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Experienced violinist Costa del Sol | Classical music for your wedding day in Spain


Classical music creates a sublime atmosphere unlike any other, adding a touch of elegance and much sought-after air of tradition to your special day.

Experienced violinist Costa del Sol | Classical music for your wedding day in Spain
Experienced violinist Costa del Sol.

Today we are honoured to be joined by Spanish violinist Rocío Medina, where we discover a bit more about this talented musician originally from Almonte (Huelva) and how classical music at a wedding can add a touch of sophistication to your big day.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your musical background, at what age did you first pick up the violin?

My name is Rocío Medina, I am originally from Almonte (Huelva) and I currently travel all over Andalucia livening up events and weddings. I received my first violin lessons at the age of eight, 20 years ago now, and then went on to study at a Professional Conservatory of Music. I have a university degree in Musicology and I am currently studying to be a primary school music teacher.

Classical music for your wedding day in Spain with the talented Rocío Medina.

After graduating from University, I worked in Qatar as a violinist for four years, specialising in Qatari and Arab weddings in general.

Who is your greatest musical inspiration and why?

My biggest musical inspiration at the moment is the Armenian-Spanish violinist Ara Malikian, considered one of the best classical musicians of the 21st century, although there are many Spanish pop artists that I also admire and who inspire me such as Vanesa Martín, a Spanish singer, poet, and songwriter and Manuel Carrasco, Spanish pop singer, etc.

How would you describe your music style?

I would describe my style as a classic, elegant style, but also mixed with a lot of current music, however, I’m not a disco person.

The elegant Rocío Medina playing at a wedding in Spain.
What do you most enjoy about playing your violin at weddings?

The intention of music is not only to please the ear, but to express sentiments and what better way to do that than at a wedding. It’s hugely satisfying to accompany a bridal couple on such a special day. I also believe it adds a touch of sophistication to a very special moment and I find that weddings are where I get most emotional when playing, it’s something that can’t really be expressed with words.

I’ve played at many civil and religious ceremonies, as well as at the cocktail parties afterwards.

Rocío Medina has experience in organising musical events of Arabic origin.
How long is your typical music set at a wedding?

I usually play the ceremony, and then between 1 or 1.5 hours at the cocktail party.

Any future music plans / projects in mind that you can share with us?

My first musical “plan,” at least in the medium term, is to transmit all my musical knowledge through school teaching. Additionally, I would like to get into doing or organising musical events of Arabic origin, since I worked in Qatar for a long time and I also specialised in Arabic music, bridal entrances, etc.

Rocío Medina has been playing the violin for over 20 years.
A huge GRACIAS you to Rocio for today’s musical feature interview, thanks for sharing your story and these lovely photos with us. We look forward to hearing you play at upcoming weddings.
Talented violinist Costa del Sol, Spain.