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Celebrating 20 years of planning weddings in Spain | Sunshine Weddings giveaway prize draw


20 years of planning weddings in Spain and many more to come…

Sunshine Weddings Spain CEO and founder, Scott Gibbons, with his sister Lisa.

On the last Friday of October, on a sunny autumn day, with temperatures soaring over 25ºC, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Sunshine Weddings Spain.

To mark this milestone event, Sunshine Weddings, which had teamed up with Alabardero Catering—a leading wedding and event caterer in southern Spain—organised a fantastic party for staff and our top wedding providers, as well as an amazing giveaway prize draw.

Talented singer offering a superb-sounding guitar and vocal set.

Since the start of the year, Sunshine Weddings had been actively posting on various social media platforms about the once in a lifetime opportunity we were giving away; the opportunity to win a free wedding / renewal of vows in the Spanish sunshine.

Several months later and we had received over 1000 entries to this fanatic giveaway. Now it was time, alongside the Mayor’s Office at Marbella’s City Council, represented by Remedios Bocanegra, Councillor Delegate for Foreigners and Ms. María Vergara Lafuente, Head of the Wedding Office of the Delegation of Tourism, for the highly anticipated name of the winner to be announced.

Scott Gibbons with the two delegates from Marbella City Council and his wife, Mery.

But before the name of the lucky winner was drawn, the Sunshine Wedding family enjoyed—what could only be, given the events planning expertise of all present—a fabulous party including great music, food and entertainment, in a stunning venue with views to the sea.

The event was held at the elegant Finca Amalur in Marbella, located just five minutes from the city centre, boasting beautifully landscaped gardens and amazing views to the distant Mediterranean sea.

An array of delectable canopies provided by Alabardero Catering.

There, guests were greeted with a welcome cocktail as the first talented singer of the evening offered superb-sounding vocals, setting the tone for the elegant affair.

One by one the Sunshine Wedding crew started to arrive, amidst hugs and smiles, everyone enjoyed a moment of easy mingling, connecting with old colleagues and putting a face to a name with others. Soon the buzz of lively chatting and laughter, mixed with the ambient music and a Flamenco set, led by Nano on guitar, filled the venue.

The Sunshine Wedding Spain crew.

As the early evening settled, and an array of delectable canopies were handed out, it was time for the anticipated moment, the winner announcement. The guests gathered in front of a beautifully decorated white and pastel pink floral wall, wonderfully created by the talented Karen from Deseos, where Sunshine Weddings CEO and founder, Scott Gibbons, commenced the winner announcement with a round of emotive speeches, including a general thanks to his team and to all the providers for their outstanding service and continued hard work.

A fiery flamenco set with Nano on guitar.

A special thanks which included an “Above and Beyond” award to the wonderful Susie Gregory, for her “support and guidance given to bridal couples over a decade of working with Sunshine Weddings”. Or, in Scott’s words: “For having put up with me for so long!”

The wonderful Susie Gregory collecting her “Above and Beyond” award.

Another special mention went to the amazing David Toms who received an “Inspiration award” for his work over a decade, capturing, with his “creative art, enthusiasm and high energy, the perfect wedding memories for so many of Sunshine Weddings bridal couples.”

Following on from the awards it was time for the City Council representative, Ms. Remedios Bocanegra, Councillor Delegate for Foreigners, to offer a few words of thanks, a moment she used to highlight the positive impacts destination weddings have in locality, before the draw was made.

David Toms being presented with his “Inspiration award.”

The names of all the entries were shown on a large projection screen that had been set up to one side of the rose wall before a virtual roulette wheel started spinning with all the names.

Ms. Remedios Bocanegra was given the honour of stopping the roulette wheel whilst it was spinning, and the name of the lucky winner appeared on the projection screen.

A hush from the crowd as the name appeared… Hayley Coles! The lucky winner of a free wedding in sunny Marbella.

The name of the lucky winner of a free wedding in sunny Marbella displayed.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our anniversary competition to win a wedding in Marbella and we can’t wait to make Hayley’s day extra special.

A huge thanks to all the providers who contributed to the competition including: Alabadero Catering, Finca Amalur, Lemon Face Deco, Deseos Florist, Photographer Talia, Claudia from Vecdesign and Epic Film Cinema.

We all look forward to more Sunshine Weddings in Spain.

Cheers and a big thanks to everyone who attended and participated in Sunshine Wedding’s 20th Anniversary party and prize draw.