Beautiful Bride in a sunny Spanish street.

Once I had finished my hairdressing apprenticeship, (a long time ago now,) I decided to continue to study and do a diploma of makeup. The reason for the decision was that at the time I was working in a high fashion salon in Melbourne, Australia and we did a lot of photoshoots and fashion shows. By doing makeup as well as hair it gave me another pathway into that industry.

Blushing Bride
Bridal preparations in Spain.

Years later once I had moved to Mallorca and started in the wedding industry it seemed like the right decision to offer both services to my brides so I can offer them a total package on their wedding day.

Wedding By The Beach
Spanish wedding by the beach.

I would say that I enjoy doing hair and makeup equally. It’s fun to mix things up and not be doing the same thing all the time. Keeps me fresh and the passion flame alight.

Married Couple
The newlyweds in Spain.

I decided to specialise in bridal because in Mallorca you have to be creative with your work, there are a lot of expats living here trying to find their place on the island. The wedding industry here is a big one and there’s lots of work available. It seemed like the right decision, like it was my calling.

Married Couple
Elegant black & white photo of the newlyweds.

My makeup style is very “bridal.” I love soft natural looks for makeup which are great for weddings. I think its important to look like yourself on your wedding day, so your photos look timeless in the years to come.

Beautiful Bride
Beautiful Bride in Spain.

As for hair, I love doing updos and making hair look beautiful. I’m quite an artistic person and I think doing upstyles is like building a sculpture. I always love the end result!

Beautiful Bride
Beautiful Spanish bride.

My makeup kit is a eclectic mix of many different brands. I usually do most of my shopping at Sephora, so I have brands like Benefit, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Makeup Forever, Kat von Dee… the list goes on.

Newly Married Couple By The Beach
Newly married couple by the beach in Spain.

My hair kit is mostly Kevin Murphy. It’s an amazing Australian brand that is now very popular in Europe. I have been working with the products since it was first created. It’s a great range and covers all bases for everything you need.

Newly Married Couple In The Sun
Newly married at their dream destination wedding venue in Spain.

There are many things about my job that I love. I’m definitely a people person, working with brides and families from all over the world is really fun and I get to meet a lot of interesting people. I also feel very privileged to have a creative job, to be able to use that skill as part of my every day work makes life very enjoyable.

Wedding Makeup In Progress
Wedding Makeup In Progress.

Working on weddings is very special, the atmosphere on a wedding day is so exciting. Everyone is in good spirits and enjoying the day and there’s nothing like seeing the smile on the bride once she is all ready with her hair and makeup done, dress on, about to walk down the isle to marry the love of her life.

Beautiful Wedding Dress
Beautiful Wedding Dress.

Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist means you have one less thing that you have to do on your wedding day. You can sit with a glass of cava in hand, with your bridal party all around you and after a couple of hours you’ll be aisle ready.

Newly Married Couple With Confetti
Newly Married Couple With Confetti.

A trial is always recommended to my brides, so they can know exactly the look we are going to achieve on the day and be confident that they will be happy with the result.

Married Couple Dancing
Married Couple Dancing.

Makeup wise, the most important thing is to not wear sunscreen on your face. As we are in Spain, it’s an obvious thing to want to protect from the sun, but on your wedding day applying sunscreen can effect how your makeup will last throughout the day. It is often quite greasy and can make the makeup wipe off or slip in the heat.

Bridal Preparations
Bridal Preparations.

As for hair, we will discuss about the weather and how it can effect the look. If it’s really hot, I often recommend having the hair put up so its off the neck. That way you will feel less hot and it’ll be up and out of the way. If it’s humid, there are different hair styles and products we can use to help with that for different hair types.

Newly Married Couple On Balcony
Newly Married Couple On Balcony.

If you are not used to wearing makeup I would definitely recommend to have a trial to try out a few different looks. A lot of my brides don’t wear a lot of makeup in there day to day life. Natural makeup is my favourite for brides, and it’s easy to do a very natural look.

Beautiful Bride
Beautiful Bride.

One of my favourite jobs this year was when I did the hair and makeup for a gorgeous American bride. She was marrying her high school sweetheart. The wedding party had all come over from the states but her sister wasn’t able to make it. On the wedding day whilst she was getting ready her sister turned up as a surprise.

Stunning Bride & Bridesmaid
Stunning Bride & Bridesmaid.

For 2020, I think the looks are starting to change from boho to a bit more classic. Having said that, every bride has a different style and vision for their day, and I would say to go with what ever you feel comfortable with. The low bun was a definitely the most popular look for this year.

Stunning Bride & Bridesmaid
Stunning Bride & Bridesmaid.

I’ m really looking forward to next year, I think 2020 is going to be a busy one for us in the wedding industry.