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Choosing Bridal Shoes Spain


Choosing Bridal Shoes Spain…

The Sunshine Wedding Team.

Everyone knows that apart from diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend especially when the shoes in question are for her forthcoming Wedding in Spain!

Wedding shoes are a dilemma for any bride let alone a bride getting married in Spain. With such a vast choice of wedding venues and destinations such as the quaint town of Mijas with its cobbled streets & white sandy beaches in Marbella in Andalucia Southern Spain, the picturesque island of Majorca hosting sophisticated & romantic rustic venues, or the cultural and historical City of Barcelona. So the question is will the shoe fit the wedding setting in Spain?

Beach Weddings in Spain

Raquel Bonnici, Wedding Co-ordinator, Sunshine Weddings Spain.

Getting married in Majorca or Costa del Sol, Southern Spain; try a pair of flip flops for your beach wedding setting.

Traditional Spanish Wedding

Getting married in rustic and traditional Spanish settings such as Majorca, Barcelona, Seville, Mijas; your shoes could have a vintage feel so you can drift across the cobbled streets and paved courtyards feeling comfortable and timeless.

Bridal shoes in Spain.

Here are some tips for our brides getting married in Spain:

  • Wear your shoes round the house for a few hours each day for up to a week, this will help wear them in and get you used to the feel and height.
  • Practice dancing in your shoes
  • Stretch your shoes
  • After wearing in your shoes, you should know if there are any areas that feel uncomfortable or rub. If so place special shoe cushions in your shoes to prevent this from happening on the day
  • Most dresses are full length and too the ground so shoes can be hidden if you are worried about how they look as apposed to how they feel.
  • Buy two pairs of shoes, the first for the ceremony and photo’s the 2nd for the reception and party
  • Buy a pair of back up shoes
Wedding shoes in Spain.

However if the groom decides to buy her bride a pair of Jimmy Choo’s what girl, even if you are getting married in Spain, could refuse such a wedding gift !!!