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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer In Spain


Wedding photographer in Spain…

Choosing your wedding photographer in Spain.

Just before the wedding season really gets busy I managed to grab an hour with David Toms a photographer based in southern Spain who has years of experience in photographing weddings in Spain. In this interview David explains the process of choosing your wedding photographer in Spain and offers some great advice so you pick the right one for your wedding !

Do you think it is important for bridal couples to think about their photo’s’when choosing their wedding venue in Spain.

“It’s the responsibility of the photographer to make the best of the bridal couples venue in Spain and to understand the light in different areas. The couple should go with their gut feeling when choosing their wedding venue in Spain. They will know their dream venue when they see the right one, it will all become apparent, they should leave all the work to their photographer.”

Wedding venue in Spain.

What are the important factors you need to consider when choosing your’wedding photographer in Spain.

“There are quite a few photographers to choose from so it’s important to understand the style of their work. Ask to see the photographer’s portfolio, which should provide an insight into the variety of their creative work & technical background. One of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing your wedding photographer in Spain is to feel at ease and comfortable around them, the more relaxed a couple are the better their photos will be. This also helps the photographer to set up shots that look natural and to get the right reaction from not only the bride and groom at their wedding in Spain, but also their guests.”

Guests at a wedding in Spain.

What types of styles are available for brides when thinking about how their’wedding photo’s will look.

“There are a number of different style photographers use, even if you have decided to have your wedding in Spain; natural, formal, ambient, staged, however it’s a mixture and what works and more a question of how it’s done. The focus should be on how good the people feel when you are photographing them.”

Bride getting married in Spain.

How do you come up with the ideas for the wedding shots, what do you do to prepare.

“I always arrive early at the wedding venue in Spain and do a recce of the space, grounds and most importantly the light. I make sure I understand the wedding parties personalities so the shots will be natural and people feel like themselves.”

Getting married in Spain.

How many times should you meet your wedding photographer before your big day.

“It is really important that you meet your wedding photographer in Spain at least once. I like to see the bridal couple so I can get to know their personalities and also how they envisage their wedding in Spain, and to understand what is important to each couple as everyone’s priorities are different.”

Beach wedding in Spain.

How important do you think it is to have a good photographer at your wedding

“This is vital!! Photo’s are everlasting memories that capture moments which we sometimes forget or those we simply want to enhance and remember. A good photographer should blend into the background but yet is present all the time.”

Romantic wedding in southern Spain.

What are the sorts of wedding packages available to brides, ie. photo albums disks etc. etc.

“All photographers offer different packages, however I am totally flexible with options I can give what each individual bridal couple would like’when they decide on having me as their photographer at their wedding in Spain.”

Spanish guitarist at a wedding in Spain.

If I wanted to book you as my wedding photographer can you talk me through the process.

“Yes course…Your wedding planner in Spain will send you a link to my website and then we normally set up a meeting when you fly over for one of the bride and groom’s visits so we can get to know each other and I can understand your expectations of the day. If you are not able to visit prior to your wedding in Spain, I will make sure we meet before the actual day and, if you need to Skype then we can also do that so you get a feel for me too Prior to your big day, your wedding planner in Spain should provide me with a schedule so I know the running order of the day and I can make sure I am prepped for the times of all the important photo opportunities. From there I will work with your wedding planner in Spain so I can take advantage of photo opportunities with the bridal couple and guests.”

Spanish bride at her wedding in Spain.

Thanks to David Toms for providing us with some fantastic photo’s and also some great pointers in helping you choose your wedding photographer in Spain.