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David Toms Spanish Photographer Update


David Toms is Home!

As many of you may now be aware, we successfully brought David home in time to celebrate his birthday.

David Toms Weddings
David Toms Weddings

The smile on his face alone was worth all the hard work. Having visited David at his new home – the Yasmin Care home Services residence in Alhaurin de la Torre – we are delighted to tell you that he said he had enjoyed his first good night’s sleep he had had since the accident and he felt like he now has a home. While this is the news we all wanted to hear, it has also been a moment of awakening for David. The move has made him realise that by being moved to a one-bedroom apartment and not a hospital, he is no longer a patient but is now living as a disabled person.

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A big thank you

David would like to thank every single person who has supported him, especially those who have donated their time or money to help him. A big thank you goes to the Smile Foundation who supplied the ambulance which transported David to his new home. The team at Fiesta Sol donated their van which enabled us to deliver David’s equipment to his apartment, while the media publicised his journey and spread awareness. Finally, he would like to thank the Yasmin Care home for making him feel so welcome, comfortable and happy. It is a great relief for all of those who know and love David that he will now spend his days surrounded by a team who will offer him happiness and care.

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The donation update

While we thank everyone for their kind contributions to the David Toms Fund, we are still only at a fraction of the monthly target needed to finance David’s day-to-day needs. We currently have enough to cover the next four months, so we would like to encourage more donations.

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Visiting David

The official visiting hours at the Yasmin Care home are between 2pm-4pm. His phone is also accessible for anyone who wants to make arrangements.

What’s next for David?

David has begun his physio and is now focusing on the difficult challenge of getting back to where he was mobility wise before being transferred to Granada. The move to Alhaurin has brought great comfort to David’s close family and friends, his mum in particular, who feels that she can sleep a little easier, knowing that her son is now in the loving environment he needs and deserves.

Keep up to date by visiting the David Toms Support Fund page on Facebook.