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Bridal hair & makeup Spain | Interview with professional makeup artist based in Mallorca


At Sunshine Weddings Spain, we know how important it is to have bridal hair & makeup for your special day, because when your wedding day arrives, you don’t just want feel beautiful, but look beautiful too, that’s why today we sit down with Valeria, a professional makeup artist based in Mallorca, to find out why hiring a professional hair and makeup artist is an investment for your big day.

Beautiful bridal makeup by Valeria.
Hi Valeria, thanks for joining us today, please tell us a bit more about you and how you got into the hair and makeup business?

My name is Valeria or you can call me Valerie, I am a professional makeup artist based in Mallorca, although I’m originally from Russia. I’ve lived on the beautiful island of Mallorca for more than nine years and was a makeup artist in my home country before I arrived in Spain. Since a very young age I was always fascinated by makeup and had a passion for beauty and styling, so I studied to become a hair stylist and makeup artist.

As I’ve said, I started to work in the industry in my native country, however after a few years I decided to change my life completely and moved to Spain. I settled in Mallorca and started over again, the only thing that hadn’t changed was my passion for styling and makeup, so I started working in hair and makeup again. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work with international clients, doing weddings, photo shoots and all kinds of events.

Glamorous bridal look by Valeria.
What sparks your creativity more, hair or makeup? Do you have a preference?

I really like doing both, I find them both just as creative and I think the final look is usually better if I’ve been given the opportunity to do both during the bridal preparations. Everything really comes together when doing the whole look, which is then always enhanced once the wedding dress and all the accessories are in place.

How do you respond to a wedding lead or enquiry about your services?

Most brides-to-be reach out to me via social media and I’m always quick to reply to any leads that come my way, I think it’s a reflection on my professionalism. The first thing I ask for is for the bride to confirm the date and location of their wedding as well as the exact service that will be needed, which often also includes the mother of the bride and bridesmaids.

Bridal preparations at the hands of talented makup artist, Valeria.
Bridal preparations at the hands of talented makup artist, Valeria.
How do you proceed if a bride can’t make it out on time for a hair and makeup trial?

Doing the bridal hair and makeup without a trial prior to the wedding is actually the case 90% of the time. This is because when you come from another country it’s not always easy to come out earlier or fly out just for a trial, so though the trial is important for the client, especially those who need additional reassurance about what they are going to look like on their wedding day, or for those who like to meet the stylist first to see if they connect, it’s not always possible. When this is the case, which happens to be the majority of the time, what I tend to do is take more time with my clients and go through each stage step by step. I also ask the brides-to-be to send me inspirational photo references before the big day, so I can recreate them, or maybe recommend another style that may work better for them.

Elegant bridal hair by Mallorcan based stylist.
What do you love most about being a wedding hair & makeup artist? And why, in your opinion, is hiring a professional hair and makeup artist an investment for a wedding?

The thing I love the most is making people feel beautiful and confident. Being a hair and makeup artist gives me a chance to be creative, which I love and it also gives me the opportunity to meet new people, which I also really enjoy.

Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist allows brides to treat themselves, but it is also so much more, having hair and makeup done by a professional guarantees the look will last all day and just as importantly, it means that the bride will look fresh and stylish in all the wedding photos, and I think that alone is a great investment.

Chic hair stlye by Valeria.
What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a fan of the audiovisual world. When I have time, I enjoy watching a good movie or listening to my favourite music. I also enjoy spending time surrounded by nature which helps me disconnect, or explore some new places and do some photography.

A huge Спасибо (thanks) Valeria for spending the time to talk with us today and for allowing us to use these stunning photos which give an example of your talented work. We hope that very soon we see your magical touch bringing out the best of the beautiful brides who choose to marry in Mallorca.

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