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Create The Perfect Style For Your Wedding In Spain

brides-bouquet getting married in Spain
Bride’s bouquet getting married in Spain.

As the winter nights draw to an end and the weather and days begin to brighten, our brides have started to think more about their wedding themes and styles for their forth coming weddings in Spain, which is the perfect wedding destination to bring creative charm & decor to any brides special day.

Floral design for your wedding venue in Spain
Floral design for your wedding venue in Spain.

When choosing the perfect wedding venue in Spain many bridal couples opt for Spain because of the culture, history and style, and with locations surrounded by stunning scenery from beach, sea and mountainous views to provide that wow factor that bridal couples are looking for and to surprise and excite their guests.

rustic theme for your wedding in Spain
Rustic theme for your wedding in Spain.

When discussing the styles of many venues in Spain rustic, vintage, fairytale, sea view and beach style are all continuous descriptions that are mentioned when asking bridal couples to describe their vision.

Ceremony decor for your church wedding in Spain
Ceremony decor for your church wedding in Spain.

Once the wedding venue in Spain is found our stylist works closely with each bridal couple and a story begins to unfold with ideas drawn up of how to enhance each of their chosen wedding venues in Spain.

styling your wedding in Spain
Styling your wedding in Spain.

Personal touches are included so each design of their wedding in Spain is tailored to individual bridal couples, from their bouquet & floral displays, the colour theme, and even additional decor around the venue to form a creative story of each couple and their tastes styles and even history behind their relationship and families.

As most weddings in Spain are held outside, nature and flowers are a huge part of creating the right effect however this again is up to individual taste; some brides like slight simple displays as they feel their venue and backdrop draws enough attention, whilst others like to further enhance the image and like to create stunning displays that add to the charm of their chosen wedding venue in Spain.

Centre piece flower arrangement at a wedding in Spain.

We often get asked the question about how much flowers and decor cost at the initial enquiry stage, however it is important to recognize that until you have chosen your wedding venue in Spain then it will be impossible to work out what kind of decor & floral displays are required to perfect your desired vision.

Wedding planners style wedding in spain
Wedding planners style wedding in spain.

Happy wedding planning & designing to all those brides who have decided to have their wedding in Spain!

Bride chooses orange blossom for her wedding in Spain
Bride chooses orange blossom for her wedding in Spain.