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Covid-19 Exciting Weddings in Spain Update | Happy News for Costa del Sol Bridal Couples


A Heartwarming Interview with Sunshine Weddings Spain Owner, Scott Gibbons including the latest covid update…

“Are we excited? Yes! Are we feeling positive for the start of the summer wedding season? A resounding YES!”

bride and groom
The happy Bride and Groom.

At long last it truly seems that things are turning a corner in mainland Spain and the Balearic islands, which is excellent news for so many industries and their clients, the destination venue wedding industry in particular. We caught up with Scott Gibbons, the owner of Sunshine Weddings Spain very recently for an update on the current situation for his bridal couples, and the feedback was really uplifting.

In fact, Scott had just returned from a walk along the promenade in Marbella with his daughter, and he was elated at the many promising signs of Costa del Sol life returning to normal all around them.

Scott Gibbons, Sunshine Weddings Spain
Scott Gibbons, Sunshine Weddings Spain.

“Not only was the beach filled with rows of sunbeds and parasols; families enjoying the simple pleasures of the beach, sea, and sun – the temperature here is fantastic right now – but it was amazing to notice there were markedly more planes in the sky heading toward North Africa. Coupled with the fact that we have seen an upsurge in food tasting and venue tour bookings from our international bridal clients, not to mention wedding guests arriving from overseas for some of the weddings that will be going ahead this summer, things feel incredibly positive right now. We can never take anything for granted, of course, but what with Spain’s vaccination programme excelling itself these past few weeks, and restaurants, bars and nightclubs open until 12:pm and 2:am respectively, the future looks very bright.”

beach, tourists
Beach, tourists.

Scott has already had both of his vaccines via his local Spanish health centre, and Spain will soon be in a position to vaccinate its under thirty-year-olds, which is hugely encouraging after a slow start to Covid-19 immunisation. The other huge positive in this is that the health service here is in the brilliant position of offering second vaccines in a maximum period of twenty-one days, in quite a contrast to the lengthier wait between vaccines in the UK. All of which helps the grading system ref international travel here. It’s been amazing to witness the huge leaps and bounds in progress, and consequently, Spain certainly feels like a safe place to be right now.

Rural wedding setting, Spain
Rural wedding setting, Spain.

Within days of the first weddings taking place for the Sunshine Weddings Spain team, change was already afoot regarding the pandemic rules.

The restrictions on mask wearing were loosened last weekend, and it’s been absolutely wonderful to see people smiling, out and about, enjoying the delights of the beautiful resorts on the coast. Things feel really quite normal.”

sea, sand, Spain
Sea, sand, Spain.

“And for anybody travelling to Spain at the moment, it’s only really proving a bit of a challenge for those from the UK – mainland Spain remains on the UK’s amber list as far as travel is concerned. The really exciting news though is that the island of Mallorca (one of our key hot spots for bridal couples looking to marry in this part of the world), has been moved to the UK’s green list. That announcement was made last Thursday evening and we really cannot wait to celebrate July’s Mallorcan weddings with our bridal couples who have had to move their weddings forward to this year.

Mallorca rustic farmhouse
Mallorca rustic farmhouse.

In addition to planning and organising six beautiful weddings in Mallorca for their international couples, the Sunshine Weddings Spain team have approximately thirty weddings scheduled in for the Malaga area of mainland Spain this summer, so things really are looking up.

beach wedding
Beach wedding.

“Overlooking the slight challenge to travel to the Costa del Sol from the UK, outside of the UK, our bridal clients from other countries have a lot more freedom to come in and out of Spain. This is a whole world away from the situation everyone in the Spanish wedding industry found themselves in last year, and it bodes really well moving forward. We are very excited to get back to doing what we love to do, and what we do best.”

wedding guests by the pool
Wedding guests by the pool.

A huge thanks to Scott for his time and such a positive chat. It’s going to be wonderful to read all about this summer’s weddings in due course and we wish all of this season’s bridal couple and their families and friends, fabulous celebrations!