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Choose A Wedding DJ For Your Ceremony And Reception Music


Choose A Wedding DJ For Your Ceremony And Reception Music: Every Wedding Has A Soundtrack Of It’s Own…

When planning the music for your wedding, it is important not to underestimate the effect of entertainment on a ceremony and reception. Every wedding day has a soundtrack of its own and music helps set the tone for the entire day, which is why your DJ plays such’an important role.

Today we sat down for a chat with DJ Scott and asked him what couples should be looking for when choosing a wedding DJ in Spain.

Every wedding has a soundtrack of it’s own.

Tell us about yourself

I’started in playing’music in U2’s nightclub The Kitchen in 1995 – that’s 23 years ago this summer! I’m’from Dublin which has a very active music’scene There are a lot of people competing for not a lot of jobs (at least that was the case when I moved to Spain in 2006), so you really had to work hard if you wanted to get any attention. I was lucky enough to find a lot of work in Dublin when the bar scene’exploded’around the early 2000s. I loved this kind of work: long sets,’different genres, sound-tracking’people’s nights out over a’long’period of time. It was a great grounding for’what I do now.

What sets you apart from your competition?

It sounds a little corny, but I love the journey part of the process. The more contact I have with’the’couple in’advance of the’wedding the’better. For example,’Skype chats are really important to me. It’s how I learn about the couple, where’they’met, what music was’around during that period etc. It may seem like a small thing, but it really makes a’difference on the day. Often when we get to the wedding day it feels like we are’already friends, which helps puts the couple at ease.

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What do you love about being a DJ?

Too many things to mention! I’guess the’biggest thing is that I get to work really hard at something that I have done my time in and that I love. It is’great fun to’spend more than half my year travelling’around the south of Spain going from venues I know to venues I’don’t, sound-tracking people’s’special day. I count myself as very lucky to have this job.

Describe your style?

As varied as you can get! Everything from funk and soul to hip-hop, R&B’classics and pure pop. My job is to read what the crowd want and I can do that’pretty well after two decades in the industry.

‘What’s your favourite song at the moment and why?

All of LCD Soundsystem’s new album, a pretty mind-boggling collection of great songs they must have been cooking for a few years.

Having a focal point of the energy of the room or outdoor space is fundamental to the event working.

What track is guaranteed to pack the dance floor?

‘Feels’ by Calvin Harris. It has a’reggae tempo, but is pure pop.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Sometimes waking up in a city like Seville’after having only three hours sleep and having to make it to another town 300 km away by lunchtime. It’doesn’t happen very’often, but that can be tough.

DJ Scott at a wedding in Southern Spain.

Do you take requests from guests?


What equipment do you bring?

Pioneer DJ controller, MacBook Pro and JBL speakers

Why should a couple hire a DJ rather than just have their own playlist?

There just is no comparison. Having a focal point of the energy of the room or outdoor space is fundamental to the event working. Also, a playlist is subjective. You change a track and the night loses all momentum.

A DJ will know all the latest trends for your wedding day.

What’s the most unique wedding you have played at?

I did one in 2017 for a very ‘London crowd’ of 250 people. The playlist was’mostly house music and’garage. I played a six-hour set and’didn’t notice any of the time passing. The’atmosphere was electric. My hands were shaking for three hours afterwards – and I’don’t drink!

What music is on trend for 2018 weddings?

I have noticed an increase in requests for 90s and early 2000s dance music.

What changes do you see happening for wedding music?

I think more live’elements are very necessary. I am working on a project for the 2019’season which will add to the appeal of having just one DJ for five hours!

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What do you do if you have a particularly quiet’crowd?

I did this once this summer. Look for’the youngest’people in the crowd, go’over and ask them what they want to hear. It works – and I am not too shy to do it.

Are there any other services that you provide?

Yes, of’course. The thing I love most about this service is that I’provide a personal touch to’any’clients. This is what gives me the reviews I have on my website. I have time in the run-up to’the event to work with the bride and groom (and their families) on getting all the’musical touches right.

How extensive is your music library?

I had a room full of 5000 12-inch singles before I moved to Spain, so now most of it is on hard drives. Maybe 10-15,000’tracks?

What genres can you cover?

All of them.

A DJ will keep grandparents and teens entertained and dancing.

How do you keep a mixed crowd happy?

I’always try to keep the grandparents happy first and then’immediately switch to’something from’today’s’charts for the’teenagers.

What should couples look for when booking a DJ?

Amenability,’willingness to listen to your needs and willingness to be up for the’challenge.

If you weren’t a DJ what would you be doing?

Probably radio. They say I have a great face for radio!

What’s next for you?

I love the job I have. Next year I’hope to be doing some stuff with live’musicians involving’club classics with’some string and air’instruments – maybe’even a’singer. But, for now I am’extremely’happy with’where I am.