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Bride See’s Her Wedding Venue In Spain For The First Time


Stunning wedding venue in Spain…

Rural country wedding venue in Spain.

Getting married in Spain had always been Lesley’s dream however living in Abu Dhabi couldn’t have posed a more difficult scenario when she embarked on her journey to find her wedding venue in Spain, until of course she found Sunshine Weddings Spain.

Ceremony area at villa wedding in Spain.

The story began 6 months ago when Susie, who manages all our incoming enquiries, received a call from Lesley who explained she was living in the United Emirates and was struggling to find her perfect wedding venue in Spain. Lesley had looked at various Spanish wedding destinations however none seemed to fulfill her vision of her dream wedding venue in Spain. Susie quickly understood the style of wedding venue in Spain that Lesley was looking for and sent over a couple of options. Lesley was delighted at the photo’s she saw however’her concern was that she was unable to visit prior to her wedding. This did not phase the Sunshine Weddings Spain team, they were quick to react and took videos of the venue and sent them to Lesley to make sure she was completely happy with the beautiful villa wedding venue in Spain.

Villa wedding venue in Spain
Villa wedding venue in Spain.

All of Lesley’s worries were completely diminished as her wedding planners in Spain set to work and helped her organize her wedding in Spain via Skype & email communication. Her wedding venue in Spain was confirmed, along with her caterers, photographer, hair & make up artists, and all her other wedding services. The team had succeeded and taken away all the stress of organizing her wedding in Spain from overseas and without her even having visited.

Pool area at a villa wedding in Spain.

And so 6 months on Lesley arrived in Malaga southern Spain this week for her wedding in Spain. The first thing she wanted to do, of course, was to see her wedding venue in Spain in all its glory. She was completely taken aback as she walked into the grounds of the Hacienda surrounded by stunning Spanish countryside.

wedding villa spain
Private wedding villa in Spain.

“Wow – its better in real life than in the photo’s” Lesley exclaimed! She was totally over whelmed and even more excited now she could truly visualize how amazing her wedding would be the following day.

This week was a whirlwind for Lesley who seemed completely at ease enjoying meeting all her service providers who were ready for her big day to arrive.

Stunning weather for brides wedding in Spain
Stunnig weather for a wedding in southern Spain.

Lesley’s family flew from Ireland to Spain on a short flight to meet the rest of the wedding party for Lesley’s April wedding in Spain. Lesley had chosen April as she had hoped the temperature would be just right, not too hot and not too cold. Well her dreams were definitely answered with a high of 22 degrees and clear stunning blue skies forecasted all week she would most definitely fulfil her dream for a perfect sunny day for her wedding in Spain.

Bride & groom getting married in Spain
Bride & Groom getting married in Spain.

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