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David Toms, Spanish Wedding Photographer


David Toms, Spanish Wedding Photographer…


As many of you are probably aware, David Toms was involved in a horrific accident this summer. The team at Sunshine Weddings Spain would like to highlight how much happiness this incredibly kind and talented man has given to many of our clients over the year and how many beautiful memories he has created for them.

David Toms Weddings
Photographer David Toms.

David has been a key part of Sunshine Weddings Spain since the start. We were lucky enough to meet him 14 years ago and we have enjoyed working on more than 200 weddings together since then. Scott and David formed an instant connection when they first met when Scott booked him for his sisters Lisa’s wedding.

David Toms Charity Event
David Toms Charity Event

David became a pivotal part of each wedding from that day onwards, being there throughout the whole event and capturing each moment. As Sunshine Events began to grow and take on more weddings, David was a major influence in the decision to close Sunshine Events and rebrand as Sunshine Weddings Spain, where Lisa and Scott would focus solely on weddings. His belief in them helped this dream become a reality.

Wedding photo by David Toms.

“Without David’s input and encouragement, I do not think Sunshine Weddings would be where it is today,” admits Scott. “He gave us the incentive to concentrate on just the wedding industry. From that moment onwards everything exploded and each year we continue to grow and expand.”

In recent years they average 30 weddings together, and the feedback from couples about David has always been amazing. Anyone who reads our testimonials will see how many times his name is featured. Here are just a few of them:

“‘David Toms created such a great atmosphere, keeping ourselves and the guests laughing and joking throughout.”

“The photographer, David Toms was excellent on the day, he added to the day by doing his job without intruding and he stayed on right into the evening.”

“David Toms, the photographer (totally amazing at his craft), We are looking forward to seeing the photos from David’now to relive it!’ He was amazing and so funny.”

An elegant photo of a beautiful bride by David Toms.


David isn’t just a member of our team, he is part of the family. Since 2010 he has been at every single Christmas party and he will ALWAYS be an integral part of Sunshine Weddings Spain.

As we celebrate our 70th wedding of 2016 we would like to dedicate it to our good friend David Toms and we cannot wait to be working side-by-side again.

We look forward to your return and more information on the fund raising dinner on Saturday ’26th November will be published next week.

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