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Choosing Your Wedding Planner In Spain



Choosing Your Wedding Planner In Spain: Sunshine Weddings Guide You Every Step Of The Way…

Wedding villa Benahavis
Aerial shot of the newlyweds.

You’re floating on cloud nine, the Pinterest fairy-tale wedding themed boards have been set up, and the reality of your impending marriage is slowly starting to take shape. If you have decided that you want to tie the knot in Spain, then you are another step closer to booking your destination wedding venue for the happiest day of your lives! But with so many choices, and time being of the essence, lining all your wedding ducks up in a row can still feel like jumping on a roller coaster veering off into the unknown.

Fear not: the wedding planner is here.

Which is fantastic news, yet raises another dilemma in itself… which wedding planner should you work with?

Well, there are five key points to consider when making that all-important decision, and with our exclusive Sunshine Weddings step-by-step guide below, we will ease you into that process.

A beautiful bride walking down the aisle escorted by her mother.

1: Do Your Research

The Internet will have played a vital role for every single well-established and reputable wedding planning company in southern Spain and Mallorca. Therefore, we recommend you start your search online and read up as much as you can about the wedding planners in the area you are planning to get married. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is longevity and volume of custom. Generally speaking, those wedding planners who have been on the scene for a while have continued to do so with good reason. If they are worth their salt, then Google will recognise them for the length of time they have been operating, and they should appear within the first page of an Internet search.

Bridal couple
Bridal couple

2: Read Social Media Reviews

How have the bridal couples who have come before you rated their experiences with wedding planner X, Y or Z? Social media offers a fantastic platform to research and feast upon their feedback because everything is recorded there! Be mindful of opinions and ratings based on the observations of past brides and grooms by taking on board the views of a wide mix of bridal couples from different backgrounds and with different requirements, and then think about the way these may impact on your own needs as a couple

Wedding party in Mallorca
Wedding party in Mallorca

3: Response Times

Ultimately, wedding planners are working in the customer service industry – just at the slightly more luxurious and exciting end! But it’s crucial they are getting the absolute basics right. A good wedding planner should be extremely prompt, responding to your enquiries within a fast timeframe, and answering your questions in a precise and friendly manner. Weddings are big business and it’s important as a client that you feel happy with whoever you choose to work with; that you feel every intimate and intricate detail will be taken care of efficiently on – and in the run up to – your wedding day.

PS. You should never ever pay to receive information!

Wedding hair and make-up
Wedding hair and make-up

4: Invitation to View Venues

Once you have been presented with as much quality information as possible, and you feel assured of an excellent understanding of your individual requirements, your chosen wedding planner should be inviting you to view potential venues first-hand. At Sunshine Weddings we work with a global client base, and typically, around 10% of our clients are unable to take up this invitation, mainly due to their location (ie. bridal couples based in the Far East, the U.S. or Australia). But if you are in a position to hop on a plane to check out the destination wedding locations available for your chosen dates, then it really is a great opportunity to make sure the vision matches the reality. At this point you may have a starting point of up to 10 locations in mind, and a good wedding planner will help you whittle that down to 1 or 2 venues. After that, your decision is down to gut instinct and intuition…’

PPS. You should never ever pay for an on location wedding venue tour!

Luxury poolside wedding venue
Luxury poolside wedding venue

5: Make a Return Trip to Meet the Team

Once you are comfortable with your budget and choice of venue – and you’ve been provided with an accurate and detailed cost analysis for your wedding – try to make a return trip. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the faces behind your wedding vision.