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Classic Wedding Car Hire Marbella | Make a Stylish Entrance


Classic Wedding Car Hire Marbella:An Interview With The Costa del Sol’s Luxury Car Experts…

Making an unforgettable first impression with a stylish entrance is high on the list of prerequisites for many bridal couples looking to get married in southern Spain. Fortunately, Sunshine Weddings Spain can help turn that wish into a reality, thanks to our great links with some of the Costa del Sol‘s best wedding service suppliers. Today’s talk with classical car experts located on the Spanish coast, gives a tantalising glimpse of some of the beautiful vehicles that can be hired for your special day:

Classic cars, Marbella
Classic car experts in Spain’s Marbella.

How long has your business been established in Marbella and how long have you been offering classic car hire service to bridal couples?
We’ve been running the business since 1989.

What are the biggest considerations for couples when deciding what type of car to hire from you?
Every couple is different so you never know what to expect. It also depends on the clients’ nationality. Spanish clients tend to like four door black saloon cars with A/C, other nationalities prefer ivory white cars and convertibles, some others American icons…
Classic cars, Marbella
Classic wedding car hire in Spain’s Marbella.
Which makes and models have proven the most popular for Costa del Sol weddings over the years?
Among over 80 classic cars in stock, our most successful car is the 66 VW Beetle convertible, followed by the 65 Ford Mustang convertible, and the 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud: Three completely different cars but each with its own charm.
Classic cars, Marbella
Classic car for your dream wedding in Spain.
What does the wedding car hire package look like? Do you have several options available?
Our regular package includes 3 hours service, typically we will transport the bride from her accommodation and to the ceremony. After the wedding we drive the couple to the reception venue and sometimes we stop along the way for a photo shoot. The package also includes a suited chauffeur and ribbons.
When we work with convertible cars, we usually open the top of the car to pick the bride up for a stunning first impression – of course, we close it on the highways so as not to damage her hair! – and we open it again a few metres before arrival at the ceremony or reception so that guests can admire the car.
For an additional charge we may also provide some extra services such as picking the bridesmaids up, a Möet Chandon champagne first toast after the wedding, longer length of service, and
car ornaments upon request.
Classic cars, Marbella
Classic car business in Marbella.
What inspired you to get into the classic car business?
We have been collecting, restoring, importing, registering, and hiring classics for 30 years now.  We simply love classics! Hiring our vehicles out is just another way to enjoy them – we also cover music videos, model photo shoots, corporate events, and exhibitions. The wedding service demands a lot of responsibility from us (in a good way), and that’s why it’s imperative that our cars are running in perfect condition in the extreme heat of July and August on the Costa del Sol. When a service is provided by a car that’s fifty or sixty years old, you can’t relax until  the job is done!
Your favourite car from your collection?
That’s a really difficult question to answer. We love them all. They are like our children! We especially love: the 56 Ford Thunderbird convertible, 57 Jaguar Mark VIII, 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II, 1962 Lincoln continental convertible, 1965 Ford Mustang convertible, 1966 VW Beetle convertible, and 1968 Chevrolet Corvette convertible.
Classic cars, Marbella
Classic convertible car in Spain’s Marbella.
Which areas of southern Spain do you cover?
We are based in Malaga province, although we sometimes provide services in some other areas within Andalusia upon request. When a service is requested from Cordoba, Granada, Seville, or Gibraltar we usually tow the vehicles to save miles (kilometre).
Typically, when choosing a car for hire, will couples come to you for a tour, or do most bookings happen online? 
Bridal couples like to work in both ways. If a couple has their heart set on a specific model then they don’t need to visit us to make a booking; as our cars are in pristine condition, they can get the full information, high resolution pics, and videos online. When they just want a classic but have no idea which to go for, they may browse our catalogue online as a first step, but sometimes they prefer to come and visit our workshop to see and try the cars personally. Some brides also want to check how easy is to access the rear seats, and how much room they have. However we always mention to them that convertible cars are easy to access, as we can open the top so they can get in and out standing in the car.
Classic cars, Marbella
Classic Rolls Royce in Spain’s Marbella.

What about insurance?
All our cars are regularly maintained, they all have full ITV (MOT), and insurance.

It all sounds wonderful and the photos of some of the fleet are incredible: this has been a fascinating insight into your world! Thanks very much from all of the Sunshine Weddings Spain team and we look forward to working with you in the up-and-coming wedding season.